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Daydreaming Is A Form Of Meditation

By on March 25, 2019 in Meditation with 0 Comments
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Daydreaming Is A Form Of Meditation

by Tommy Tutalo,
Contributing Writer,

The daydreaming state is a form of meditation. As the world and those around remain in the present you are off in a better place in time. It is here where magic happens and dreams become reality.

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As the years have gone by since 2001 and 2012 two pivotal years in the expansion and awakening of human consciousness the masses of people from around the world have been awakening and tapping into themselves. Mindfulness, meditation, and other forms of holistic transformations have been the new trend for people. Nurturing and focusing on feeding the mind, body and soul in a more unconventional manner than in years past. There is an energetic wave of evolution happening and people are finding new and better ways to live life.

Meditation is a big trend now. The secret that thoughts create reality is out of the box. Motivation and inspirational life coaches are the new charlatans and trendy personas. There are group meditation sessions and/or people find a quiet dark place to be alone. Yoga is also another form of tapping into the body, mind, and spirit; all of these are great evolutionary activities, but what about day dreaming?

Day dreaming is where the magic happens. Think about the long car rides, the walk or run through the park, the hours of waiting on a plane, train, bus, or time spent in a waiting room, those thoughts that race through our minds are of worth and value. Don’t let them go unnoticed or fade away. There is something special happening within us during these meditative states of being. Think back when you were a child sitting in a classroom bored out of your fucking mind, just sitting there in the classroom, blocking out the teacher’s voice, fading out all the other classmates, looking out the window and drifting away to a better place. Those were the best times of day dreaming, and it was always ridiculed, condemned and used as a means to belittle you by the teacher.

As an adult this happens often too during those long work meetings, when a spouse or co-worker is complaining, or someone engages in small talk you have no interest in. Cherish those moments and don’t be afraid to tap into those day dreams when you shouldn’t. You never know what gem is hidden in there waiting to be discovered. There is magic within and it is Einstein who said “imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world and all there ever will be to know and understand.”

The inspiration for many of his theories began while he worked as a patent examiner for the Swiss patient office in Bern, Switzerland. He would spend most of his time looking out the window day dreaming. It is also during a day dream state that Einstein developed his corner stone for the general theory of relativity while riding a streetcar day dreaming and looking at a clock tower in Switzerland. He observed and focused on how the clock tower passed behind him while he was in the street car and wondered how it would appear if the street car passed by faster and faster. Later on at the house where he lived in Switzerland between 1903-1909 he wrote the annus mirabilis papers which were the beginnings of Einstein’s thoughts on modern physics.

There is a relationship between day dreaming and intelligence. This union helps with the brain developing into its true potential. Many great artists spend their time day dreaming and imagining the art that they want to create. Michelangelo spent months observing a giant piece of marble before he began to carve into it. What he ended up carving is the statue of David a masterpiece which captures the perfection of human anatomy. The time he spent observing the marble wasn’t a waste but he was day dreaming, imaging what figure would emerge from the marble.

Embrace day dreaming for it will uplift your heart, mind and soul and bring you magical gifts hidden deep within. Never allow technology to take away this precious gift. So the next time you are a passenger on a bus, an airplane, subway, or waiting in a waiting room, try to leave the cellphone alone and instead drift away to a magical realm, for it is in our dreams that questions are answered, messages are given and the seeds of ideas are planted and begin to grow.

Tommy Tutalo

About the author: Tommy Tutalo is an independent author, writer, photographer, painter, and visual artist, whose work is considered to be diverse, and universal. A native of West Orange, New Jersey, Tommy comes from a hardworking, and loving blue-collar background, and grew up in an ethnically diverse community. Both Tommy’s up-bringing, and the melting pot he grew up in have been two influential factors in his life and the arts. At an early age Tommy discovered a love for both the arts and the beautiful game, soccer. Soccer would become Tommy’s outlet and craft, which he would nourish and pursue, putting the arts off as secondary. Tommy’s hard work ethic, devotion, and perseverance with soccer, would enable Tommy to play at a very high level during his adolescent years, becoming one of the most decorated and recognized players in New Jersey, and eventually sought by, and play for The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, where he would win a DIV. III National Championship with the 2001 team. This would be the pinnacle of Tommy’s soccer career, and the foundation for the next phase in his life. As one door shut, another door opened, and Tommy would then pursue the arts, learning many different art mediums during, and after graduating from college, with a Bachelor of the Arts degree, Art History, and by any means devote his life to living as an independent artist and author.

Image: Pixabay

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