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How To Navigate Into The 5th Dimension

By on February 16, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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How To Navigate Into The 5th Dimension

The First Step Of Ascension…

by Marco Said,
Contributing Writer,

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To ascend is to be your true self. To be true to yourself.

Sounds easy and simple, huh? It actually is. What’s a little difficult, though, is to get to know your true self.

So here’s some basic guide lines.

How To Navigate Into The 5th Dimension

To achieve the state of ascending consciousness is to place your self within the confines of your signature vibration, which is, simply put, the chord you have been naturally tuned in. The information contained in this vibration is a mix of the genetic heritage kept along the bloodline of your family and the vibrational configuration of the particular portal that allowed you to inhabit your present body. Your signature vibration is what makes you you, a formula of characteristics, themes and directions that naturally resonate with your personality and core beliefs. A very intricate design, indeed, that involves all scales from planetary to local and a certain framework or belief system to relate to. Everyone has a beautifully crafted chord, unique to each individual.

But, how to detect which is your own signature vibration? And even more, how can we stay in it?

We live in the land of separation. We perceive through the mind. We took the journey into this physical world after a fall in consciousness, so we lived ages seeing through a veil. Without a third eye compass our experience has been one of growth through difficult challenges, and boy, we have struggled, we have sweated, and we have bled for it. But finally it all paid off; we are now wise with human experience, we are now, after all these centuries, the masters of limitation. We have conquered 3rd density, and most important: we have brought light, unconditional love, to a very dark corner of the universe.

So let me tell you this: I am proud of us. Whoever you are, wherever you are, I’m grateful for living this process of change with you by my side.

Because it takes courage to live life.

So now, in the verge of this rewarding shift of ages, it’s time for us to start enjoying the fruits of our work, to feel gratitude for our accomplishments, and to walk the path that was set for us by generations of light workers and star seeds and wanderers before us: the path that would lead us all to achieve our natural state of harmony and balance. And to do so, first we have to work with our current state, which is physical, unbalanced and partly veiled.

So, what’s the translation of this signature vibration, of Source energy, into the physical?

Excitement. Excitement is the direct translation of placing your physical self in alignment with your true self. Excitement is the compass, excitement is the tool. But to navigate in the seas of limitation you first need to know your uniqueness, and in doing so recognize those topics, those patterns that are meaningful to you in the most profound and personal way; these are the guiding stars, the constellations that shine in the night reminding us of home, of Source. It could be a book you read when you were a child that changed your mindset, or a person you met at a party that made you feel you. It could be dogs, just feeling good around them, or cats, or birds. A theme you like to explore, a bench you like to sit in, a favorite place, or something you saw in a movie. A song that moves you, deep within. A dream that didn’t die after childhood because what is essential stays.

Everyone is so different, that there are many different topics or subjects that would produce different reactions on every person. That’s why some feel the call of Source in music, and some in numbers or philosophy. Others feel the call when they’re surrounded by nature, and there are some that even thrive in the artificial. And because to ascend is to simply raise your vibration, when you base your life and actions, career and social life around the topics that are inherently matching your signature frequency, your life becomes a sequence of aligned actions; Excitement after Excitement solidifies into Passion, and Synchronicity comes in naturally. This state of continuous flow, of perpetual Well Being and connection to Source, although is only the first step – and in a wider interdimensional beings scheme actually basic knowledge- represents huge change in our human experience. Total change. Because once achieved, the body-mind-soul construct becomes like an open valve for Source Energy; the individual, now fully integrated, becomes a 5th dimensional being.

The veil finally fades away and now, you can see.  So, stop waiting the sky to open up.  Just dive into your passion, and let the universe do the rest. Before you know it, we’d be all glowing back home.

P.S. A few nights ago, I picked up my acoustic guitar and made a little experiment. We all have different voices, different vocal structures, so no one talks exactly like any other person, right?

This is, too, another expression of our uniqueness. I have a rather low toned voice. So I held an “Om” mantra with my natural voice, and lowered the sixth string (the first one from the top which is also the thicker) until I matched the sound. I actually tuned the whole guitar down to my own voice.

The result?

Singing became effortless.

And so can life.

About the author: Marco Said is a young architect, landscape designer, musician and writer. Raised in the Atacama desert, he has walked the path of enlightenment for several years. He now resides in Santiago, Chile.

Image: Pixabay

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