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Energy Update – Full Blown SOULar Winds, Lucid Dreamy Energies

By on November 28, 2016 in Energy Updates
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Energy Update - Full Blown SOULar Winds, Lucid Dreamy Energies

by Lisa Brown,

Full blown SOULar winds the last few hours, increasing in strength and overriding our ability to function/do until we complete the integration phase. I learned years ago… let it all go and honor our Crystalline LightBody Structure’s process first. After, we have new abilities, knowledge and energy… ready to rock and roll again.


Pineal (melatonin and DMT release)… many may be in lucid dreamy energies…. our Crystals are charging huge. I’ll resume the work when we get through.

Time to BE and possibly zzzzzzzzzzzzzz or at least just lay here in the space in-between seeing all of the information available in the light encodements activating inside……..

Upgrades come first. Priorities loves. Everything else will fall in place easier…. clearing old timelines… then we may shift into template adjustments and LightBody tuning…….

We’ve got some shaking going on! Quantum Crystalline Cells are charging huge.

Inner Earth/Gaia may start speaking more too!

Lisa Transcendence Brown

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