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Elementals – Connecting to Dragons

By on February 27, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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Elementals - Connecting to Dragons

by Katie Indiecrow,

Many dragons are waking up as we raise the vibration of Gaia and humans begin remembering and opening their hearts to connection with this beautiful group of elementals.

In this video, I directly channel from the dragon guild who wishes to be referred to as the Rainbow Ascension Alliance which brings dragons of all types wishing to be part of ascension into partnership should they choose.

They share about how humans can help dragons rise, the importance of understanding dragons as beings who too have to heal, and the ways that we can forge relationships of respect and understanding to overcome the domination and fear that came to cloud the sacred relationships between humans and dragons.

You will notice we use the word ‘right’ a few times. That is indicative of the work that must be done around humans and dragons resulting from the dark days of suppression.

Being chosen or being honored or being complemented is the type of relationship we’re looking to build (and that is in the eye of human and dragon).

Image: Pixabay

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