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Equinox Supermoon

By on March 21, 2019 in Astrology

Equinox Supermoon

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by Hillory Skott,
Contributing writer,

The Sun moves into Aries marking the Equinox- The Astrological new year! Woot woot! and the Moon is full in lovey Libra. This is a potent time to get in touch with who you are – and once you are clear about that you can connect from the heart to your people.


The Sun in Aries knows what it wants. It could care less what your agenda is. Aries is frequently accused of being selfish and impetuous. Try and stop an Aries, or ask them to wait a few minutes and you will see what I mean.

Aries is the first sign. The toddler of the zodiac. Those little peeps have no concern for any agenda but thier own. Thwart a toddler and you get to see unfiltered fury. Luckily no one is pure Aries, the other planets round them out, refine them.

What I love about Aries is how easily they find it to be who they are with no apologies. Tap into that. We need this energy to move bravely forward toward the grandest expression of the highest version of our most magical life.

The Libra Full moon keeps us in touch with the fact that we need people. We need peace and beauty and love. Venus is the ruler of this moon, it is in a wonderful connection to Jupiter. We are lucky. Sooooo Lucky! And that Luck is expanding. How lucky!

If you are single, now is the time to get clear about your intention to be a supportive partner to someone perfectly suited to beautiful you. What we give is what we get. Who we are is reflected back to us through our relationships. How are you treating you? Remember, we are ultimately responsible for how people behave toward us. When someone shows you who they are believe them. We deserve the very best because we give the very best.

There are many potent aspects during this full moon/Equinox. The Sun in Aries is fusing with Chiron- be still our wounded hearts. Expect a trigger or two during this week. Something that brings up your special little piece of pain to heal. With Chiron in Aries it relates to your identity. Phrases like,”Who do you think you are?” and “What makes you so special” keep us hidden and full of shame. Release feelings that limit you. Release relationships that limit you. Release situations that limit you. Release, release, release.


Did I mention now is the time to release?

Deep diving Pluto is next to stoic Saturn and the South Node with its gifts from the past, this is connected to Mars in methodical Taurus. You have earned a certain stability and support that will help you move forward into your power. If You feel the weight of some great responsibility you can avoid it but that just causes anxiety. When you commit and step into position life will lift you up. It will support you beyond your wildest dreams. Please tell me you have some wild dreams.

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Mars in same loving Taurus and Venus in avant-garde Aquarius are in a tense square. This could set you up for a blow up of some kind. Squares force growth so perhaps this will trigger a long overdo expression of real feelings. ¨The truth will set you free but first it will piss you off.¨ Stay active if you want to avoid saying or doing something you regret. Channel Mars into movement and you will have more control of the energy.

There is a whole lot of growing going on this week. Be sure to use the Equinox to set your intentions for the year. Keep a journal to keep track and acknowledge your progress.

Remember, You are here to be You. It sounds so simple but it is profound. It takes great strength for us drop the veils of illusion and get to the truth of who we are. It takes strength to be free. Now we can access that strength. Now we can lend it too. May courage and compassion clear the way for us all. And so it is!

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About the author: I get such lovely feedback and attract very Light conscious people, feel blessed. I was told in 2005 while at a group channeling session, that I was one of the early indigo Children, at the time I was only vaguely aware of what that meant.I was 32 and it was true. Such a gift to find that out and begin to understand my differences were common among people with similar wiring. I have been studying astrology for 21 years, teaching and practicing professionally for 14 and speaking and writing for the last 6. I am also a Mum of a 14 year old unschooled daughter and the life partner to her Dad. It’s a grand little life and I want to help other people exit the matrix and live a life of Love and Light too. My offering is the connection to the energies of the planets and the understanding of our birth charts, our blueprint for our life plans. Please visit Hillory Skott International Holistic Astrologer.

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