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Energy Update – Full Moon

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Energy Update - Full Moon

by Bridget Rau,
Contributing Writer,

We are here dear ones, we are the Pleiadian Emissaries of light. We are very excited to see the expansive shifts taking place upon your planet at this time, and the ever increasing numbers of those waking up. So many of you have heard the call, and responded brilliantly with open arms, and open hearts.

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There has been an influx of starseeds, light workers, empaths, and sensitive souls exploring their spiritual truths. We celebrate each and everyone of you, and we are fully prepared to assist you in your souls exploration.

As you explore your own expansion we urge you to utilize the energies which bombard the collective consciousness of Earth at this time. The 1212 portal has opened, aligning and amplifying your abilities to manifest. Now is the time to set your intentions to create. As you traverse through this magnificent energy you will find it is now being charged and amplified by the brilliant full moon assisting and vibrating the frequency of letting go.

You are being given so much opportunity within this now moment! Now is the time to release what is no longer in alignment with your souls growth, and to dance in the vibration of manifestation and light.

With the culminating energies of 1212, the divine sacred feminine full moon, all while approaching the winter solstice you are coming to a time of completion and change! New beginnings are on the horizon, and we invite you to align your thoughts and intentions with a high vibration and positive outlook.

As 2016 comes to an end so too will the energy which has assisted in the completion and endings of so many expressions in consciousness. 2016 was a year of releasing and letting go, all preparing you for this alignment and expansion available through the fresh new energies gearing up for 2017.

Tune into your consciousness and assess what you have brought in to your existence at this time, taking inventory of the aspects which are assisting as well as those which are not. As you find these aspects which are no longer serving you we urge you to purge dear ones. Purge and release all that hold you back, and allow for the energies to assist in shifting into alignment with your soul’s growth.

You are being offered the opportunity to speed up the process of healing and releasing with the powerful energies which are upon you now! If you wish to accelerate your releasing we encourage you to open up and become aware of the reoccurring patterns and lessons being shown to you dear ones. Being open to release and let go and by setting intention to do so with ease.

As these energies amplify you may be feeling triggered and distressed, we remind you to be gentle on yourself and to find moments of peace and tranquility. Allow the triggers to show you what is no longer serving you and if you are ready and fully willing to let go, set the intention to purge this from your life.

As you make these conscious contracts and allow for the healing and completions there may be symptoms expressed in different forms of energy and thought. You may be in resistance to change, and therefore will experience physical symptoms and grief. This can be seen as a death and rebirth, and as many of you resist any changes, you indeed create discord in your body, mind, and consciousness.

Again we remind you to fully understand the importance of exploring what you are truly ready to let go of, and that which you may not be ready for. This energy will read your intention above all else, so if you set an intention that does not truly resonate on a core level, you will hold onto it, and you will likely feel burdened in your physical bodies. These burdens can be likened to ascension symptoms and the characteristics which go along with any death and rebirth experience.

Entering into the new year and new energies free from attachment, free from fear, and free from whatever has been holding you back, will leave you feeling like a Phoenix rising from the ashes! Newly awakened energy and expansion will run through your expression. Opening and aligning with expansion and growth!! All of this is for you to create dear ones! You have so much power available to you now!

What will you consciously create with this magnificent opportunity presented to you. We encourage and ask that you take on this shift with light in your heart and love rippling out! Spend time in reflection and listen to your soul, the answers are within simply listen to your truth!

We honor you, we thank you, and we love you…

About the author: Bridget Rau is a Galactic Ambassador and channel for the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light, as well as many star civilization’s consciousness. A certified Reiki Master, New Paradigm Multidimensional Transformation Master Teacher, Munay-Ki Mentor, and Intuitive Energy Reader. Offering healing, channeled readings, guided meditations, activations, and upgrades, as well as writing articles for expansion and healing for those awakening and traversing the everchanging energy and shifts taking place upon the Earth.

Find more information at and  as well as on Facebook at Divine Essentials, Pleiadian Essentials, and Alcyone Light Healing. Check out her YouTube Channel Bridget Rau, for more channeling, meditations, and pleiadian perspective videos!

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