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Energy Update – New Arcturian Guide Energies

By on August 10, 2017 in Energy Updates
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Energy Update - New Arcturian Guide Energies

by Anastacia,
Australian Correspondent,


A new ‘channel’ has opened up or a new opening has now come through with New Arcturian ‘protectors’! (I have many Arcturians with me and for some years now).

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48 hours ago, I was advised that we have NEW GUIDES.

It took another 24 hours to then personally ask the/my New Guides to come in of Divine Light and to ‘help me to help myself’.

12 hours after this a Triple Divine Universal’ healing through water being ‘programmed’ with the New Guides energies was initiated.

Around an hour later a huge portal of energy and information and message suddenly opened and streamed through!

These were NEW ‘Arcturian Invaders’ of Divine Light – in the sense of invading through the Darker energies/interference that came through with the Gateway openings recently.

Like the ‘Warriors’ of the Arcturians have ‘arrived’. (Please read and research on the Arcturians and how they are here to help humanity/our planet).

That they have ‘come back’ from the ‘abyss’ (along those lines) and have ‘broken’ through for new ‘assistance’ with humanity!

That they were needed to be ‘called upon’ as/of a beacon of light to come through. As we need to ASK OUR NEW GUIDES TO COME THROUGH and to CONNECT TO US OR US TO THEM OF DIVINE LIGHT!

This is real, this is HUGE and this just happened with myself.

I am still in communication with them as recently I asked ‘what is going to make what I/we have endured in the last 3 days especially, ‘worth it’. ‘Worth’ what many of us have been enduring. Refer previous BB post.

As I have ‘asked’ in the past, only once before as ‘majorly’ as this as a template for humanity, so strongly as this. And that one other time, the shift in humanity was instant and there was a major major shift (I will not go into this here).


As I knew something had to come as for myself to feel like this, says a lot.

I will share more soon if guided, just know we are ‘talking’ or ‘communicating’ and I like to ‘wait and see’ in what they are sharing as its all ‘GOOD’. VERY VERY ‘GOOD’.

It is along the lines of bringing through what we have been ‘waiting for’ for what ever that is for each of us, for our Souls Divine Journeys.

Remember even though we have been feeling and releasing a ‘poverty consciousness’, we are each going through what we are needing to, with lessons for ourselves to do with Abundance.

People ask, ‘why am I still struggling with finances?’ – because we are needing to learn something from this. Now, please ‘don’t shoot the messenger’ as I have personally been bankrupt twice in the past okay. It is to do with FAITH AND TRUST!

Remember – ‘Ascension cannot be rushed, fooled or cheated’.

I will share more soon as guided as I was guided very strongly to share this, as I have. (I personally prefer to not say I am a ‘channel’ as that brings through all sorts of connotations with it 😉

Yet, it is what it is.

As always I am right here with you.

Much Unconditional Love, Truth and Honesty

Anastacia Kompos

Ascended Earth Master
In6D human embodiment/8D in Spirit

About the author: Anastacia is a Rainbow Bridge as a Trailblazer and WaySeer in linking our Soul to our Spirit, through our emotions.All she shares is by experiencing first hand and then sharing Energy Real-Time Updates of Humanities Ascension as it occurs. Linking 3D and 5D and Beyond, guiding and teaching in Service to Humanity and Gaia. She had a vision as a child when Christ came to her and lifted her up…and more recently was gifted her Spiritual Soul, when Christ came to her again as their palms touched with Rainbow energy….so she is able to see all that occurs in the Astrals and Multi-Dimensions in having two souls, double the information and insights. Having cleared her vessel from Spirit to Soul by going through the Abyss and back to be a clear vessel of Pure Divine Light, coming from Unconditional Love, Truth and Honesty and Realness. Anastacia is Australian and was ‘tasked’ by Spirit to be part of teaching and leading Australia’s Ascension in linking our Spirit to our Soul, through our Emotions, as part of her role here as well. She has written many articles over the years and has been going within for 20 years, so much of what humanity is feeling and going through, she has already been through, while still experiencing her and Humanities Ascension as an Ascended Master.

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