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How Is Being An Empath Connected To Spiritual Awakening?

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How Is Being An Empath Connected To Spiritual Awakening?

by Chris,
Contributing Writer,

How Is Being An Empath Connected To Spiritual Awakening?

Have you ever met someone in a random gathering and feel that strong connection? No, I’m not talking about a romantic one. Rather, what I’m trying to ask is if you’ve felt that someone understood you even before speaking to them?

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Similarly, as this person speaks to you, do you feel like they are able to unravel your thoughts and feelings? That kind of experience wherein as soon as that first few sentences pop out from their lips, you suddenly have that eerie feeling that gives you goosebumps!

Yes! Whether we like it or not, some people have such ominous ability. Technically, these individuals are commonly referred to as empaths. Despite their mysterious abilities, empaths are often recognized for being able to form metaphysical connections.

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With their power of high sensitivity towards the feelings and thoughts of others, they are regarded as close to psychics, hypnotists, and even spiritualists. Even when people are unable to scientifically account for their unique set of skills, they are nonetheless accepted as real.

How is being an empath connected to spiritual awakening?

On the fundamental level, empaths are often considered as individuals with a strong aptitude towards feeling with others. Given that they are natural sensors, they don’t really need a word or two to have an idea of what the person in-front of them is going through. Simply by standing near the person, they will already get a sense or feeling of their struggles/joys.

Similarly, we do experience the same instance in our lives. When we are with someone we know, the slightest of reactions and auras that they emit is often enough to tell us their plight. But in reality, such ability only applies to someone we’ve known for a long time.

In comparison, the empath can do this and even more to a person that they just met! Such supernatural ability suggests that the power of the empaths go beyond the case of the reason given that they don’t need any rational evidence to pinpoint a cause.

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As such, they are often linked to spirituality. Most practitioners and thinkers say that being an empath is a good sign of a spiritual awakening. By being able to go beyond the bounds of reason and into the space of the mystical, this skill is often regarded as a ‘baby step’ in spiritual awakening.

With this, if you have that feeling that you might be an empath, you have to pay attention to some key indicators. In doing so, it will help you know the progress of your journey and your movement forward.

First, physical changes often indicate a transition in your journey as an empath. By having a higher physical sensitivity when in contact with others, this signifies that your body is able to detect strong auras and energies around. Such often manifests when you suddenly have goosebumps as you interact with someone.

Second, the ability to sense the feelings of others signify a good step forward. In a world where people hide their true feelings thru fake smiles and lively emojis, your real ability shows as you’ll see through these facades. Instead, you’ll mysteriously be able to sense that something wrong is going on even when they’re not discussing it.

With both changes in you or in someone you know, the natural consequences entail a certain discomfort when coming into contact with large groups. Because of your increased sensitivity, simply being around others can cause you to be bothered as their thoughts and energies are openly released to you.

Such overwhelming social circumstances only cover for the emotional aspect. Similarly, your biological aspect will also be overwhelmed as stimulants and chemicals in your body are often tainted even by the slightest influences. As such, drinking coffee, for instance, will cause more upbeat energy (or anxiety) than usual.

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Given such, the responses that you’ll make will also reflect your transition towards a full-fledged empath. Commonly, these signs will also indicate that something in you is changing.

As such, your choice of activities will also vary. Because of your improved physical, emotional, and mental strengths, you will often avoid those that emit negative energies. For instance, you might find yourself randomly quitting Facebook, given that you realize how negative the posts are.

Similarly, you’ll also feel the impact of these things on yourself. When you find yourself becoming unproductive as you endlessly scroll on your Facebook feed, your strong senses will push you to give less time for it.

With that, even in the real world, others may find you spacing out. Appearing to them as someone who randomly ditched friends, your preferences will extend even to people you communicate with. Once you sense negativity even in your closest family members and friends, you’ll ditch them without explanation.

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Finding yourself in such a situation should not surprise you. After all, this transition is only a normal reaction, given your stronger sensitivity on the major aspects of your life. Instead of seeing it as a negative thing, you should realize that it is a step forward in your spiritual journey.

By having the right mindset and knowledge about this radical change in you, you’ll be able to manage it properly. Whereas it would have bothered you on a regular day, this new skill will become something you can capitalize on in your journey as you now treat it as a form of spiritual awakening. The key is in being able to recognize such and appreciate it.

Author Biography: Chris writes for, a website dedicated to helping individuals identify and learn about their personality archetypes. The site also offers a wealth of wisdom about spirituality, self-discovery, and astrology. You can identify your archetype by taking their archetype test here. Website: | Facebook:

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