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Spirituality, Life, The Ego, & Enlightenment

By on November 9, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening
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Spirituality, Life, The Ego, & Enlightenment

by Casey Francis,
Contributing Writer,

Life is a multi-faceted adventure which for many of us means constantly adapting, creating, seeking and searching for the things which will bring us joy and a sense of fulfilment towards what we’re accomplishing in our day to day existence, free from the worries and stresses which seem to plague many.

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With a global population of 7.6 billion, which is expected to project to 9 billion by 2050, it seems evident that there simply cannot be a one size fits all approach to the path of ‘enlightenment’, ‘ataraxia’, equanimity’, ‘nirvana’, ‘ascension’ or that of the many other terms which sum up what the goal of life is in one’s respective belief system.

It is clear to be seen that the wheel of time has shifted and morphed throughout humanities’ existence; culminating in a society which is diverse, unique and honestly quite outrageous in some instances.

But even with humans being so similar in genetic structure, there exists in many a perception of divide and separation from one another – as if skin colour, belief system, language or socioeconomic status makes them inherently above or below someone else.

There even exists a danger for those partaking in a deeper spiritual or soul journey; a mind-expanding or self-discovery venture, of becoming spiritually self righteous and attaining an egoic belief that because they are doing ‘spiritual’ work, those who are not doing as such are beneath them, or not ‘awake’.

Is it not then judgmental and against the purpose of self-betterment itself to perceive that following a spiritual doctrine makes you any different to another individual?

If we perceive of this reality as a school; with both kindergarten students and teachers, primary school students and teachers, college pupils, university students, tutors and lecturers; are we not all still both learning AND teaching at some point along the grand scale of reality?

Do you have the ability to ascend and leave behind the physical body at will like some masters have done before us? Can you bend the ‘laws’ of this reality?

If not; it is likely you, along with the majority of us, are not yet truly awake.

These self-limiting beliefs of separation only exist in our minds due to conditioning and an internal aspect of our human-ness, which inherently loves to create separation and promote cognitive dissonance, simply because someone else’s belief systems or appearance contradicts our own.

What if we let go of all divide?

What if everyone tried their best under the daily circumstances to unite skeptics and psychics, spiritualists and scientists, those of faith and those without, ascetic yogis and tantric lovers; to promote joy in both those who believe in a life worth living for and those who believe life is worth dying for?

What if everyone dropped their weapons, opened their hearts, detached from their ego, became less critical of themselves and others, understanding that each individual is on their own respective journey through life and their soul’s path?

That we didn’t need to try so hard to change everyone else?

That perhaps their soul wanted to experience exactly what they are currently experiencing.

One thing is certain; This article wouldn’t need to exist.

Casey Francis

About the author: Casey is a 24 year old who experienced an abrupt awakening and has had to learn and adapt through numerous world-twisting experiences in the last 12 months; now spending his time writing, creating art, creating music and performing healings amongst various spiritual and galactic encounters. Please visit Casey at | Instragram: Caseyandhoney

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