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Feeling Lost? Congratulations!

By on February 16, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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Feeling Lost? Congratulations!

by Michael H Hallett,
Contributing Writer,

Spiritual growth is often envisaged as a blissful and beautiful process. This perception is fostered by the fabulous artwork that pervades the Internet showing wide-eyed humans transforming into radiant angelic beings. In my experience, spiritual growth rarely comes gift-wrapped with a pretty bow and a sprinkling of angel dust.


The reason for this is simple: growth always takes us outside our comfort zone, and that always involves a period of disorientation and reorientation as we adjust to our ‘new normal’.

Ascension takes this to a whole new level—and then some. Traditionally, spiritual advancement has generally involved study, contemplation, ritual and other elements that are specifically practiced to further progress. In other words, it is a ‘doing’ process: you happen to it. Ascension is the opposite, an inverse process: it happens to you. Instead of needing to ‘do’ to advance, you must ‘undo’.

Undoing means losing things, and when we lose what is familiar we feel lost. Those on the Ascension path frequently experience major losses: significant others, family and friends, jobs and money. All of these are relationships of one kind or another. To the extent that these relationships allow growth, they can support us through Ascension; when we hit the point beyond which they cannot grow then—boom—loss must follow.

Such losses tend to be sudden and painful. Long-term relationships melt down, age-old friends exit stage left waving accusing fingers; high incomes disappear. All of these leave a void where we feel bewildered and our minds question whether, perhaps, the other party was right after all. Even without the confusion and simmering guilt, the demise of these relationships leaves us with the emotional equivalent of sucking on a missing tooth.

But even these are not the key losses of the Ascension process. When some of this clutter has been stripped away, the real loss begins: loss of identity. A series of painful experiences teaches us that most of our personality is in fact conditioned behavior inherited or adopted to survive the emotionally toxic environment ironically called ‘civilization’.

Ascension is a sentient process that crushes us to the point where releasing our limited conditioning is the only option. Unrelenting waves of energetic compression strip away the ‘false self’, leaving us feeling raw, pummeled and bewildered… in a word, lost. Pretty much everything we have believed about anything proves to be false. This, the ‘dark night of the soul’, is a harrowing place to be.

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So, if this is where you are, congratulations. You’re exiting one dimension and entering another. How amazing is that? And remember the old adage: the darkest hour is before the dawn.

Gradually, a new self, free of fears and limitations, emerges. And yes, it’s a beautiful process. It feels like being washed up on a desert island paradise after a shipwreck. You just lie there in the sand, feeling the waves of the old world foaming around you until they gradually recede.

About the author: Michael H Hallett writes on emotional education and the mechanics of Ascension.

Image: Pixabay

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