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How To Live Now In Your Preferred Timeline

By on August 10, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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How To Live Now In Your Preferred Timeline

by Jetson White,
Contributing Writer,

Living your true purpose is why you chose to be on this planet right now, and it’s time to prioritize it above all else. There are as many ways to prioritize living your true purpose as there are individuals, and here’s one way I know works because it worked for me. I’ll start with the result of the steps I took and then share how I got there.

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I remembered my higher-dimensional Preferred Timeline and started recreating it here on this Earth plane. Once I had recreated enough of it, my Preferred Timeline became real enough for me to start living in.

So how did I remember a higher-dimensional Timeline? I started by making my frequency the most important aspect of my life. I only allowed myself to think, say and do things that made me feel joy. Three years of doing this led to a two-year period of doing practically nothing but meditating. Yes, simply by following the next thing that gave me joy, and then the next thing, and the next, I was able to leave the “work force” and be supported by the Universe as I worked through my karma and mastered the ego mind.

After this period I started to remember an alternate Timeline. I define a Timeline as a parallel existence. I first remembered that I am a child in this alternate Timeline. I knew this was true because when I considered the idea it gave me tremendous joy. I started using my imagination to come up with more things about this Timeline that gave me joy, and when I’d imagine something that sent me soaring, I’d add it to my Timeline. I soon learned that the imagination is the God part of a Human, and when a person imagines something, they’re actually remembering something that already exists.

Along the way I remembered other Timelines too, but the one that sends me the most is in the 7th Dimension where I’m a 12-year-old Galactic Boy who plays bass in a pop group, and our group has a mission on Earth that is Galactic in scope.

I call this 7D Timeline my Preferred Timeline, and remembering it has changed everything about me, my life and my world. And it’s exactly this transformation in me that is my True Purpose!

The time is now to focus all of your attention inward. When you prioritize keeping your attention inward, you start to remember how perfect you and your life are. And as you experience the joy of your perfection in your imagination, it begins to flow into your Earth Timeline and become your reality. This is the definition of “becoming the change you wish to see in the world.”

Want a perfect world? Find yours and live in it. This is your True Purpose because the only way to create change in the world is to change yourself.

Jetson White

About the author: Jetson White is an emerging Galactic Human and Way Shower with Pride. After receiving the Diamond Light Codes in December 2015, he achieved a high enough frequency to no longer require food. He is a graduate of the Resonance Academy Delegate LVL1 Course offered by Nassim Haramein’s Resonance Science Foundation, and writes and produces a YouTube show called “Dancing With The Stars—The Emergence of the Galactic Humans.” Jetson is on Facebook as Jetson White in Kauai, HI, and can also be contacted via

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