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Energy Update – April & May 2018

By on April 25, 2018 in Energy Updates
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by Bartek Indygo,
Guest Writer,

The next month of the transformation process is behind us. A huge wave of energy reached the Earth, what for many people turned out to be very ‘uncomfortable’ as it pushed us to look deeper into ourselves, and to face our deeply rooted fears and ego programs. In the Universe everything do happen for a reason – even these seemingly unpleasant and difficult experiences. They are triggers that give us an opportunity to deepen self-knowledge, and then to be able to start creating our lives in full harmony with the highest good of the Soul.

There is a lot going on. In addition to the physical symptoms of the ascension process which I described some time ago, each of us, conscious participants of the process, could experience a decisive increase in their multidimensional abilities associated with the upper chakras, which were regularly stimulated by the literally warping pulse of the Earth. There were numerous insights, broaden awareness, and seeing the sense of the past experiences.

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What can we expect in April and May? Below you will find a few topics that will be particularly important during your multidimensional journey in the coming weeks.


The more advanced the stage of your awakening process, the greater is your power. The greater the power, the greater the responsibility. That is why in the coming weeks and months you will be able to see more and more clearly how much what you have within has an enormous impact on your awakening process.

If in March you gave in to the process and took the time to reach the deep layers of fear, that each of us accumulated during both this and the previous incarnations, you are either already starting, or you will soon begin to notice a gradual change in the quality of your life. If not, you can expect recurring ghosts of the past to finally notice repeated patterns to accept and transform them.

Please remember that what you are currently experiencing is a reflection of yourself. Do not try to escape the Reality because it’s no one but you create it. Take responsibility, have courage, and remember – I am with you and I believe in you with all my heart. The Light within me has recognized the Light in You long time ago.


Grab an item, then move it to your face as close as possible. Take a good look at it. Then put it on the table, or a desk, and take a few steps back. Look at it again. What just seemed to obscure your perception a moment ago, suddenly turned out to be a small element constituting only a part of a larger composition. What happened? Your perspective has changed!

The energies in April and May will be very conducive to coming out of your three-dimensional self and broadening your perspective of perceiving reality. You can achieve this thanks to SYSTEMATIC meditation in which you have the ability to fully silence the limiting mind and look at yourself from the position of the observer (for the purposes of this article let’s call him Bob). With time and practice, you will see that you can take another step and reach the perspective of Bob’s observer, because even though he already has the opportunity to see your patterns and look at them without unnecessary emotions, he also has his limitations and schemes.

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In conclusion, there is you, Bob and Bob’s observer. I am writing about three people, but remember that all the time I am talking about the very same being. To integrate these different levels of yourself is a part of your mission here on the Earth. This is multidimensional development. Is there an observer of Bob’s observer? The universe is a living organism that is growing all the time, so I have no doubts regarding that. The question is, whether you allow yourself to reach the next layers of yourself!


It is a beautiful, hot summer day, and you are sitting in a cafe waiting for your friends, slowly sipping your favorite coffee. You know that you have some important things to discuss with them. It is quite crowded, there are no seats at the tables, and people more and more people come to the cafe. You have a 4-person table yourself, so at some point some people ask if they can sit up. You have an appointment, but as your companions are late, you agree. You just mention that you will have a meeting here shortly. After some time, you can see familiar faces in the crowd. What do you do? Will you continue to sit with the strangers, or apologize them politely reminding that these places were reserved by you?

‘Casual guests’ of a cafe are all the patterns and schemes you have acquired, you could even like them, got used to them, learned something interesting from them while chatting to pass the time. ‘Friends’ are the higher aspects of you, and you did not come to the cafe to meet new people, but to discuss important issues with your loved ones.

April and May energies will be very conducive to start making space for what you care about the most, i.e. the true and authentic YOU, in a polite, loving and understanding way. Old patterns have given you the opportunity to see how you do not want to be. NOW, however, it is the time to stop pushing your elbows with strangers and invite those who you care about the most to your table! Every time it is no one else but you who need to make a decision.


Seemingly you are comfortable, you have each day planned ahead, another vacation, perhaps even the prospect of a raise or promotion at work. Inside, however, you feel that life is about much more than standing still and playing it safe all the time, according to the once adopted scheme, based only on building a sense of security. Of course, it is very important, but when it starts to eclipse the whole world, it becomes a limiting factor.

The energies reaching the Earth from the center of the galaxy will increasingly force you to leave your comfort zone, so that you can continue to grow and get to know yourself even better. This will apply to all aspects of your life, so do not be surprised if the work, relationship, or environment in which you have stayed until now suddenly stops resonating with you. Life is a river that flows all the time. Obstacles that it encounters on its way only lead to a blurring of the smooth surface of water. Let go. Let yourselfgo with the flow harmoniously.

I sincerely wish you that the coming weeks will a time full of abundance be for you, and that the process of integrating the new self would proceed in the most harmonious way. Happy You is a happy world. Together, we create the New Earth.

In service to Love,

Bartek Indygo |

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