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Dolores Cannon, My OBE, And Worldwide Regression Week

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Dolores Cannon, My OBE and Worldwide Regression Week

by Candace Craw-Goldman,
Contributing Writer,

“Dolores! Oh my goodness. Is this really you? Or am I projecting you or something?”

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“Sit down a moment and collect yourself, we can talk.”

OBE’s (Out of Body Experiences) are a fairly rare occurrence for me. Last night I left my body, floated into my living room, and saw Dolores Cannon sitting there. Beside myself with delight at her presence, I sat down and we had a little chat.

I remained utterly surprised and increasingly more analytical about the entire situation and leaned closer to really look at her face, her skin, her eyes, her nose. She stayed still, and was quiet and watched me examine the details of her form. Quite frankly, I was still so shocked at what was happening I kept waiting for the whole “vision” of her to just vaporize.

This was taking some time to accept.

Dolores found this a bit humorous as I came in for an extreme close up. I could see the twinkle in her grey-blue eyes and the pores on her nose. “Are you quite done examining me?” She asked.

I blinked. “Sorry Dolores, OBE’s are surprising enough all on their own, but seeing you here in the living room just takes the cake!”

“An appropriate thing to say, considering the date.”

Grinning, I said, “Your birthday is tomorrow.”

“You’ve been making quite a fuss about that.”

“We have.” I said. “What do you think about what we’ve been doing?”

“I think it’s fine. It brings more attention to my work, and yours, and the others out there as well. It’s a good thing for that reason. You are all doing such a good job in helping people. It’s the main reason I am here right now, to tell all of you out there how much you are actually helping.”

“You still inspire so many people Dolores.”

She heard me but just finished her thought by saying, “Everyone’s efforts also increase the energy and potential for me – and others on this plane who are assisting too – to be able to connect with all humans.”

“In sessions and yet, also just with thought and meditation.”

“Exactly. This is an important concept to keep in mind. Quantum Healing and other kinds of sessions are great, but they are not necessary for communication and energetic support. It’s good that you tell people that.”

I nodded and smiled.

Thinking about what we might talk about next, I pondered what cosmic, other dimensional information might be shared. That thought reminded me of the many small moments I had with Dolores in real life where I had these same thoughts, walking to or from class, meetings or lunches, wondering what we might chat about. Most of those real-life moments, Dolores talked about regular everyday things like the weather, or what was served on the buffet line.

Holding my breath, Dolores smiled broadly, obviously reading my thoughts as easily now as any other time. “I’ve pretty much finished what I have to say.”

What? Wait!

She began to fade and was sad that she was leaving and then suddenly – the strangest vision of a plate of fried okra came into my mind. This was so out of place and out of context I was completely bewildered. Dolores just laughed and laughed. I don’t know if she was showing me food she loved, or didn’t like at all, or missed, or just thought was funny. But, that was how we parted, with both of us laughing with an image of a plate of fried okra between us.

Worldwide Regression Week 2019, is brought to you by It is a whole week of celebration and tribute to the great regressionists of the past, including and especially, Dolores Cannon. The celebration kicks off TOMORROW, April 15th, 2019 on In5d’s YouTube channel with Gregg Prescott and Candace Craw-Goldman with a Dolores and red bird inspired guided journey/regression at 9am Central 10am Eastern time.

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