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Energy Update – Removing Negative Energies

By on September 18, 2017 in Energy Updates
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Energy Update - Removing Negative Energies

by Anastacia,
Australian Correspondent,

*New* Renewal of both SOUL and SPIRIT – Bringing our energy ‘back in’/Removing negative energies/Protection *methods*

We are in a ‘Renewal’ and much more right now, of both Soul and Spirit.

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An ‘overspill’ of not only going through what we each are AND also feeling and clearing/processing for HUMANITY as well!

This is so much bigger than ‘just us’ – as we are linked to the collective energetically now in a way that we have never experienced before.

An ‘overspill’ with our Spirit in the astrals – that has been overwhelming in the Human, clearing past, present and future ‘old’ energies. (As recently Core Depression collectively came up/through – refer previous posts).

No matter how much one ‘keeps to themselves’ the energetic link in Spirit is ‘there’. Some are feeling this and transmuting for and with humanity ‘more than’ others, depending on what you are here to ‘do’ energetically as part of your souls role/purpose

When I say Spirit in this instance I am referring to your Spiritual self, which is like ‘another you’ in the Astrals/Multidimensions – that is linked to your Higher Self:


‘The person that you are and the person that you will become, when you are no longer physical is your spirit. The spirit is the nonphysical essence of the you that you know of as yourself. It is you without a physical body and free from time and space.


The next link upward in the chain is your higher-self. This is the part of you that exhibits and possesses all of your best and most proficient qualities. It is the person that you can evolve into, from your present perspective. This self is a being that is both separate and part of you. However, for argument’s sake and clarification, we can say that your higher-self is what you will become, in the future, when you complete your evolving in the physical development system’. (Wisdomdoor).

Picture you in the human as an outline of a body (the below) and then picture above your head another outline of a body, albeit an ethereal one, the ‘above. This is what I mean when I refer to Soul and Spirit when I share about linking the two.


We are ‘facing’ so much of the ‘old’ and we can choose to recognize this consciously and choose to no longer take on the old ‘echos’ that are still ‘around’ that are being ‘presented’ to us, remember we are stronger now! And many are feeling this within.

This is in many areas or ALL areas of our lives bit by bit, or one by one. It is a continual process of the/our old facets being shifted into the new as we have each experience in our lives.

This is involving our ‘connections/links’ with other souls as well. Which due to this, our energy is ‘open’ to do so. This is where the ‘need’ for bringing our energy back into ourselves and protecting our energy in Spirit AND Soul is VITAL, especially right now.

Also removing negative energies from our energy fields, in both the human and spirit. The ‘below’ and ‘above’. Over and over we need to do this. As a type of Spirit and Soul ‘ritual’ for us to help ourselves especially at the moment, yet at all times, in who we ‘are’ with feeling and transmuting energetically.

So while we continue to experience all we are each needing to for our Souls Divine Journey, these methods below help us with bringing our energy back in, protection and removing negative energies helps us to ‘help ourselves’ during all of ‘this’.

As we continue to consciously bring our awareness to right ‘now’ and notice when we are drifting off into the past or into the future and keep shifting these energies and remember this is consciously we are needing to ‘be’ or to do this.

Take a breath and calm oneself, just taking one breath can make a lot of difference, to take a moment to collect oneself and say ‘I have got this, this is not bigger than me’.

Bring ones consciousness back into oneself, to keep re-assuring ourselves that WE HAVE GOT THIS.

We have come ‘so far’ now and nothing is at it was since the Solar eclipse especially, and the Lions Gate 888 as well.

So as we continue to ‘carry on’ in all we are and experiencing, remember to bring ones energy back in and protect ones energy.




Picture a huge wagon wheel, with the hub and then spokes coming out of it.

Then see that wagon wheel above you, with the hub directly above your head.

Then bring the hub come down over your head until it is around your waist with the spokes going out, disregarding the outside circle.

Then as the hub is around your waist and the spokes are going out, one by one, focus on the spoke in front of you and as you put your energy into it, see it go out a couple of feet and then turn it upwards and then bring it down into your head (crown chakra).

Keep concentrating until it comes into your crown chakra as the first time it can take a bit of visualising while putting your energy into it.

And then go around your body with each spoke until they are all going out and up and then down into your crown chakra. Do this one by one until they are all done.

Then you will see and feel them all out and arcing up and down into your head and flowing the energy into you.

It is an amazing feeling when this is done.

When ones energy is linked from their soul to their spirit – closely- and is around other souls close to them with soul contracts, what happens is we ‘automatically’ pick up on their energy due to this connection not only in the human soul, but also in the spiritual soul.

We each have certain strengths of the light of things we have worked through and have raised our vibration with. Different facets of our Diamond have been shined up so to speak.

When we are around others who we are close to in particular, it allows a raising of vibration of those facets of their diamonds that are needing shining up. This is an automatic exchange that occurs and can be no matter what one does to protect and do all they can to not pick up or feel this, it still occurs.

We each bounce off each other energetically when ever we have a connection with another soul, be it a message, email, chat or face to face. It is a very natural flow of energies. It can be quite tricky in these circumstance to feel if ‘is it mine’.

Because when we are very close to another soul and are linked in some form or another energetically, we feel what is going on for that other soul. And when we ‘reach’ a point of being able to feel what goes on in the Astrals/Spirit, it is difficult to discern ‘what is mine’.

We know the basics of energy exchange yet this is taking it to a whole ”other’ level. And is occurring more so now that more and more souls are re-connecting their soul to their Spirit. The higher one’s vibration, the more we ‘pick up’ in others. The more diligence we are needing to utilise to keep our energy clear.

The more we are needing to slow down, stop, take a breath and FEEL as to what is going on inside – whether it be what is going on for us or what is going on for another we are linked to.

So when one has been processing for themselves with the energies of the Divine, and comes through a shift, healing or experience, what occurs is that our spiritual energy is still ‘out’. Even though in the human we may have pulled back and have been able to come back to ourselves within. It is like we need to then ‘manually’ or visually pull our energy ‘back in’.

And sometimes it can be over and over, all our little bits, all of our facets – one by one.

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1. Visualize a giant clock face…with you within the circle, your head at 12 O’Clock and feet at 6 O’clock…and your solar plexus is where the hands would join in the centre.

2. Pray/ask and then see and bring down Arch Angel Michael’s Violet flame sword which changes/transmutes darkness into light.

3. Then ask the Arcturians of Pure Divine White Light to come down.

4. See/Focus and visualize and move the ‘clock hand’ from twelve, proceed to move to the one o’clock position….and as it does see it cut and scrape/push/remove all negative energies as it goes.

As it does this ask that it cuts and removes:

5. All negative cords, ties, energies and entities….past, present and future…and on all timelines and multi-dimensions.

6. Continue to say this as you move the ‘sword energy’ and see the hand slowly go around your right hand side from 1 o’clock then 2 , 3 and as you see this, you will see black gunk and dark wisps of energy like string all being scraped off your energy with the sword. *Please note this does take a little time, so please have patience with this*

7. Then also ask the Arcturians to remove all negative hooks, cords, ties, attachments, energies and entities AND seeds and implants by their ROOTS.

8. And to remove all reptilian and demonic energies/entities by their roots.

9. Also ask that they remove all this from the home or any vehicles.

10. Repeat those words (or similar) again as you keep going 4, 5, and at 6 the sword is at your feet, then up the other side of your body 7, 8, 9, 10 , 11 than back to 12.


Then you may see a ball of dark negative energy above your head where all this energy has collected, with a string still attached to you.

Then say, ‘Cut and Release’ – see the sword slice the top of your crown chakra cutting the connection.

Put it all in a white bubble and then take a breath and blow the mass up and ask the Arcturians this energy be turned into pure divine golden white light…and then Thank them.

You may also see the Arcturians take away other energies/entities away…as there may be other energies you have seen doing this, around your energy/aura.


Call in the Christ Golden energy and see yourself being flooded and filled with this…like sprinkles of Golden water flowing into you…and then see it extend through your home/property…and to your car.

Then call in the Arcturians Pure Divine White light to fill you…and see white light coming down to fill you and your energy field….and then see it flow out – extending to home and vehicle.


Straight after the removal of negative energies/entities/cutting of cords method, one can use what I call the ‘God Dome of Protection’.

You can use what ever Angels/energy you feel is right for you at the time, as it can change….allow yourself to accept and receive what comes for you to use at this time:

I ask for AA Raphael to stand in front of me, and see a figure in front.

Then AA Gabriel to the rear and see a figure there.

Then visualize from their crown chakras, their energy come out as they link their protective energies like an arc of light above your head.

Then ask AA Uriel to your left.

AA Michael to your right

Then see a beam of energy from their crown chakras link over your head like another arc. So that if you looked down from above, you would see a cross of protection over you.

I then see the arcs of energy below me as well, completing a sphere of protective energy.

This is the most powerful protection that I have used and it works fabulously. You will feel what I mean when you do it.

This is very beneficial to do this morning and night. As protection is needed for the start of the day… and again then at night to cleanse the days attachments and protect for the night time ‘adventures’.

This can also be done during the day as required when dealing with other energies.

Also, when you do this a few times, the Angels may change, it will come who to use. As you can also use Mother Mary, Jesus or Mary Magdalene in any position, again, feel and it will just come.

*if you would like this done for you (or to help you help yourself in learning how to do so) and removing all I see and feel on the Astrals and Multi-dimensions/past, present and future – please email : for further details as to a Divine 11:11 Master Healing or read the pinned post*

As always I am right here with you.

Much Unconditional Love, Truth and Honesty

Anastacia Kompos

6D Ascension Pioneer
Ascended Earth Master
Australian Correspondent in5d

About the author: Anastacia is in Service to humanity and Gaia, as an Ascended Earth Master in 6D human embodiment, in linking our Soul to our Spirit, through our emotions. Bringing through unique ‘genuine’ energy updates as gift as a Template for humanity, as these energies come directly in and through her human vessel from Spirit. A direct link of Pure Divine Light with Spirit/Source.

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