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David Wilcock – The 2012 Enigma

By on February 1, 2011 in Prophecy with 0 Comments

David Wilcock - The 2012 Enigma

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For what it’s worth, I  typed some of the topics and points that Wilcock mentions in this video:

Wilcock: You look through time with this device and when you hit 2012, everything goes perfectly white.  As you get closer and closer to 2012, starting around 1980, a very strange thing has been happening when they use the Looking Glass.  There is an interlacing of images.  So right now, imagine if I had this slide on half the time and the other half, there was an image of a face.  And if I interlace them slowly, then maybe every second it goes from here to the face and from here to the face.  Then as it speeds up, it gets faster and faster to the point that if it were complex images, you couldn’t make out one from the other because they’re flip-flopping so fast.  That’s called the interlacing and the frequency of the interlacing gets higher and higher as you go towards 2012.  ASnytime they used to look at 2009, 2010, 2012, 2012…BAM, it’s so interlaced that they have a whole server farm of computers to deconstruct the two images and to be able to see what they’re looking at in the future.


This is what they’re using, “The Orion Cube”, or “The Cube” and also it’s being used with Looking Glass but what’s going on with 2012?

Here’s another very interesting thing.  Dan Birsh , who I’ve had multiple discussions with privately.  We have multiple parallel universes that we can choose.  What he found was there was a treaty they were trying to do with the extraterrestrials that was code named Tow Nine and in the Tow Nine Treaty, they had a line item in the treaty that was intended to share his biology technology with the ET’s and that technology was able to reproduce the original seed of all life on earth which the ET’s wanted to use to be able to heal their own DNA because they believe they’re human lineage.  What he found out was that these other beings contacted and said, “You cannot tamper with the tree of life. You can look at it, you can admire it but you can’t mess with it.  The tree of life is the actual source code of our DNA.  What was happening was, they were looking into the future and he took the negative visual that he got from the alien…from the ascended being that came to him and warned him about the Tree of Life.  He held that image in his mind and what would happen to the earth in 2012 if this were allowed to happen.  The image inside the looking glass immediately shifted to the apocalyptic vision.  So, he was able to prove by doing this, that you can determine the outcome of what this thing shows you by your conscious focus.  2012 does literally represent “Create Your Own Reality” time.  It has everything to do with what do you expect is going to happen?  This is where thoughts becoming reality really takes on a whole new meaning in a way that you’ve never heard of before.

What do you think happens when a UFO crashes in WWII and the people who financed Nazi Germany (Rothschild, Ford, etc, ) once it collapsed, they’re looking for as much technology as they can get their hands on.  What do you think they’re going to do when these UFO’s crash?  They’re going to want to rip out everything in those UFO’s imaginable, reverse engineer and make it into something useful.  So what’s the first thing that they go for?  They take out the chair.  Because in these UFO’s, you’re sitting there in the chair, you meditate on it and a vortex opens up in front of the ship and then you fly through it.  You pop through a wormhole and you end up somewhere else.  The chair is the interface with your consciousness.  When your consciousness is interfacing with the chair, that helps you get to a point in yourself where you can see that the chair is a psychic amplifier.  The chairs function is that it takes your natural innate psychic function and makes it vastly more powerful.

They could actually create a wormhole with the chair with the psychics exercising their consciousness in the chair.  They had help from ET’s from Sirius in designing the chair.  The chair allowed them to send people through time.  There were multiple wave lengths that the chair cranked out on graph paper.  Some of those wavelengths were corresponding to a natural 20 year harmonic in the earth’s vibration.  If people were moving through time, this wave would tell you exactly where you were in time, depending where, up and down, it was.  At December 21st, 2012, they could calculate it down to the day, that’s how precise this was, all the graphs, all the waves would go into a complete flat line.  They no longer moved up and down like before.  They went flat for seven or eight seconds.  They were asking guys who went through these stargates, and were traveling into the future, “What happened to you?”  Every single time that somebody tried to hit 2012 they said the same thing.  There’s this thing they call the bump.  It actually hits you like a bump.  You actually feel like you slammed into something.  As soon as it slams into you, you have the most incredible religious experience you can imagine.  Cosmic consciousness.  You’re consciousness blasts into this wonderful place where you have awareness of no space, no time.  All knowledge is available to you.  Ecstatic God consciousness.  You could be the galaxy.  You could be a subatomic particle.  You can go anywhere and do everything and there’s no sense of it ever ending.  When it finally stops, you can’t believe who you were before.  2012 is our zero time reference.

Daniel did say that the stargates are real.  There’s one main stargate per planet. They dug them up from ancient Atlantean technology.  They actually buried it under the ice in Antarctica because they were concerned that something could come through that could damage human life.  The first and second year of Stargate SG-1 are loaded with real stuff.  They hide the truth out in the open.


I was very fortunate to meet this guy.  I wish he would come forward but he didn’t want to.  He did tell me that they found life on other planets.  Mars once had a civilization.  They have a photograph that he saw with the astronauts waving with a big pyramid next to them.  They actually have underground bases on Mars.  There’s a technology we’ve learned about from other witnesses called a jump room where you walk into the room.  It’s like an elevator.  The doors close.  You suddenly feel really sick to your stomach.  The doors open and boom, you’re on Mar.  Just like that.  No time has elapsed.

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All gate travel is much better than using a ship.  It’s a much preferable method than traveling by a spaceship because you go a lot faster and you go a lot farther.  You can reverse engineer it by taking the seat out of the ship.

This 20 year loop has a bad side effect.  When the Philadelphia Experiment happened 20 years ago, there was an enormous amount of energy released.  That energy reflected through the time domain.  An enormous, almost nuclear release of energy was caused by the Philadelphia Experiment and the Rainbow Project in 1943.  There’s a 20 year harmonic and during certain favorable points in the harmonic, if you have a huge energy release, you going to get another one down here (see image below).  You have a conduit or gateway between those two areas.

This is bad.  This is called the rift.  It’s very dangerous.  It’s very serious.

1943 created a rift.  40 years later, in 1983 was when a creature got through, August 13, 1983, and trapped the entire base and destroyed the Mantauk base, destroyed the chair.  It just so happens that Daniel called in sick and wasn’t at work that day.  He didn’t get mid-wiped.  They didn’t erase the memories out of his mind.  He remembers everything he learned and everything that happened when he was working on this base.

Sending you all infinite LOVE and Light!


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