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Energetic Mastery Over Ascension Symptoms

By on November 12, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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Energetic Mastery Over Ascension Symptoms

by Jennifer Lee,
Guest Writer,,

I’ve written a previous article for In5D a few months ago titled “Eating Like A Baby To Integrate The Light Body With Ease” in regards to what to eat in order to assist your ascension development of Crystalline/Plasma light into your physical body. I’d like to continue on this same line, but about energetic mastery with our ascension ‘symptoms’. For these are not actual ‘symptoms’, they are shifts in vibration bringing us back to our original Source and body of light as a literal, physical experience in real time. These shifts in vibration are nothing new, yet so many of us seem to ‘feel the effects’ the same way we would experience an illness or disease.

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There’s a completely different side and experience to this if we allow ourselves to tune into it. This could be the next major shift collectively (in the awakening community) of releasing ‘victim consciousness’. Because to think and experience ‘symptoms’ as if they are something painful, negative, un-welcome or undesired makes us, in a way, believe that we are ‘victims’ or powerless to the ascension energies and process. This is completely UNTRUE, as we all know, however uniting our foundation in how we experience it all is key in grounding in these actual energies now and in the future.

I’m certainly not saying I haven’t had my fair share of ascension ‘symptoms’, believe me, I have. But it is through use of light code technology that I personally help myself make this shift in consciousness when this is happening. Sure, understanding the ‘why’ behind certain symptoms is a major part, but viewing them from a higher conscious state is also necessary to gain grounding and empowerment with the energies we are presented with to experience.

The definition of symptom is: a physical or mental feature that is regarded as indicating a condition of disease, particularly such a feature that is apparent to the patient; a sign of the existence of something, especially of an undesirable situation. So, it’s not necessarily a negative connotation, however I feel many of us take it that way because it disrupts our typical way of being. Whether it’s a disruption in sleeping patterns, bloating, random aches and pains, headaches, nausea, weird phases with our eating, lethargy, skin itching, heart palpitations, sore throats or dizziness, there tends to be at least somewhat of an annoyance or ‘why is this happening’ energy to it.

I got to the point in my ascension where I was ‘tired’ of feeling constantly ‘at the effects of’ these energies. Sure, there are some people who just tune it out as much as possible, but that’s not a part of my process. What I did want to discover was how I could release myself from feeling some sort of invariable ‘pain’ or ‘displeasure’ with all this as well as regain my power of choice. Yes, it is my choice to even be consciously ascending in the first place, and I will continue to honor that choice. However, it is also my choice, and many of us are not realizing this, in HOW I experience that process.

What I’m really speaking to is staying attuned to an underlying, energetic connection to JOY throughout whatever process or physical experience we are going through. What I’m really speaking to is tuning into (viscerally) the LIGHT of each energetic process flowing through your body. Yes, headaches can feel LIGHT. Yes, lethargy can feel LIGHT. Yes, you can shift out of any of these ‘feelings’ of ‘symptoms’ at ANY TIME and still be receiving the effects of them to benefit your body’s uplifting and expansion. The experience of a symptom that causes pain, annoyance, frustration, maybe even anger, surrender (that feels like you have no other choice) is to not fully experience the shift the symptom is bringing forward for you in the first place.

With this is also a call to FLOW and live from a present state of fluidity as much as possible. This means letting go of ALL expectations of how your body should feel or operate. When we release the judgment and the attachment to what the feeling MEANS, we release the ‘need’ to experience pain in the first place. I have shifted many of these ‘symptoms’ quite quickly in the way that I viscerally am experiencing them.

You have the conscious power and choice to receive, feel, and BE whatever you CHOOSE – so why continue to feel ‘heaviness’ as a part of your ascension process?

About the author: Jennifer Lee is a Multidimensional Expert + Energetic Master who is passionate to awakening others to their own full states of empowerment. You may find her at for more updates, information and guidance with your Ascension process.

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