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Divine Magical Action

By on October 14, 2014 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

Divine Magical Action

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by Kim Caldwell
guest writer for

I must create a system or be enslaved by another mans.”
~ William Blake


In life we are all faced with challenging times. One of the most beneficial things we can do is relax and learn to flow with energy.

Many people are part of a “heard mentality” that says there are only certain ways to obtain what we desire. As we open our minds and consciousness it becomes obvious that a little magic can go a long way.

Successful people have always used objects and ritual to attract more of what they want in life. This is an innate knowing and we all may practice it differently. Famous athletes are known for having lucky charms or game day routines. Churches chant, say prayers and light candles. Cavemen drew the animals they wanted to eat on their cave walls. Intention, focus and direction of energy have always been instinctively utilized.

During periods when we feel stuck or want more in our lives this is the perfect time to call forth a little magic. There are many rituals and lucky charms we may bring in to fuel our desires.

Anointing oils have been used throughout history for blessings. We may blend a carrier oil such as coconut, almond, or jojoba oil with essential oils, gemstones and herbs to create a mixture that will keep us in a great place mentally.

We may light candles with Divine intention; the flame clearing what no longer serves us while bringing positive energies deep in our environment.  The fire is a bright representation of our inner light and ability to create. As we light the candle it is beneficial to say prayers, affirmations or Switchwords to bring in divine guidance and help.


Adding enchanting herbs, resins and plants fuels this ingenious process. Dragon’s blood is used for protection. Amber is used to attract and heal. It is fascinating to discover the common spices in our cabinet that have long been used for magic.  Cinnamon is used to attract love and abundance. Vanilla brings more warmth and sweetness to our life. I love to sprinkle a little cinnamon and vanilla on my candle before saying an affirmation and lighting it.

Crystals radiate and focus energy. We become intuitive alchemists as we choose the ingredients that will blend together and magnetize what we desire. Get creative and think outside of the box. A candle, a simple rock and plant from our yard can become a love attractor. I have a magnolia tree in my yard and was excited to discover that magnolia leaves are for creating loyalty, so I bring them into our home with intention. Be sure to research the spices in your cabinet and plants in your area, you are surrounded by magic.

Oils may be filled with divine ingredients and charged in the moon or sun for optimum benefits. Feel free to add small crystals to your formulation that have the properties you want more of in your life. I love to use Lapis for strength of body, labradorite for great moods and aqua marine for youth. Amethyst is known as the sobriety stone and for sober thinking. Just drop a tiny stone in your oil or liquid and allow the vibration of the stone to infuse your elixir. Add ingredients to your creations as inspired, there are no rules, simply listen to you inner guru.

Another powerful knowing to be aware of is sacred geometry. We may use shapes to fuel our magic. You may put oil on your finger and draw any shape that represents what you are wanting more in your life of. For instance, draw a heart to bring in more love or a sideways 8 to symbolize infinity.

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One ritual you may benefit from is to release another for the highest good of everyone involved. The great Catherine Ponder says we benefit by releasing everyone in our lives on a regular basis.  If you are experiencing challenges with a person or situation you may light a candle with the intention of burning away anything that no longer serves you. Now just be with the knowing that you are creating a Divine space for more love, light and peace to come. Say your affirmations for release with strong intention. Call in your guides and ascended masters or angels to help you with this task. I love to work with Quan Yin, St. Germaine and the Archangels. You will have your own guides that you work best with. If you are still having trouble letting this person or situation go create a special oil to infuse your being with the knowing that everything is in Divine Order and keep you in your power. Sage oil is for clearing and frankincense brings in Divine knowledge. As we release we will be given such sweeter blessings. Have faith.

Create ceremonies for anything you desire and enjoy the process. Get creative and in your power.

This is just a base for your magical creations to come. I see you creating all you desire and more.

I send you peace and blessings.

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Kim Caldwell author of Activate Your Abundance Book and audio program, How Green Smoothies Saved My Life and the Solfeggio Switchwords Meditation Programs. Learn More at

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