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New Sirian Light Codes to Upgrade Our Own Consciousness

By on August 8, 2016 in Spiritual Awakening
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New Sirian Light Codes to Upgrade Our Own Consciousness

by Lisa Brown,

Aloha beautiful Light Family,

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Stargates are active again, as we’ve been further anchoring, re-aligning and re-configuring over the last few days for this culmination phase we are in right now with the Lion’s Gateway….

We are entering the next huge phase of our journeys/missions here. New Sirian Light Codes to upgrade our own consciousness and systems here. The gravitational adjustments have been quite substantial as well. Anchoring in our physical structures these higher light frequencies pushes our physical bodies to hold more and clearing old obsolete programs while we do.

Balance of all dimensions requires Mastery of All from within. Balancing your physical reality, with the other dimensions that you have access to, feel/sense/see. For each it will be different, by way of that which we chose to experience here, yet the process is the same for all emerging and evolving as a Light BEing and the Pure NEW Earth HUman here.

The purification process is a continual one, for all in our reality must be cleansed. Our physical body, our physical world, our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, mentalities, perceptions….

All separation must go, be transcended from within. The Unification Process of your human, higher self, soul in your physical body vessel brings peace, all of your gifts, abundance, magic and a love that transcends anything human here. Your presence, attention, focus and continually stretching your mind, opening your heart further and allowing the invisible/forgotten to become visible will challenge every particle of you, yet be the most rewarding experience as you release the old emotional pain, blame, hurts, anger and need to hold onto that which kept you in a prison before.

As each opens up fully in order to receive, they stop blocking, limiting, fighting…. and the struggle goes…. Everything softens when the heart opens and the mind is no longer given control….

So much awaits you, so much you can’t yet see…. For the other dimensions never stop “working”…. for the geometric equations, codes and sequences in your field of consciousness activate this. When these activate, your realities start to re-align for you….

Your personal StarGate, your own Universe….these open up, activate and become a part of your own existence as you do. All of your chakras (vortexes) active, clear and unified, dialing for you…. The more human, the less one has the capability to access this. Your commitment to clearing your own field of consciousness, assisting your Crystalline Lightbody with it’s upgrade/evolutionary process is necessary.

Introduce more light, more high vibrational everything into your reality/world. Bring more color in, more things to assist you with activating and anchoring your dreams, more life, more happy and more love…… For that which you surround yourself with contributes to all. Add more of what you do desire, that which brings peace, that which connects you with all from inside and that which no longer resonates will become visible for you to choose to release it, so that space can be created for you to clear your field and open up for more awesomeness to materialize in your physical reality for you.

When you crowd your field with clutter, with distractions, with chaos, with low vibrational anything… you are the one that is affected. You have to choose something of a higher vibration, you have to make the decision, you have to desire more…. but first you must come to peace inside and let the need for any of those things to be in your physical reality … taking up precious space…. and filling the space with vibrational/dense matter that could be filled with Light Matter, Happy Matter, Abundant Matter……

You need space to BREATHE and to BE. You need space to feel the love that was hidden, feel the old feelings that beg to be released/cleansed/leave….. You need space to allow your consciousness to expand… without the influence of external distortions… for you cannot see your own as long as you allow everything else to contaminate your field.

There are infinite dimensions always waiting for you to open up, waiting to arrive/materialize here for you…. Your physical reality is the solidifying of your perceptions, your beliefs, your focused energy…. what you DO calls them forth here…. anchors them in….

When you are in-service to the/as Light… when you are BEing your Master Self, your heart is open, your mind is too, your energy is flowing and you are ready to receive…. while you “do” that which you feel/see/know inside….. you utilize everything for the purpose it serves. Your realities are constantly changing, taking new form for you, to assist you in accomplishing your purposes and missions here.

You can never not be supported, unless you go unconscious and separate off. It’s not that you are not supported, it’s that you closed off, shut the door and are not allowing support/abundance to come forth. For abundance is all around you and continually materializing in a multitude shapes and forms…. You must look around, open your heart to truly feel/see/hear again. You must pay attention to everything… for there are signs, symbols and markers everywhere. You have to truly desire to see/hear/know and be open….

Your physical realities will continually reshape in ways that your human cannot perceive. The more you hold onto fixed beliefs, the more challenging, intense this process will be. Your highest purposes will require that you live up to your highest potential and receive all in support of this. You did not come here to remain a small and limited human….


You agreed to this long before your incarnation/arrival here. You came here to awaken fully, remember fully and embody all of your aspects, existences and essences within your physical body vessel and evolve. You came here to assist humanity with this by fulfilling your purposes and living your dreams…. you came here to SHOW THE WAY, to all around you, for the unconscious human does not yet understand. It’s your job to be open, share, light the way, hold the portals/gateways open and to expose others to pure love, pure light by BEing the Ascended Master Light BEing that you are again. You came here to stand as/BE the NEW Earth HUman….. pure, powerful and fully activated…..

The 5th Dimension was just the beginning… 6th….7th…8th… 9th…+ These are available to you to experience…. When you are ready…

You are here to fully ascend, fully remember, fully receive, fully evolve….. This is a continual process that constantly opens up all things magical and forgotten, the higher in frequency we all go…. It’s up to you to maintain it within you and in your physical reality too.

About the author: Lisa Transcendence Brown is an Ancient Elder & Guardian of NEW Earth, Author, Teacher/Guide, Transformational Speaker and Master of Energy/Physical Matter. 

Image: Pixabay

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