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Fear – An Enemy To Ascension

By on August 29, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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Fear - An Enemy To Ascension

by K.C Bass.
Contributing Writer,

Most people would say that they are not afraid of anything . If you ask them twice they would repeat it with such resolve. So, can you believe that we have lived such fear based lives for so long, even though we have said we aren’t afraid of anything? Fear is the one of the single most emotion that can derail your ascension progress. You have to get a grip on this out of control emotion and remove it , resting in a place of full support.

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Here is a true story, One of my dearest friends is afraid of snakes to the fifth degree! Literally the site of snakes or anything that pertains to it freaks her out. Well when you are a person as myself that grew up on a farm , seeing snakes was not a big deal. Also my family never taught me that snakes were to be feared. Did you catch that? When you are taught by your story or those connected to you, that something is to be feared you will fear it . It will cause you anxiety and overwhelm you at just the thought of it.

Fear has to be literally removed with inner work. If you can realize that you didn’t come to the earth in fear but in full support and confidence , you can remove fear. Will it be a big job? Well it depends on how you look at it. If you see it as a mountain it will be just that. If you see it as a molehill it will be just that. The key here is to remember that fear in one area of your life produces fear in all areas of your life. Your relationships, your associations, your career goals , your aspirations will all wreak of fear based reality. Why live in a place that wasn’t designed for you. So here are a few steps to get free and stay free from fear.

1. Find the root of your fear

When you uproot the real reason or the attached story to your situation , you can rewrite it and remove the fear.

2. When fear presents itself, replace it with confidence

Meditation is a great way to do this because you meditate on what you are , not on what you are not. So as you center yourself with courage and confidence affirmations, your inner world is changed.

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3. Practice courage based living

From the smallest to the largest things , push your mind to courage and confidence . The more you do this your inner world will get used to living this way. Fear will then be a foreigner in your world.

Love and Light, My Friends

K.C Bass

About the author: K.C Bass is a Transformation Mentor and Life Coach. Her purpose is to awaken others to a greater spiritual experience. She currently resides in North Carolina.

Image: Pixabay

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