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Crystal Time Travel

By on December 19, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

Crystal Time Travel

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by Gilles Mansillon,

Crystal Time Travel

What crystals are:


Crystals are living entities and not objects.

They exist in two states:

  • closed (dormant)
  • open (active)

They are commended open by the mind or a series of sound vibrations. They hold a lot of information about our own crystal line form (the human body). And this information leads to a better connection to the soul and the spirit.

There are two forms of crystals:

  • organic (those we have available at this time)
  • genetic (those we will use in the future or those found in the time chamber of the AA site)

Their importance, and how can they be used:

  • The organic crystals are programmed to lead toward understanding on how to create, grow or import genetic ones.
  • Crystals respond to mental command (telepathic communication) and also to sound vibrations, such as Tibetan bowls and other toning devises. They are very receptive to certain frequencies, more specially the frequency of love unconditional.
  • Genetic crystals are designed, grown or created for specific functions, such as: data processing, energy broadcast, energy fields, propulsion systems, healing, scanning and sensing devises… Cooper is very conducive for such energy in its technological aspects.
  • Such technologically engineered crystals were what was used once on Atlantis and we will at some point in time find again a way to use them, so that we may stop polluting the Earth and better the quality of life. We can access through them or tap into an unlimited and abundant source of intelligent energy (photon energy), which is already present, but not harvested.
  • In order to be used properly, a crystal need to be encored into the Earth, so that it can draw energy from the Earth, open up and create generations of energies . Creating a vortex of energy such as this can then be used for a number of sacred activities such as space and time travel.

I was introduced to such technology by a friend and personal guide of mine from the planet Chiron.


I was curious to interact with extraterrestrials and upon my request, he explained to me that I have many friends in other dimensions and it is easier for a human being to visit another civilized planet or dimension, then for extra terrestrial to visit us here, because human beings are not so receptive and most human are not very welcoming of them.

He further explained how to create such vehicle for inter dimensional travel. I have since performed almost 200 initiations and I am getting more and more comfortable in this process. Every human being as the right and ability to space travel, but the scientific community has not caught up with it yet.

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Albert Einstein was the first scientist I know who was doing that to gather information from the higher planes. he was a visionary person who expended our understanding of time, space, energy and matter.

In order to space travel (or time travel for that matter), one does not need to create a very complex and sophisticate machine such as a spaceship, but one can create a vehicle out of its own energy. When we see an extraterrestrial spaceship up in the sky, most of the times it is not as physical as it appears to be. When a ship enters into the atmosphere and the stratosphere it takes on a physical manifestation, but most of them are made out of thought forms.

In order to create an inter dimensional vortex, and a thought form vehicle, the process goes as follows:

First, one needs to gather a group of people (five or more) who have a similar intentionality, to tele-transport into another dimension.

It can be done alone, but it is never recommended. Those five people or more need to be very clear and intended on doing just that. they need to be clear and it is not recommended to use alcohol or drugs or even doing this after a big dinner. They need to find a place that is private, empowered and energized.

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Such can be done with the presence of a central crystal or in the absence of it the participant need to invoke and visualize a crystal in their mind’s eye. The physical presence of the crystal makes it easier, but it is not fundamental. In the absence of such crystal, I have used my own energy to bring the group to the predetermined destination. When a large crystal is used, the crystal is programmed for a specific destination and screen the participants, so that, if one is not ready, the person as to leave the circle rather then potentially prevent the energy of the group from departing.

This was first introduced to me for scientific research, to go and gather information in other realm of existence or future times where advanced technologies are already in place and retrieve it to find practical applications here and now on Earth. But I found that the people I knew where more interested in tourism, so this creative vehicle took on a relaxed form rather then taking a clear scientific direction up until now may be.

The process is experienced on the visionary realms and it become more and more clear as we become more adept to it. We will later find out how to take our physical body (all the molecules that makes up our physical body) with us in this process, as the WingMakers did or will do it the creation of the time capsules.

So, the groups is gathered in a private location and ready to do that work. They decide that they may go to Pleiades or Chiron or the fifth density… and then they start on a visualization (with their eyes closed) where they begin to envision, to formulate a spaceship made up of their own energy which connects them. When all are in a semi trance state and feel the newly created ship enveloping them, the crystal is opened, the energy is released and the group depart their bodies.

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A few minutes later they start to experience the vibration of the dimension they have reached. The first time they usually experience simple patterns, like geometric forms, deep feelings, or random visions. But as they become more experienced they can actually see the realms they have attained and interact mentally with guides and beings from those realms.

When going with a specific task the time is utilized to achieve the goals of obtaining the information, but on a turistic voyage the information received is very personal to each participants. I sometime, undertook trips with a specific goal of researching a specific information and often getting there I was sent elsewhere in the universe where I could find what I was looking for.

After 30 to 45 minutes I usually brings the groups back to share the experiences they have received before returning on a second journey. The second time doing this is always more powerful for first timers. Most people on their first journey will be reluctant to come back to their bodies because they are always very comfortable in reaching the higher planes, so it usually takes a few more minutes for all to return, if they have not fallen into sleep.

This is different then astral travel in that we seek to reach a plane of reality higher then the forth dimension (which is still a level that is unresolved) and reach the fifth or above (where the knowledge is found and integrated). The energy of the group makes the visions a lot stronger and directed then someone doing this alone projecting into the astral planes.

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Through this vehicle I have had a chance to visit many planets and dimensions. I have being invited to visit great ship made of light, met amazing beings and found additional meaning to my existence as a part of a greater, lager energy. I realized that I was to become an antenna to the spirit world and at some point to share those gift with all who are receptive to such potentials.

To explore the universe would take a trillion lifetimes just to begin, so we take it one step at the time, one moment at the time and follow the guidance of our spirit and guides.

The following is a log written after a short visit to the planet Venus:

Space Log October 22nd, 1998

We decided to undertake a journey. I was with two friends. One of them had taken a trip with me before; the other was new to the process. We were in Colorado and the time was 10:30 PM.

We decided to go on to visit the planet Venus. We went through the process of visualization and proceeded to our destination. All went well with the transport and as I probed my friends mentally, I saw that they were both fine.

I then saw myself arriving in a large spaceport full of activity and lights. I felt that I had to register our arrival. This formality took about a minute and I asked that if possible, my comrades and I could meet personal guides to that dimension. I felt that I was granted clearance and that my request was to be approved.

I proceeded to the inner planes of the planet, where all activities are taking place. I could see that the planet was completely filled with space of various shapes and colors. It came to me that the big north south volume connecting the poles through the center of the sphere was used as the central administration of the planet.

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From my position, I could perceive many areas, all of different colors and different shapes. I could see the whole inner planet from where I was. My attention went to one of the largest space of deep dark blue color. The whole picture was very beautiful but I could not penetrate any of the areas I was looking at. May be I did not try as I was comfortable watching the whole picture from my position. I remained there for a few minutes, watching those colorful spaces and I began to see activities happening between the various areas. I could not figure out what exactly what was happening although I was feeling more and more the level of energy that was exchanged between the various spaces.

A guide then greeted me, something I had mentally requested at the time of arrival. She proceeded to a lift going from my present location on the inner planes of the planet leading directly to a platform above the clouds and the upper atmosphere. I followed her.

I knew that my guide was a woman, she had a very attractive energy and I felt that she was taller then I but I could not see her face or even her physical appearance. From that space platform we entered a small ship which was waiting there and flew off.

That ship was small but fast and maneuverable. We had a large view screen in front of us and two smaller screens on each side. In a just few second she had taken us back into the Earth atmosphere and as we were going down, I could see the vision of the land below with great accuracy and acuteness. She attempted to show me a point somewhere on a southern coast of a peninsula of the eastern Canadian coast.

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The ship was of very comfortable and I could see through the large view screen, the part of the Earth she was pointing out to me coming closer. The definition of view screen was very clear and having impressive zooming ability. She did not communicate the significance of that point but I felt that she was showing it to me for a good reason, which did eludes me at the time. I now suspect why she pointed my attention there and I am sure that I will sooner or later be able to investigate my series about that particular vortex.

Then the ship shifted and swiftly moved out of the Earth and the next thing I saw was the planet Saturn a few seconds later. We took a wide turn above the rings and then we were flying through space, I did felt the acceleration of the ship but very little gravity pressure.

I next saw through the central window two bright lights approaching. I realized that we were on the border of the space of the Alpha Centauri system. The ships approaching were border patrols ships or so it felt. We kept moving until they could almost reached us, then she turned our ship away and said to me telepathically in English: “the place you like”. She somehow knew that I have always loved my visits on Alpha Centauri, and I felt her smile as we pulled away and returning to the space of our own solar system before those ships could reach us.

The return trip only took a few seconds and then we landed back on the platform, to find myself back in the spaceport where we first arrived.

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I thank her for that wonderful voyage, sent blessings and wished her well. I was back at my point of arrival and so I felt it was the time to gather my group and return home.

Two minutes later called back my friends to return, then we all back in our physical bodies in Colorado.

I asked for a report on the experience they had and they both told me they had a good time. The first one said that she had an interesting experience but was shy to talk about it.

My other friend was greeted on Venus and spent time with a guide with a very long neck, a joyful guide who took her in a very playful dimension of lights and sounds. Has she described him, I could perceive him and I could see that his skin was of a bright violet hue color. I could see his face and physical appearance as well.

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As a result of this, she was later inspired to create a series of paintings representing dancing figures who were flying through space in warm and pleasing colors.

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As for me, this trip was wonderful and a unique experience. I am hoping to return sometime and may be to meet again that person who was so kind to show me around our solar system.

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