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A Vision Of The Crystalline World, Encounters With White Light Beings, And The Infinite

By on November 16, 2015 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

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by Claire Robin,
Contributing Writer,

Have you wondered what the New World looks like? Perhaps it’s so much beyond our imagination, we can’t see it until it arrives. Though I believe some people have been given a glimpse. I think my son saw the New Crystalline World.


In 2010, my son Cameron, who was 20 years old at the time, came to our house to talk about how beautiful the world was. He didn’t live with us. He had suffered from mild depression off-and-on for a couple of years. When he showed up at our house, unannounced, to talk about the grand beauty of the world, it was a bit alarming. He pointed at the sky and said, “Look at the colors, look at how beautiful it is. He saw cobwebs everywhere, but he didn’t see them as ugly. He appeared to be touching them. We couldn’t see the cobwebs. He just couldn’t say enough about how beautiful the world was. He saw auras and colors glowed with energy. He could see the energy flowing through the electrical lines. The sky was rainbow. He didn’t see a rainbow, the entire sky was rainbow colored. He saw energy. He was auras. And he saw grand divine beauty. It wasn’t until five years later ,when he talked about that day, when we began to see that day for what it was.

Eventually he left and we wondered what was going on. He could drive well, no problem. The next day he was back to normal. Five years have passed and I asked him about that day and he said he had not drunk alcohol and hadn’t taken drugs on that day. I believe him. He elaborated about that day, from a 25 year old mind and his memory of that day. He said the cob webs were like crystals, they refracted light, creating beautiful colors. The sky, or perhaps the clouds, were also crystalline, which meant they refracted rainbow colors. He recalled seeing auras around lights and around people. More so, he said the world was a giant rainbow and there were crystalline cobwebs that connected everything.

At the time, we thought it was an odd, unexplainable event that passed in one day. Now I think he saw the New Crystalline World we are heading into. If this is so, the new crystalline world will be energized with light. So we will get all our energy from the light. If we are crystalline based (and we don’t have to eat), our health problems will diminish. The crystalline cobwebs were like the ether that connected everything, and they were everywhere. Only beauty existed.

If we won’t need to eat food and energy is free, we won’t have to pay for energy (food, gas, heat) in the long term. This changes our need for money by reducing it. It also means certain industries will no longer be needed.

If we don’t need money to buy gas, heat, food, water, electricity and we develop telepathy, we won’t need cell phones or the internet. There will be almost nothing we need money for. An ascended person would likely not care about materials things. So we may not want to buy things, like movies, trinkets, decorative things or fancy items.

Does this mean we would have a much, much reduced need for money? Or does it mean we wouldn’t have a monetary system at all? With a crystalline body, you wouldn’t get sick, thus you wouldn’t need to see a doctor. If you got injured you would heal yourself or go to a healer. This means the following industries would cease to be needed: farms, grocery stores, banks, cell phones, internet, energy, doctors, hospitals, dentists, pharmaceutical and shopping malls?


On the flip side, it also means new industries/gatherings would arise or expand, such as healing centers, creative centers (all forms of creation), soul groups, learning centers (replacing schools), animal healers/aids and other types of groups and collectives. Veganism or vegetarianism wouldn’t be relevant if people don’t have to eat food to live.

I had a dream about white light beings in 1985. I didn’t know what they were. I was in an extremely bad period of distress (suicidal). When I fell asleep they surrounded me and told me I couldn’t “go home.” They told me they loved me, even if no one on earth loved me. When I woke up I felt extremely peaceful and healed. They had told me I would get married and have a family.

It wasn’t until the past year or so that I realized what they were. I’ve spent my entire life not fitting in anywhere. By the time I was thirty years old I accepted I would always be different and out of place no matter where I went. That feeling of not belonging is something both my children also experienced. It was very lonely…until now. When I read great things people write on in5d and look at the amazing images of the cosmos, divine beings and ascension people are creating, I no longer feel alone.

About ten years ago I started writing a novel based on a dream I had where a portal opened up in someone’s ceiling. When the woman saw the portal as she was making her bed, it scared her and she ran away. When I woke up, I imagined a star council of some sort monitoring us through these portals. As I wrote, I described rooms on their planet that housed small versions of planets on pedestals. The star council would stand around the small planet and talk about the activities happening on the planet. If they touched the planet, a portal would open up and they could remote view anywhere they wanted on the planet. They discussed putting a shield around earth. I wrote about three chapters of this novel, then put it away. In my story a renegade cosmic ranger chose to put a monitoring station on our moon, instead of putting a shield around our planet. If we could not become peaceful as a collective, he was going to separate each of us by a billionth of a second. This meant we would be living on earth, completely alone, each separated by a tiny fraction of time. Ascension would mean a return to the collective, to a paradise on earth, once we had lost all our negativity. Those who did not lose their negativity would remain living alone on the earth, with all the old earth’s features until they returned to source. Everyone could ascend if they wanted to, but they had to lose the negativity completely. Our return to the collective was based upon being a positive presence to the collective. Disruptive energy would not be able to rejoin the collective.

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Between age thirty and forty, I frequently dreamt about cosmic spacecraft. When I stood outside at night and looked up at the sky, I could see billions and billions of miles away, as if I could zoom in on a distant planet. I saw spacecraft doing aerial formations on a distant planet, which was truly awe inspiring. I knew in my dream these particular spacecraft were benevolent. At other times, I dreamt about the first major worldwide-acknowledged arrival of alien spacecraft on earth. Everyone saw them at the same time. In those dreams, I believed we didn’t know (at least I didn’t know) or sense whether they were benevolent or not. Not all alien spacecraft are benevolent. It also seemed to me in my dream they could know where you were no matter how much you tried to hide from them. It was like they have infrared vision.

I also had several lucid dreams, but each time upon realizing I was dreaming, I had difficulty staying asleep. I realized if I laid down in the dream, I could stay asleep. I had to move very slowly to stay asleep. Eventually, I could walk around normally in my lucid dream. One night I had a lucid dream. When I saw an open door with stairs that led upwards to the ground level, I ran towards the door and up the stairs. I flew up into the sky. Instead of flying around on earth, I flew up through the stars. I felt infinity, not freedom…infinity. Then my tether to the earth yanked me back to my bed and I woke up quickly. I knew what infinity felt like, in spite of being attached with a tether.

I’m almost sixty years old now and the world makes sense for the first time. I’ve had four dark nights of the soul; each one is easier to deal with. I’ve had numerous health problems, including rashes, dizziness, tingling, ringing in my ears, creative and inspirational leaps, shooting pain in various parts of my body, extreme sadness, feeling like I’m seeing certain familiar things for the first time, telepathy with strangers and feeling like someone poked me with a pin. I still suffer agitation at times, but mostly I just feel peaceful.

From when I was five years old I could tell if someone was lying. At times I could tell what someone was thinking. Frequently I know people better than they know themselves. I think I’ve been difficult to live with, until recently, as I found the world very agitating…until recently.

I think my son saw the New Crystalline World in all its divine beauty. He thinks many catastrophic things are going to happen to the earth and its inhabitants, but “they are moving us around to different parallel universes” as we heal, in order to save us. Perhaps we are moving ourselves around to parallel universes to save ourselves.

When I was tested for university entry with regard to interests, I scored equally for both right brain and left brain careers. You could be an economist/accountant OR a therapist/healer/artist. Both sides of my brain seem to be equal in strength. I’ve been able to heal from an extremely painful past (suicidal at age 28). When I injure myself, I hold the injury for a few minutes rather than put ice on it. If I do that there’s no bruising and the pain goes away immediately. As time progresses I find myself less interested in old world problems and activities. Eating healthy has always been difficult for me…until recently. Now I’m happy with a simple, healthy diet. It’s not a hardship to eat properly.

I found it difficult to quiet my mind during meditation when I first learned it. Now I can quiet my mind whenever I want to, without meditation. I developed high blood pressure in around 1998 (a rather young age). I theorize I will be able to quit taking my blood pressure medication within a year. Natural remedies work so much better for us than prescription medications. My ancestry is North American Indian, but I’m currently living in New Zealand.


It seems as if the universe wants the financial system and economic system to collapse, so we can build something that makes sense in “light” of our new arising circumstances. It’s difficult living “in between.” But I sense things will reveal themselves sooner than later. For some people, things will appear to change rapidly, as those people will see things clearly and early. Others will integrate changes more slowly, but will still move in the same direction towards ascension. Yet others will not understand or accept the world can change and they will live their lives with the old energy.

It’s an exciting time to be alive on this planet. Animals, plants, insects, fish and birds will also evolve. New species will arise. And our relationship with animals, fish and birds will change. I think I now understand the saying “there are more things in heaven and earth. “ Another quote that deeply resonates is from the movie Contact, where Jodie Foster says, “I’ve always believed the world is what we make of it.”

Being alive on this planet now is on par with touching down in a spacecraft landing on a beautiful planet with intelligent, friendly life in a distant galaxy. The spacecraft is ascension and we are arriving on earth for the first time. It’s as if we’ve gone on a soul journey and arrived back on earth to approach our own bodies from behind, seeing ourselves and our place in the universe for the first time.

Image: Pixabay

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