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Energy Update – Observing Huge Collective Cleansings – Judgment, Integrity, Discomfort & More

By on January 2, 2017 in Energy Updates, Spiritual Awakening
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Energy Update - Observing Huge Collective Cleansings - Judgment, Integrity, Discomfort & More

by Lisa Brown,

Observing a multitude of collective clearings/cleansings lately … always interesting to observe and just SEE……

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Everyone has to go through everything in order to transcend, unify and merge everything back into the PURITY of Love again. Human love and Divine Love are sooooo way totally opposites.

Judgment is at an all-time-high for those who have not come to understand the difference between story, projecting and come to see the purposes of absolutely everything. Limited mindsets all over the place, as many “judge” the person instead of really really really being conscious of that person in their own reality, following their own higher/inner guidance or moving through their own ego and into their higher power that hold’s no ego at all. Many still do not understand the ego and are all over the place pointing the finger. Quite interesting for sure. ♥ Judgers judging…. even this post borderlines judgment except it’s not a post judging judgment, yet instead observing the energy of judgment and how it comes to be.

Integrity. This one is a huge “awakener” for all. I used to say that one of the first things that wakes us up is the “lack of integrity out there”. Not realizing that it’s us that is being challenged to stand in our own integrity and that we created everything to show us this. ♥

Discomfort: Humans will avoid this one at all cost and and don’t like this one at all. We have to use the discomfort to step into those fears, dissolve that lack, avoidance, safety/security, “didn’t want to go there/deal with that or try that” programs. Discomfort goes as we embrace it and use it for the purpose it serves. Open those portals loves! Not one part of this is supposed to be comfortable until we’ve reversed the polarities of those energies and expanded beyond those physical dimensions we used to live in before. Then it’s not only comfortable, it’s AWESOME!

Pull away and Step Up: Yep, it’s always time for these two. These become a way of existing. Quantum Existence is a way of BEing. totally obliterating, collapsing, merging, jumping and catapulting… this is “how” we function naturally. It’s human aspects that have to “learn” how to flow with ease when these mega-timeline-convergences occur (which are the theme for part 2 of 2017’s Energy Report that will be out in a few days).

Challenges: It’s only the human aspect that is challenged. This is not one of our words anymore…..

Tending to your mind….taking care in how you act, transmit and what you allow to occur…. Many still do not get how all of this works and still don’t want to listen (not ready yet, need more experiences to become conscious), while others are getting it, finally, yay!!!!!

Choose, commit and INVEST everything you are and have into what you are here to be and do. Your RETURN is a vibrational response. Yes, it is that simple.

When we say that your entire everything will be re-worked, we mean it. Body and life. Every molecule and cell that made up your reality goes through an entire re-programming in accordance with higher light consciousness love. The physical body affects, these are going to increase substantially, for the physical body was where everything was housed. Human aspects don’t understand this, attribute physical body upgrades to something else and don’t want to listen until there’s no other option/choice. By making all of this information available, at lease it’s out there for each to find it easier, so that each can choose to open and embrace in order to navigate with not only much more ease, but inJOY it and have the most awesome experience too!

Open your hear and get on board…. this ship is navigated through the light of our soulS. ♥

I love you! Keep shining, sharing, supporting and shifting! ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

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