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The Dangers Of Evoking ET C5 Contact Without Protection

By on April 21, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening

The Dangers Of Evoking ET C5 Contact Without Protection

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by Nikki Colombo And Jojo Seebacher,
Guest writers,

After much communication on groups, Jojo and I agreed to write this article and offer our experience to a growing issue that is becoming exponentially problematic.


Many inexperienced people are initiating contact with ET’s of the 5th kind known as C5 (and charging cash) without protection and the full knowledge of the forth coming consequences.

Without any clearing or shielding your auric fields people are leaving themselves open to Milab, direct Mind Control and becoming a Targeted Individual known as TI.

This leads to attachments and many people end up being abductees or even worse with negative experiences like accidents. And still we see ego over safety.

We see more of this happening and people like us will have to clean up the mess!

“You create your own reality ” well yes we do, BUT with misinformation. Many people are blissing out on meditation before evoking ET contact combined with over indulgence of drugs/alcohol then wonder why their life turns to chaos only to discover years later the consequences of their ill informed actions and invocations. Ever wonder why alcohol is called “spirits?”, this wears holes in your auric field leaving you open to negative entity attachments. Your aura is an extension of you. It is the energy field that surrounds your body. Many ancient cultures believe that illness first starts because of a weakness in the aura. Maintaining your auric field cleansed, strong and complete, will bring optimal health and well-being.

Joining hands and singing Kum ba yah (“Come by Here”) raising your vibration is not enough here, your dealing with extremely high levels of ET tech that none of us know enough about. It first starts out with positive ET contacts but consequently the government moves in (Milab) and interrogates people in underground bases for subconscious ET updates, They usually leave purple puncture marks on your body, they insert memory slides and holographic inserts ( research these terms) to give you pleasant memories while they take your DNA for both human military and ET programmes. After that, they perform electronic harassment experiments, you become a TI- a Targeted Individual. They’ve had this tech for 50 yrs, refer to previous published article How To Heal And Protect Yourself From Negative Influences & Electronic Harassment : In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database February 26, 2017


We are attempting to warn people for their own protection because we love and care for our race, its genetic heritage and our little blue planet. If people perceive this as fear based unfortunately that’s their projection. Its done out of love.

Why do you think some ET’s are here and why do you think our world is being Terraformed right now? We’ve been where you guys are, we know exactly how this all feels at first but TRUST us on this, even astronauts travel into space with a spacesuit on. There are Benevolent and Malevolent Zeta Recticuli, ET groups and the Ultra-dimensionals are full of love. Those experiences are enlightening and a form of dimensional blending. We can’t generalize on ET races, it’s too complex. There is a need to communicate effectively. We are not talking about communication with ETs, but more so with one another.

As leaders it would be wise to start to listen to the advice of those whom have the experience in energy work, psi-self defense and protection techniques, as well as shielding.

This isn’t a competition.

This is the reality of our reality and it is wise to be implementing foundations and basics while we present these conferences as leaders.

There is a need to know these basics because ultimately we are responsible for others under our care,our soul purpose (the ground crew).

The fact we can ruin someone’s life in a literal sense should be a wake up call.

Our call is to awaken, but if we aren’t skilled in energy protection then we have no right calling ourselves leaders, facilitators or to be running C5 events without using energy principles as energy basics.

We are aware of imposing on free will … This goes against Universal law! The number ONE LAW. The Law of ONE. We are just guides a little along the evolutionary timeline, no hierarchy structure here.

We create our own reality, yes? collectively, are we doing a very good job right now? Two thousand years and billions praying FOR peace, but has it worked? maybe a little, maybe there just might be some manipulation going on!

Checkout The 7 Essene Mirrors- Gregg Braden , he teaches to pray as if your prayer has already happened , even how to pray has been manipulated.

Experienced Contactees have seen this pattern repeating over and over.

It would do you well to use the 12D Shielding Technique daily, this protects you on all of the 12 dimensions and teaches you how to “ping” straight to the cosmic heart of the universe where the real angels D-well (Dimensional Wellness) …..Andromeda.

more info on my ContactOnlineMagazine page.Tools 4 Healing Negative Influences & Shielding B4 ET Contact >

Synchronistically ,while writing this article, Lisa Renee’s latest article was published April 14, 2017 which goes into much more detail.

As always with love Nikki and JoJo ♥

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Nikki ColomboAbout the authors: Nikki Colombo experienced a full blown spontaneous Kundalini Rising event in 2007 that catapulted a “Starseed Awakening” opening her third eye to perceive multidimensional realities and communication with the Evolutionary forces of Light known as the Melchizedek Guardians. Her spiritual mission is to support humanity through its evolution with education and awareness and by consulting the impacts of the energy shifts upon the planet, and human consciousness. She is an Empath, Intuitive, Spiritual Guide and Healer, NDE- Near Death Experiencer, a Walk In, Researcher, Writer, Psychic, Astrologist, Numerologist, Contactee, ET Experiencer, Chakra Clearer, Starseed and Tarot Reader. You can personal message me for Private Consultations, Guest Workshops, Retreats and Events. I perform all intuitive guidance under the most inspirational, Spiritual and Sacred Insight to ensure the highest value it is delivered to my clients serving you with the full extent of my knowledge, wisdom, skills and talents.

Jolene JoJo Seebacher of Spiritual Life Journeys is a certified licensed spiritual counsellor and teacher specialising in helping targeted individuals, program-project survivors, experiences including abductees & love bite victims, SRA victims, program-project survivors, and the newly awakened. Born with her enhanced supernatural abilities, Jolene JoJo Seebacher is also a Survivor herself of Black Ops military programming. She worked with Sandoz Pharmaceuticals and military/government as a remote viewer, psychic analyst, and a spy under several missions specifically in the Gulf War. Jolene is also a survivor of Satanic Ritual Abuse and torture and testing throughout her Young Life. She has triumphed over this and has learned how to deprogram and reprogram, also teaching people their own Supernatural development and enhancement and what’s called Psi-Self Defense and Protection techniques. Jolene JoJo Seebacher specializes in energy cleaning systems and self protection for all types of people, helping thousands world wide into her 14th year. She also teaches and facilitates private groups teaching Energy Mastery and many more subjects on ancient history, including etymology and occult. Jolene JoJo Seebacher is the founder of The Soul Healing Modality – having her Fame as a Psychic Soul Reader and Psychics Soul Counsellor on Myspace and MTV. She has written several books on Soul Healing, on her survival as an MK Ultra and Monarch victim and on SuperNATURAL development. She unfortunately had a home robbery October 13th 2015 in which her MK Ultra books and psychic development books were stolen. Jolene has been running her own business – Spiritual Life Journeys – into her 14th year year now, and offers Soul Counseling, Psychic Analysis Readings, and teaches what she’s deemed as “Psi self-Defence and Protection Techniques, specialising in Energy Mastery and Alchemy to deprogram the Draco mind grid. She concentrates in helping people deprogram and reprogram to their original Soul Code Genetics and helps hundreds of the newly awakened cope through these life altering- life shattering truths that become exposed. Because she is a survivor of mental, physical, and emotional torture, she has also become an expert in Satanic Ritual Abuse and Spell Casting – how to survive and protect oneself against reoccurring ritual that the ancient elites continue upon Man and Womankind. Jolene has vast knowledge as a Truth Movement speaker and shes been a Researcher since age 8 studying ancient history, the occult, etymology, religion, mythology, jungian psychology, ancient alchemy and much more making her a well respected counsellor and teacher worldwide. Jolene teaches strictly against the False Light – New Age movement teachings not only because we’ve been lied to, but more so because she teaches SELF power and SELF healing via energy systems and soul healing. She runs a twenty-four-hour seven-day-a-week hotline and offers what is called “phone time session work”. After 13 years of free services, Jolene has devised a cost-effective way of SELF HEALING for all people to easily afford. Jolene JoJo Seebacher facilitates a private teaching group on Facebook where she teaches select students in that group for FREE once they become clients of Spiritual Life Journeys. She has a website currently under REconstruction. (as many of those false light teachings no longer apply) However, you can find Jolene JoJo Seebacher on Facebook by simply sending her a private message and asking to schedule “Phone time session work” with her. Her contact information is
*new upcoming website is

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