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Energy Update – Cellular Cleansing Coming With These Huge Upgrades of Light

By on December 24, 2016 in Energy Updates

Energy Update - Cellular Cleansing Coming With These Huge Upgrades of Light

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by Lisa Brown,

And the words as I got ready to hit send: “The Final Descent”


Aloha dears sweet Light Family,

The cellular cleansings that are coming with these huge upgrades of light integrating within our being are pushing up anything left that needs to go before this huge massive shift/upgrade in consciousness for more mass awakenings through opening hearts and remembering that which was forgotten.

The amount of love that emerges with every release is profound now. Not that it hasn’t always been, yet the amount of light seeps into every hidden crack and crevice of the physical structure to seek that which was deeply buried in the bones, teeth and physical body structure.

The last two days for me have been bizarre as deep sadness clears, yet without thoughts or anything to accompany this. I can see the collective ancient existences where this remained as separation and it’s finally time to release it from within us. Those existences now purify as well, returning all back to love and we are able to embody so much faster, instantly here. We just need to honor the process and observe anything that presents.

Separating out any thoughts, any feelings and realizing that human thoughts may accompany, but the feelings are ancient energies that were buried deep within. These feelings do not mean something is wrong. It’s quite the opposite. Feeling the feeling and releasing the separation it represented is the most beautiful thing. The deep ones are not awesome to experience. I remember these and how intense they used to be. How overwhelming when I didn’t understand or even once I did, how much energy I held way back then. I got through the rough times by staying present with my body, breathing through it and reminding myself that all would pass. I knew when I went to bed much would clear and I used my sleep space, my vortex to assist with this.

This is a HUGE PASSAGE, where the old programs that have been neutralized recently with these massive light blasts, cannot come along. We have to release these things from our physical structure to AWAKEN TO A NEW DAWN.


NEW EARTH … every moment is bringing forth more of this for us all. Every one of us a Light Anchor for the NEW Earth Gridwork and a Keeper of Ancient Secrets as our bodies continually become more Crystalline now. Crystals throughout our bodies, in our blood, bones, skull. Active Star Particles… our physical existence is beyond what we could have ever comprehended before. And yet, we are always just getting started. And yes, there is always so very much more.

We have simultaneous programs running, and being in utter and complete peace and happiness while sadness clears energetically, is the most amazing experience in itself. This sadness is of all ancient existences of separation. We merge these all as one here. These energies are not a specific moment/memory. These are for the separation of all of mankind, lineages, Planetary, LeMurian/Atlantean, Galactic, Christed and Gods as well as Twin aspects of all energies from within… It’s for the whole shooting shebang, everything is in this ginormous “final cleansing” as we move through this next huge timeline collapse/shift/jump phase. It’s all being cleared from within each one of us so that we can now move into these higher frequency bandwidth existences more and more and more now.

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So, embrace your beauty, your magnificence, your divine essence and WHO you are as LOVE. Hold this feeling inside and allow the rest of you to clear for you. Just allow it to all go.

Profoundly Sacred this experience of the PURIFYING AND OPEN HEART. It’s an honor in every moment to be on this journey that each one of us chose. What we step into in every moment is no less magnificent and profound. It’s our natural way of existing and BEing….. Here there is no trying to do anything. We just honor and BE that which we have REMEMBERED fully inside again.

I love you guys and have the most amazing everything. Look out there and see things lighter and happier. Keep transcending anything that surfaces. It’s been held deep inside for way too long. Focus on your light and all that you ARE and allow all that you are no longer to finally go.

This beautiful cleansing of hidden separation energies is beyond huge We all need this from our cells, our body, our energy. We now UNIFY further for all of us as ONE.

Lisa Transcendence Brown
Author, WayShower, Light Embodiment and NEW Earth Physical Ascension Guide

Image: Pixabay

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