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ENERGY UPDATE – Energy Overwhelm – Forming A New Link With A Difference

By on April 21, 2017 in Energy Updates
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ENERGY UPDATE - Energy Overwhelm - Forming A New Link With A Difference

by Anastacia,
Australian Correspondent,

A very new ‘group’ frequency of energy came through in the last 24hours. One of the most massive I have felt and heard in this way. As it was many layers all at once and very intense.

We know that we need to pull our energy ‘back in’ from others regularly, and now is one of those times, with a difference.

So much has been going on with our Spirit and Souls growth to do with others in our spiritual family group. Especially with all of the Ancient ancestral healing as well

And now the energy has shifted yet once again, that each are needing to progress further ‘on our own’ – as in our own personal energy space.

Yes we need to do so ‘on our own’, yet this is about those that have had links to their spiritual family groups where being a part or linked to this for our soul and spirits growth and ascension, has altered energetically in the last 24hours.

Time to re-group and ‘pull-back’ yet once again. As when we have soul contracts our energy is linked for both (or more) parties growth.

And now I am sharing that we have reached yet another ‘stage’ of pulling our energy back in, with and for ourselves..and then we can continue and carry-on with others, yet in a new and different way.

If one is not aware of this and has their energy ‘out’ or linked with others, and due to the energy changes that have just occurred, what can happen, is that there can be an overwhelm of energies in the astrals, which is linked and flows into the human.

The Blue Beyond Wagon Wheel method is a great tool to assist one to ‘bring our energy back in’ and it is very beneficial to do this as often as one feels.

As when ones energy is around other souls close to them (especially with soul contracts) what happens is we ‘automatically’ pick up on their energy due to this connection not only in the human soul, but also in the spiritual soul


Picture a huge wagon wheel, with the hub and then spokes coming out of it.

Then see that wagon wheel above you, with the hub directly above your head.

Then bring the hub come down over your head until it is around your waist with the spokes going out, disregarding the outside circle.

Then as the hub is around your waist and the spokes are going out, one by one, focus on the spoke in front of you and as you put your energy into it, see it go out a couple of feet and then turn it upwards and then bring it down into your head (crown chakra).

Keep concentrating until it comes into your crown chakra as the first time it can take a bit of visualising while putting your energy into it.

And then go around your body with each spoke until they are all going out and up and then down into your crown chakra. Do this one by one until they are all done.

Then you will see and feel them all out and arcing up and down into your head and flowing the energy into you.

It is an amazing feeling when this is done.

More on this soon as it comes, I just wanted to share this brief update during this new transition of energies from group to inner, to form a new link with a difference.

Much Unconditional Love, Truth and Honesty


Ascension Pioneer/Trailblazer/WaySeer
Ascended Earth Master

About the author: Anastacia is a Rainbow Bridge as a Trailblazer and WaySeer in linking our Soul to our Spirit, through our emotions.All she shares is by experiencing first hand and then sharing Energy Real-Time Updates of Humanities Ascension as it occurs. Linking 3D and 5D and Beyond, guiding and teaching in Service to Humanity and Gaia. She had a vision as a child when Christ came to her and lifted her up…and more recently was gifted her Spiritual Soul, when Christ came to her again as their palms touched with Rainbow energy….so she is able to see all that occurs in the Astrals and Multi-Dimensions in having two souls, double the information and insights. Having cleared her vessel from Spirit to Soul by going through the Abyss and back to be a clear vessel of Pure Divine Light, coming from Unconditional Love, Truth and Honesty and Realness. Anastacia is Australian and was ‘tasked’ by Spirit to be part of teaching and leading Australia’s Ascension in linking our Spirit to our Soul, through our Emotions, as part of her role here as well. She has written many articles over the years and has been going within for 20 years, so much of what humanity is feeling and going through, she has already been through, while still experiencing her and Humanities Ascension as an Ascended Master.



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