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Enerrgy Update – Huge Wave Of Quantum Love

By on November 8, 2018 in Energy Updates

Enerrgy Update - Huge Wave Of Quantum Love

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by Razzy Schoolfield and Randel Renaud,
Contributing writers,

Supersonic multidimensional leap! This is a huge upgrade. I have never felt such a massive jump dimensionally. It’s a change to our reality. A change to our new way of being. We will have to let this enfold quantumly, unfold linearly, just allow over time to fully understand it. It’s so big my ego is trying to pull me back to say it’s not real. Stand down ego, we do wish for these changes.


This is a natural progression of consciousness, the body knows what to do very naturally as well. Having to consciously breath through this one, as chest feels heavy and heart is pounding.

It started with the head, the thalamus throwing off new gamma brain waves. New neurons (connections) being lit up and gave the weirdest surreal feeling, head pain flicking in different parts of the head.

Fears firing away at what it knows to be love, but doesn’t yet understand.

Tummy and digestive issues have been going on for a few days as well, have been taking charcoal for the extra detox this is pushing out.

Time is quantum enfolding within itself, so is our old program of reality, moving us forward to a greater connection to self. So much inner work, every day another issue to resolve. And that’s the gig! Discontent trying to sneak in, pushed out by the magic of all the multiple and continuous synchronicities. This is love continuously refusing to relax its hold on us. Self awareness is the key to remembering the love we crave, this clarity, and releases loneliness, removes separation from self, through pure clarity of our remembrance of truths. Truths and love forgotten by traumas, and programs, we were fed, and we bought into.

We are taking these to support the body during this upgrade:

  • Passion flower ? nervous system and anxiety
  • Camomile, for nervous system
  • Bacopa, brain and cortisol support
  • Charcoal, for nausey toxins releasing
  • Frankincense,Myrrh,Rosemary, Sage.

It’s very difficult to describe what these changes are yet at the same time we are allowing them to piece together like a puzzle. What I am feeling is the magic is growing and what we use to have to focus on will manifest automatically.

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For example we noticed we no longer have to ask for parking places that are what we call rock star parking places, they are just there automatically! We no longer have to ask for signs they just appear! The magic is automatic, enchanting and absolutely quantum.

It’s all from the heart !

It’s all from all the work we have done.

This is absolutely what we have been wishing upon every star for.

So we are going to rest and allow.

Let it enfold, unfold and be.

Multidimensional living in the Quantum being of now.


Razzy and Randel

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