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Energy Update – Unity

By on August 28, 2018 in Energy Updates
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by Pioneer One,
Guest writer,

WE are shifting from a dark existence WE were tricked and then forced into by a few siblings. We’re equal in the eyes of God/Creator/Source. ALL are One.

Their purpose was to challenge and force US to a breaking point, and now, WE reach the end of the line.


The rollercoaster of change is coming. WE need healers, shaman, and light workers galore!

WE ALL have an inner gypsy-type, a shaman, a magician, a wise man, and a comedian. Reach up and find yourself. You are a VESSEL to your ancestors, your universe, YOU are GOD.

WE ALL go home at OUR own pace. Have no fear, it’s not your first time in this hamster wheel, but it is the last.

As One program ends, another begins.

Dream BIG.


Pioneer One

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