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Conscious Enthusiasm

By on October 2, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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Conscious Enthusiasm

by Sarah Carvalho,
Contributing Writer,

Enthusiasm, from the Greek “enthousiasmos” which means “to have an inner God” or “to be in God”.

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Take advantage of the energy of change and renewal to accept a universal principle that will transform your life completely. The practice, in your daily life, of this principle will give you the necessary conditions to build your inner world with more meaning and true joy!

Begin today your commitment with the full force of ENTHUSIASM, with the positive energies that vibrate in your life and in the universe. Get closer to these beneficial energies that, many times, due to the lack of alignment of your personal vibration, were out of your reach, even being an abundant energy in the universe.

What I offer today is the opportunity to live in fullness the possibilities of your own life. Many are the days that go by, and as you reach the end of them, you realize that you have survived life instead of actually living it. You realize that you could have experienced life with more meaning, more optimism, more energy of accomplishment, more ENTHUSIASM.

THE PRINCIPLE OF CONSCIOUS ENTHUSIASM is an uninterrupted cycle of development and expansion of the whole potential that exists in you, in your life, and in the world you build with each choice that you make.

As an ascending movement, the PRINCIPLE OF CONSCIOUS ENTHUSIASM is reaffirmed each time it is applied in the daily practice of the follower. With each decision of guiding your understanding on the path of ENTHUSIASM, established in a conscious way, you awaken within yourself all the positive and elevated meaning in which you sought to understand the world and the events.

Accepting life and its challenges with a positive look and a positive understanding makes your thoughts, emotions and actions be warmed by this luminous vibration and radiate more and more of this light.

To do so, commit yourself to look upon you and your life today with sincerity, and accept it.

The second step will be to commit to transforming what needs to be transformed, so that you reconcile and harmonize yourself with every aspect of your life.

The third step is to engage your attention, time and energy to make your purposes come true each day.
By being willing to apply the PRINCIPLE OF CONSCIOUS ENTHUSIASM you will live in fullness your life and all the possibilities that are offered to you each new day.

The possibility of learning. The possibility of fraternization. The possibility of the smile. The possibility of discovering new possibilities!

To do so, you need to be willing to undertake a journey by routes of really positive thoughts and emotions. Until today you were unaware of the force of potential that you are when you consciously assume your life with ENTHUSIASM.

Awaken your consciousness to the real value of the experiences of living with ENTHUSIASM, and only then, you will realize how wealthy and abundant you already are, and everyone is. By being unaware of this condition of spiritual abundance, you do not enjoy, you do not live intensely this abundance that flows through the channels of the Universe.

You are invited to live guided by the PRINCIPLE OF CONSCIOUS ENTHUSIASM. In the beginning, it can be done as a methodical exercise, then as a beneficial habit which will become a life philosophy, a belief and a conscious purpose until the expansion beyond the barriers of thought, reaching the deep and true spheres of the essence. This way, what is ENTHUSIASM inside will also be outside and so on.

Feel yourself part of this Awakening Movement for a new Consciousness. The invitation is made and reaffirmed every second of your life. The Divine vital energy that circulates among your cells is the life that invites you to fully live ENTHUSIASM in abundance.

My mind is calm, in peace.
I know that everything that happens today, in my life, will be positive.
I decide for joy and I am willing to live with ENTHUSIASM.
I will make my choices guided by consciousness.
I see the force of growth and expansion that I can awake within me.
I can touch all the lives I find through the power of ENTHUSIASM.
Living with ENTHUSIASM is accepting every opportunity of my day
with the heart filled with the Presence of God.

Master Micaell / Sarah Carvalho

Image: Pixabay

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