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Earth And Humanity Awakening In 5D

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Earth And Humanity Awakening In 5D

by Angel V. Ornedo Jr.,
Contributing Writer,


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This is the last of a mini-series of our planet and humanity’s history in relation to the universe-multi-universes. Rethink Greeks-Romans myths  and  awaken from deceptions of  colonizing darkness that enslaved-brainwashed  us.  Gods created by religions are super-imposed on our deep consciousness-beliefs and shattered our perfect memories from Source. You are from the Adamic race, perfect.

Earth  after  two planetary  collisions  of 3,400+ years interval with other  planets-Nibiru-Marduk  planetary system was  caught by our Sol gravity eons ago.   Earth is thrown out of realm-the effects of bursting suns-supernovas  on collision with the planets of  our Sun-Sol. These are records written in stone tablets 1x2M+ in Mesopotamia-, Mosul,Iraq-Alexandria,Egypt, sung in hymns in step buildings in  Sumeria as a recital of how we were brainwashed like what we are today by belief systems.  Our planet known as Tiamat was broken to half, with Earth, a moon and asteroids as resultant  ‘debris’ known today. The mini-solar system of  Nibiru caught by the gravitational pull of our Solar System has an elliptical orbit and loop,  sling shot Sol says Physicist  Kaku, Harrington and  anthropologists Zitchin.  It has a dwarf star and seven planets and it’s ‘moon’ or planet  Kingu’ cuts thru.  Theoretical- meta-physicists said that it will be around our sun in the next few years, another fear effect?   Physicists  say planetary star crossing is late 2017 as Nibiru  approaches us that will create cataclysmic effects on our planet’s axis and operating gravitational pull.  For the  record says Zitchin, Nibiru has revolved around us over millennia and created biblical stories of magical religious proportions inclusive of a passing star followed by  three Kings.  NASA says planet X is coming back then kept silent to keep us calm.  They are ‘theoretical’ physicists, made conclusions on what their thoughts and calculations tell them like us. When are they coming?  Guess says  NASA.while  You Tube coverage alarmed us all being part of FEAR factor.

Earth’s dinosaur-reptilian age passed-extinguished  leaving 65M years of skeletal forms displayed at our urban museums, London, New York…. making Earth a reptilian planet.   Gigantic planets and  asteroids  hurtle in space like the  dwarf star Nibiru whose  planet Kingu collided with earth. The dwarf star must be similar to our Jupiter on the way to star brilliancy, knowledge brought by NASA..   It sideswiped Uranus and hit ‘Tiamat’  directly with one planet,  Kingu  says Zitchin and was back after 3,400+ years to divide ‘Tiamat’ into   “FALLEN  earth”,  moon and asteroids, leftovers in the process of collision.  This is similar to asteroid earth collision event says scientists that extinguished the reptilians and an event normal in the universe.  Earth grows 200 tons a day from  space  dust-debris and we see this daily,  meteors falling down or passing by earth.  We experience the same impacts similar to Nibiru collisions discovered and analyzed thru satellite readings that  relocate oceans and continents in the process. Dust, meteors-asteroids form part of our new evolving planet after we have fallen from collision, a very far description of the true nature of ‘fallen earth’ by religions, all false.  If you believe dark and light Archangels falling, that is your belief. There is always light and darkness in the multi-universe.  “The event could have been the provider of seeds of life to earth.”  Seas-oceans-continents are replaced, transferred  or created  as a result of these collisions. We call these tectonic or volcanic in origin says science  where .continents shift and new islands sprout. Continents moved as a result of tectonic  activities.

Beautiful paradise planet Earth has this historical  brief of several billion years:  cut, divided, formed again  to imperfect ball form-  growing, still not perfect sphere by 5-miles.  Dark conquerors write in stone clay tablets to propagate their conquest similar to conquest of Asia and America by the Europeans, history within humans on earth.  Clear as the blue skies, they are commercials to lure us to subservience.  Dark beings saw the wondrous creation of paradise complete with all the resources they need to survive and they came in alternating presence of conquest and dominion. They left their planets as we are left astray and destroyed at the 21st century.  Aside they came for gold and silver to resuscitate their dying planets full of ozone holes similar to acts of the Europeans on other continents. Earth and humans are abused by over-commercialism and  mining  not far from the Archon conqueror’s destructive acts.

No being can own Mother Earth seeking higher planetary dimensions to 7thD. Her final destination is Solar,  8thD., perfection for planets.   Jupiter is ahead in terms of climb to planetary climb to 8thD.  Source Energy’s -SE creations is attained when light reaches an integrative balance point of positive and negative in all known universes.  For humanity, death of carbon bodies is the living start of our spirit to reach higher consciousness.  After 26000-  years of the planet’s revolution,  crystalline  light form of our  body-soul-spirit is an alternative to the death of a body,  the latest of Unconditional Love creations as carbon bodies are transmuted, transformed to this light form.  Live life in positive-STO ways, sharing your love-overflowing photon lights  with others.  What Photon light you  absorbed flow outward from your loving heart and mind that overflow to all complimented by Central Suns and other Stars in terms of intense energies supplied to Earth and humanity.   STS beings should change and undergo reformation as they seek light of Source. The negative part of life’s balance thru  incarnations  is for them to seek  a flicker, a spark of light  as they have chosen darkness  in their ways of life.   Love provides darkness the avenue to climb, reach and attach to that spark of light of Source.

The dark beings over lifetimes without energy from  Source  propagate dark teachings to create fear, anger and hate to make their beliefs reality in their sense of dark existence.  For the seekers of light, awakened and who realized who we are, our numbers increase and we assist Gaia rise to 5D.  Call it the reintegration of our spirits’ entity fragmented in 3D-4D and the head at 5D.   Each individual has a different experience,  a process  the Creator made in His thought.  The stages of spiritual development and connectivity to Source is individual, thence planetary, cosmic to universal consciousness to ONENESS that we all desire.  They are specific destinations  till you are ONE with Source Energy at the 11th-12thD, Unconditional Love and Free Will. I repeat,  what is significant is we are all here to re-integrate our soul-spirit at 3D- 4D with 5D Spirit Entity fragmented in several  vibrational frequencies.  That is why you are a fragment of the Source of All That Is,  a multi-dimensional being.

For 5-6D starseeds, to  experience  life at 3D an invitation is required.  If you are strong at heart and an adventurer.  Adamu  says- “foolhardy”  you agreed to shattering to live in 3D where  no one from the higher frequencies can live without forgetting or amnesia.  Such is the arrangement for those who agreed to raise the consciousness of Gaia to 5D.  From 5D we fragmented to 4D to 3D and lower 3D.   Intense energies are showered on us and Gaia provide us soul gifts of  inspiration,  intuition, enlightenment, collective consciousness and  unconditional love. They are now coming to fruition.  Is that not beautiful and wonderful for human souls?  We are fragments of light-spirit entity, our embodiment  and  thru  a process of reintegration  we are transmuted to  5D  consciousness where our 5D spirit entity resides.  We all seek a vibrational dimension where the harvest of soul gifts are at hand.  Grandfather  Adamu,  Pleiadian says:   “….But most of all we are here in great numbers because of the critical importance to the entire galaxy that Earth’s human population succeeds in the in-situ ascension process that is being attempted here. This has never been done before. And if it succeeds, it will irrevocably alter galactic relations.   It will end, once and for all, the interplanetary wars that have raged since the beginning of time.”                                                                                      

I hope his remarks have an impact to your lives as it has done with me although mine came from Christ Consciousness-CC at an early age of 12 and  reinforced by Arcturians  and Pleiadians overflowing information from the Light .  Imagine darkness can finally be eliminated from the universal role of evolution, monotony or perfection.


People talk of world wars and forecasting  WWIII,  even movies at dark dominated Hollywood forecast these fear predictions that seeps into our consciousness unknowingly as entertainment but they all talk of love as the only solution to wars. The Wonder Woman of DC  forecasts  WWIII movie in the making and how she saved her in the script. “She”, the script writer must be an ascended being like Adamu who says that only “love” can save earth.  My grandchild interviewed me on my experiences on these wars for a school project report.  It is incorrect word for one planet discussing world wars as they are really nation or ethnic wars like the Axis-Germany and Japan and Allied-American-Euro group conflict of WWII..  Planetary wars or world wars As Pa Adamu says are continuing events  in the universe-dark-light  planets.. Imagine at our Milky Way Galaxy, 65M  living planets with  beings like us- negative-positive ones who are at  war and  who will triumph is in the thoughts of Source Energy. You are given the chance to see direct the light of SE and the elimination of these raging world wars.

Advanced beings bring you the whole story in vivid pictures, telepathic, and it is up for you to say it in your words in your language.  Less educated humans eons ago described gold and silver lined homes as palaces and 7th heavens unknowing what they really are and tell us they met or sit with the Father. They never knew they are earth’s properties ransacked by the Archons. They described Christ sitting at the right hand of a Father when All That Is, is Everywhere, Everything.  What brainwashing they did to us for commercials and love of money.   Dark colonizers brought death to  billions of humans, maimed, abused, women  raped, men sodomized,  burned….Tribal wars or killings  is described by the dark as patriotism to look good- to serve their purpose, colonization and dominion over others when you have to perfect love of others from love emanating from your heart,  nothing else. Peace can never be attained by wars but only by unconditional love bringing peace.  We know that at this stage of earth, those are only words and are difficult to attain in an unjust, suffering and ‘çhaos’ environment where extremist of religions turned terrorists to create caliphates.  That is the reason of our presence, why you are INVITED to assist humans in physicality with direct assistance from. Source  overflowing us with intense energies from varied sources.  Refuse to harm or traumatize others and peace and harmony will start in our world.  This means you have conquered implants made by Archons and  humans  are awakened.

The dark created litany of havoc in major countries eliminating-exterminating,  millions of humans,  stories of  fear creation. People  in millions, all in exodus running like rats to Germany-Europe creating terroristic activities for some. Syria bombings, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan  invasion,  PH by ISIS at  Marawi  City takeover in 2017  are current war aggressions by  presumptuous warlords.  Advanced beings SE lieutenants are  not subject to time nor space and has transcended incarnation processes.  They observe us in our skies unseen for the last thousand years of illusion  assisting  humans if asked.  They are not subject to time and space.                                                                                                         

UK parliament leaders apologized in 2016 to their citizens for the death of their youths in Iraq war. USA Bush must be crawling in the dark for his actions.  We hope they ask forgiveness from the people of Iraq who are wronged and traumatized.  Their true purpose is the destruction of records,  lost as a result of bombing  for us not to  know and learn the truth about human real heritage.  Mosul is destroyed including the mosque where ancient records are maintained. This is a continuation of the war to destroy the records of Nineveh Library.

On the nuclear front taught to us by  Sirian Beings,  we cannot waste this golden opportunity nor be bullied by dark beings to pulverize ourselves with nuclear bombs, a repeat  of  seven  Sumerian cities, Hiroshima-Nagasaki,  Japan annihilation.  Chernobyl and Fukushima are worst post-war disasters of the nuclear  type  of power generation,  destructive power and the ocean currents are shifting to Asia.  Sirians, the good Higher Beings of their planet can undo this technology and clear the waste. Truman had his dark ways knowing that the war against the Axis is already won and still dropped 2 nuclear bombs, a horrible trait of negatively polarized beings who had this technology done on Earth.  Destruction of written stone tablets,  monuments-olden buildings is their aim.  Infighting of religions and records  destroyed   created  the  loss  of the Great Libraries of  Niniveh-Mosul in Iraq and Great  Alexandria Library-Egypt.  Keeping  us blind  is dark tool.   7 Nuclear bombs destroyed Sumer. Records lost means DG13- puppets won at least for 26,000 years of dominion.   Other libraries exist humanity know  at  Ascension and that we are in today with Internet.


SOURCE Energy is at 11th-12thD and endless frequencies of unconditional love- free will.    He allows the dark to recognize their ills and to start to seek light again. We have to undergo removal of defects, healing, cleansing and repair to restore us to perfect creations, mind body form as our light spirit is perfect, untouchable but lived in a dark physical body whose dark experiences have to be healed and cleansed.   That is the meaning of SE’s love, light and free will despite impurities.

On false beliefs, analyze the 1800 AD virgin mother stories.  Studies from stone inscriptions  quote Egyptian and Iraqi scholars on questionable teachings  which should be reviewed for record. Analyze records and we quote: Virgin mother story comes in 2 dozens of stories like Horus, 3000 B.C. the Egyptian God is born of the virgin Isis,  Mithra- 1200 B.C, Persian God, Attis, 1200 B.C. Greek god of virgin Nana-Krishna, 900 B.C.,  Dionysius, 500 B.C. Greek god, King of Kings, only begotten son,  born on December 25 with 12 disciples, died for three days; resurrected, a perfect copy for Apollonius-Gesus created by Constantine, now popularly known as Jesus.  Horus life is inscribed on the walls of the Temple of Luxor in Egypt in 3,500BC with images of the “annunciation, immaculate conception, virgin birth, ministry, death and resurrection”  1,500  years  before  ‘Gesus’, Jesus for Constantine.  Scribes of Egypt describe the virgin birth of Dec. 25 of various Gods that went to the underworld and after 3 days resurrected.  Priests and  bishops  tell us that only  Gesus-aka Apollonius had this birth Dec. 25 virgin birth , a mockery to thinking and analyzing awakened humans.  Two websites describe in detail the same stories made by Constantine in 325 AD. That is the meaning of awakening, believe or not,   we start to teach-learn and further analyze and seek the truth.   Everything is an individual path to unity consciousness, what you do is what you get. We do not have a blind eye for truth and reality of events. Analyze and let your spiritual heart and mind decide, as you can feel it in your heart.  Imagine , they are all 50,000+ 200,000+  years old.  Priests use 1,800 years as long religious history. Think-grow,  research.   Change our beliefs and seek Source Energy,  Infinity and there is no hassle, we believe in “GOD”, UNITY.

Predictions of scientists at You Tube about Nibiru collision are preposterous.  They are MSM,   only our  collective consciousness can make things happen with the assistance of All That Is and SE lieutenants.   Our collective consciousness creates the reality we want, final.   Nibiru has been passing by nth times in a million years and the  ‘Sons of Gods’   are beings like us who implanted us with  retardant genes to make us slaves. At one planetary crossing, after learning  gold is common on Earth,  they landed 600 astronauts to be the first miners then  we became slaves.  The astronauts  go on strike after thousand years as they are not  miners nor slaves.  They made us slaves to replace the 600 astros.  We  reproduce  for their fodder and labor in mining, household and agricultural  farms. Go deeper, analyze and learn.  Fear creation has been perfected by Archons and you can stop it now knowing your DNA lineage from the stars.  .Similar to Nibiru that found our gold,  NASA and  other  countries with similar research facilities found planets.  In June, 2017,  NASA scientists have found 4034 exoplanets and 2,335 of them are confirmed as planets;  50 of them are habitable zones with water potential.   Susan Thompson of Kepler Mission made humans  seekers of truth  as we are really made by Source to be the “transferors of knowledge to the universe”. We start our mission by research  and learning.


Every 26000(25920)  years we pass the photon belt that overflow us with intense energies from Central Suns and stars. Dark beings will have to construct dungeons,  tunnels  and  mile long air-conditioned  pits to hide from these healing lights. Some exist near the core of earth, a prison for  the dark. Most of them left for other 3D planets or return to their own planets at the Milky Way Galaxy to escape from intense energies.  Who knows the $11B collider tunnel in Switzerland is of dark origin hiding in the guise of testing and bombarding  light  to neutrinos in underground mountains.  Let us know if you are not dark in origin and a practicing professional in that dungeon as negatives may emerge again after passing the Photon Belt.    The collider was constructed to destroy anything wholesale as it can blast light to neutrinos,   earth minerals to nothingness, all  a matter of opinion.  No human can predict the future.  NO ONE even if he says He is “ GOD” can tell final transformation to New Earth- Golden Age.  The word God is Archon origin, thus untrue. We call them sons of Gods.  Archons create  FEAR, dark ‘God’  and tell us of apocalypse.  Photon energies provide transmutation of human bodies to crystalline form and we are on the march- journey to “Golden Age”.  With these intense energies, we  learn  light language and  acquire soul gifts on our way to 5D  love, light and collective learning.  It is time that unity consciousness be primordial in our thoughts seeking connectivity with All That Is.  For the  dark  seek that spark, that flicker of light and embrace these overflowing pure white light from Source Energy, the Central Sun that create our dreams of a  5D to 6D world-the Golden Age of Gaia.  Join us.   

Once awakened,   Free  Will beings are created as knowledge transferors for other planets evolving, a human test by  the Supreme Creator to His special creation, earth and humanity  as our illusionary experience goes on.  Transform deeds of kindness and godlike actions,  the secrets  of the planets.   After being raised to 5D, should you be invited by Source thru his lieutenants as ‘Experience Transferor to evolving planets’, they are available to you. You earned these knowledge and  wisdom  after your stint at 3D-4D not necessarily Earth.  Awakened humans accepted the ‘invitation’,  an honor for Earth trained teachers.  You are Teachers of unconditional love of Christ Consciousness, Chosen Ones, a  golden opportunity given to human beings.  That is the truth, the reason why we are created to be pioneers in 3D planets of the universe.   You completed your difficult journey-passed  for a new assignment.  Of course you can settle at 5D for a moment NOW, for  R&R as there is no time anyway in 5D or you can be observer of other planets similar to our galactic brothers and sisters, learning and assisting humans where we can easily mix. They are also  learning a new skill,  combination of love from heart connected to mental development.  Emotion of LOVE is new in the galaxies of beings.

We ask why would All That Is have gamut of  experiences-evolutions of creations when  nothingness to intelligence  is the start of the universe?  Intelligent Energy got curious and  curiosity filtered to Source Energy;  gave free will, unconditional love and light with all types of beings, planetary systems, galaxies, universes and multiverses created  out of the curiosity of Source.  Meta-physical  history for you to analyze and think about!!  Think again-death of physical body is one of the ways to experience higher consciousness!!  Choose Ascension as we are led to it by All That Is.  History is taught and learned.

Love and light!

Angel V.  Ornedo Jr.

About the author:   ANGEL V. ORNEDO JR.,  MBA, CPA, teaches acts of love, light and unity consciousness. With capitalists, he had created livelihood in Industrial Estates  in SE Asia and Middle East. He hails from Philippines.  Link with him at or connect at  Barnes and Noble, Xlibris and  ‘Knowing the Infinite Creator.’

Image: Pixabay

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