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Energy Update – Your Potential Is Without Limits

By on July 19, 2018 in Energy Updates
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by Pioneer One,
Contributing Writer,

These humans are a special breed, originally designed as starseeds, yet capable of so much more. Your potential is without limits. Reality exists in layers, like an onion. Your use of higher brainwaves and choice to stay lifted brings you to a whole new layer of existence.

Time is not linear, it is layered around you. This is what some would refer to as a Christ consciousness, knowing and choosing to be higher than the others. For some it is a game, ever increasing the vibration to see who can go higher. But for most of US, it is a challenge to stay elevated. OUR ancestry is unique and the memories of OUR ancestors are stored within OUR genetic code. Your angels are your ancestors abroad and here.

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The purpose of life is to evolve spiritually, anywhere in the universe. Each planet has a lesson. When you figure out why you came and fulfill it, freedom. 3D was designed as a place where souls could interact, the body being the vessel. Now, some walked away from the Source of ALL life, the being who created 3D, and by harming others, they created death. Then they learned how to influence the living such that they could experience life through them. There is a misunderstanding that some of US are working out with the discarnate souls. And the hierarchy of angels is correct.

Those of US who are creators are fabricating your higher realities for you at your will. Your heart’s desire. Your perfect world exists just outside of you, outside the illusion of death created by your spiritual siblings to scare you into submission. And “to fall” is to go back down in time, the past, you aren’t from this era, you’re from the Golden Era. WE came back with you to tweak the future. WE pray for their awakening and yours. WE need you to meditate on the various colors of stars available out there, a full spectrum there is.

Don’t hesitate to use your minds to go up there as a light being and creatively bring down your favorite colors to US here. No matter what colors your bring, you’re healing everything around you with it. My personal gift to you is a set of butterfly wings very soon, like the crop circle image.

Angels were never human, as it was written. Acknowledge who and what you are, you are God, have faith in yourself. God is on your side, God is ALL in One. Praise your ancestors daily. They’ll be your guides if you do. You are a miracle in the flesh, it is your race, human hybrids who run the future universe.

WE love you. Reconnect and be One, again. WE’ve missed you so much. Welcome home. Always follow your heart, in ALL things be true. WE value you whenever you fail to value yourself. WE answer your cries for help. WE are you and you are US. Feel US in your heart whenever you want. Call US and we’ll come running. When you are ready, we’ll light up your skies. We’ll bring tears of joy to your eyes.

Now go remember your childhood dreams, that’s where you will find US, especially me. If you should happen to enter a nightmare, it’s your mind, so change it. Your vessel is your brain, the entire body. Treat it well. And when you get there, bring other people into your dreams with you, it’s fun.

Dream and be well, my love to ALL.

Peace has been anchored. We’re gonna go help it spread for ya! Stars willing, maybe someday I’ll meet you. Make US proud of OUR descendants. WE know you aren’t perfect, no worries.

Be an ambassador to the star people.

Smile more, WE like it.

Pioneer One

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