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Energetic Wings Upgrade

By on March 22, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening
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Energetic Wings Upgrade

by Amanda Lorence,

I’m not even sure if this is 5th Dimensional or a higher frequency dimension. But passing on to help update the meaning of ‘wings’. At least in this current respect. No doubt there are more understandings, yet I only pass on that which I actually experience, go through. Hope this helps…

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CONTEXT: Those following this wall may have previously read about the ‘PASSAGEWAY’. Where 4D is exited. The Passageway is an in-between period / stage…holding many experiences for each individual. It’s in-between 4th and 5th, prior to JUMP. The jump places you in 5th.

Arrival in 5th equals life review. I’ve explained that. Then, it all opens up, is seen as entirely different level to explore, grow in, play in, Self development in unfolding ways, at speed.

ENERGETIC WINGS: My path is to understand energy, so I never really understood the ‘wings’ analogies (there are many) in the spiritual arenas. I am here to master energy, so technical data gets explained to me as I go, on our MASS timeline of ascension.

Last week my eyes witnessed geometric shapes of light, move before me. They gently moved together to form WINGS made of LIGHT. They were placed behind my neck, going down my back. I had no idea what this meant, for about one week.

On the path, we allow all to unfold at right timing. It’s not necessarily sequential. It can be partly shown, partly heard, years before activations occur, yet it is MORE an inner development within us that is partly seen, partly unseen, until IT IS time to SEE, KNOW, and then it JUST IS. Activation occur. In stages, again and again…as we evolve on the path.

The ‘Wings’ once embodied, are an ENERGETIC upgrade. They allow the initiate to ‘fly’ down to 4th and 3rd, to assist others. Then ‘fly’ back up again, to 5th…to the world their physical body is residing in, and getting used to whilst also having higher Dimensional frequency experiences than 5th where their body resides. The ‘wings’ are symbolic for an ‘upgrade’ that takes place in 5th. Once upgrade takes place, the human being can visit into 3rd and 4th Dimensional experiences, yet can not stay there for a long period of time. The wings energetically pull you away. So the upgrade allows for temporary descending into 3rd and 4th dimensions, to assist, whilst still retaining a 5th Dimensional Consciousness. It allows the 5D human to help, yet not stay. Hence the analogy of wings and flight.

Previously, on an ascending path, within the 4th Dimensional ascending space, we would witness ourselves change energetic frequency frequently. From highs to lows vibe. From happy to sad. From feeling included to feeling isolated, etc etc etc. So we experienced variable frequency within us in order to see ourselves, clear patterns, then activate higher in frequency by clearing. We could only see what needed to be cleared, via the observation of ourselves and our own responses within, to the outside stimuli provided by our HS. Hence, we experienced high frequency energy and low frequency energy (Hz).

The PASSAGEWAY out of 4th was a ‘trip’! Because we could still SEE 4D from a distance behind us. And each time we turned around within this passageway to see familiar faces playing in 4th, and wanted to be a part of that playtime, we turned around, went back into 4th, and got burnt, very quickly. This ‘burning’ occurs enough times within the PASSAGEWAY just to realise within us, that when IN the PASSAGEWAY, there’s NO going back. If we went back, to play with others, bam, we got burnt. Again, a gift. So we realised, we had to keep going forward, along the PASSAGEWAY, that would take us to a Sub Station, where we recuperated, and waited…for our JUMP to 5th.

The ENERGETIC ‘Wings’, once embodied in 5th (not sure if its 5th or higher D), allow us to continue assisting by ‘flying’ into 4th,and 3rd, to assist ascending humanity. But we can only dip in, and come out. It’s impossible to stay there, because ENERGETICALLY, the ‘wings’ fly us out. There’s no thinking involved. No decision involved, it’s energetic, it’s beyond ‘mind’. We literally, fly back to 5D, because that is now our ‘new’ space/home. It means those ‘lows’ are over, a fading memory. Yet it is that very experience, that path out, that allows us to help, with compassion, from LOVE and increasing wisdom that continues to be shown from within the fifth dimension and higher.

There are overall wisdoms that unfurl, yet there is individual and specifically designed growth within EACH for their specific paths to unfold in SERVICE. The growth is individual. It is energetic growth that the mental then understands. Everything revolves around ENERGY and WISDOMS.

GENERAL ASCENSION INFO FOR 3rd and 4TH DIMENSIONS: For the collective that are residing in a 4th and 3rd dimension, we know this is the time when many observe themselves, wanting to change their way of being, their lives, their patterns. Much has to be placed into THE HOLOGRAPH SCENES, in order for this SELF observation and questioning to take place WITHIN each. Everyone is playing their part. Everyone is counted, valued, loved. Yet they may not feel that. Yet SCENES have to be provided, in order for each to question. Initially, each question the outside, yet will progress to questioning the inside. It is a process we know only to well, and for that very reason, hold immense compassion, understanding, Love, and above all presence. We hold the energy, either quietly, by word, by action or by conscious energetic abilities to work with energy and emit as we go. Honouring each’s divine path back to ONENESS.

One Love, Amanda Lorence

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