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Final Transformation

By on April 25, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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Final Transformation

by Alexander Papageorghiou,
Contributing Writer,

Our past lifetimes have been defined by fears and painful choices we have made over and over, but what defines us now and onwards? What choices and core beliefs will characterize us now?

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We have all worked so hard for the Ascension process to occur and, as we witness it, subjectively and collectively, the Creator and our individual guidance request that we tie up loose ends and start creating. If you are feeling stuck in certain areas of your life despite all the work you believe you have done over the years, it comes down to your BELIEFS- OLD and NEW.

We entered 2018 in full glow, and the month of January asked us to evaluate this incarnation and all our previous ones and reflect on the life choices that had molded these. We have been asked to look on the inside, at the repetitive patterns that have defined who we are for as many lifetimes as we can remember. Many of us have decided, unbeknownst to the vessels we have had over the ages, to learn about life through loss, pain, self-criticism, anger, fear of love, and of being alone on this green and blue rock.

What we did not realize until now, is how much this framework has repeatedly defined who we are and what we experienced so far, even as we passed the threshold of the Ascension process. These choices have been the pillars of our incarnations and we have attracted to ourselves the same painful lessons which we have had difficulty learning and releasing, until we garnered the awareness we now have, as we begin to call 5D our status quo. In the past we have had entire lifetimes, complete with birth and death, to be able, through this cycle, to learn our karmic lessons. We did so with little awareness of Source.

Today, we find ourselves in a new age, of light, of awareness, and of open lines of communication with Creation. The difference now is that we can experience what we can call a “lifetime within a lifetime,” meaning we can learn our respective lessons, release these energies and let the new waves replenish all, fully aware of what is happening, in good 5D fashion. We are no longer required to endure the cycle of birth, death, and forgetting. This is the beginning of what we call manifesting. We are here to assume full responsibility for our journey and experiences.

Since the beginning of January, from the 111 threshold, we have been asked to be aware as these themes as they naturally arise, and to address them. These may come in the guise of an exhausting self-criticism, which you have been experiencing since you remember yourself and are really exasperated with and ready to let go of. Or it may come in the form of a fear of being alone that, with regressive visions, take us back to the point when we broke off from the Source and found ourselves alone as Creators, and had rejected that idea until now, when we are fully ripe and ready. We are down to what we can call the CORE BELIEFS that have remained, the last layers of the onion, the roots of the patterns we have grown so tired of.

New energies flood us daily, growing by the moment, and ask that we be aware of what arises, and trace it to the source. This is the most important course of action for this month. When we address an ancient core choice, we understand when and what caused this, and we release it, we can choose a new one that characterizes us today instead.

As we ground this, new energy begins to fill that space, and attract the circumstances that match this new frequency. After this, the Universe and our guidance will test us to see if we really implement this, by bringing up a myriad of old emotions, and we must stand firmly by the changes we have made.

Let’s say ones’ life has been characterized by a fear of loss, and, whenever they look at their current lifetime, and ones past, through regressive meditation, they see this pattern over and over. Even if they have addressed it in their Ascension process, it can be that there still remains an underlying feeling that it is there. That’s because it is. They must go back to the root of the fear, when it began, address it, and understand why. When that is done they can release it and choose a NEW BELIEF, one that highlights their life in 5D. So that person can choose to replace the old belief with the new understanding, for example, that loss is an illusion. Energies are always transmuted, and we are always surrounded by light and love of Creation, no matter how alone we feel. The choice begins with acknowledging that and embracing this new belief. We are Creators, not victims, so the end result is a product of what we believe and how we implement that into our daily lives.

We ground a new BELIEF, start to practice it, and the universe only reciprocates by filling that space with the new energy of love that we are meant to experience in this new time.

The month of January began that process and the month of February is meant to close it. New Core Beliefs are being put in place, ones that match the energies we are receiving. After this is done, the subsequent energies will help us create a new reality. This process will be much faster and fluid than ever before.

We may see radical changes in the world, and our realities, we may even change points of view completely in record time, regarding topics like what nutrition we wish to give our body, people we have long had in our lives that must be released, and the journey may even take us far away to start new chapters in our lives, in brand new surroundings that support who we are now. All of this will happen because we have removed the old, denser foundations of what and who we were. The new ones flow like a river after boulders have been pushed aside. Therefore things will occur very swiftly and fluidly.

I can attest that these things have been happening to myself and those close to me over this time in an unprecedented manner and the only way to really experience this is to understand one fundamental thing: all of our lives we have known one pattern. Who we are today is completely different from what we were yesterday and eons ago. Perhaps our appearance and name remain the same but everything else, from the ether to our DNA is powerfully transformed. We need to accept that this is new territory and the building block of this new energy is love.

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So, wherever it may take us, there will be light and love. This place may be completely different from what we may have wanted or envisioned all these years, and ideas and new beliefs may arise overnight. The new frequency is creating its own and ultimately it is here to create WHAT IS BEST FOR YOU. All Source asks now is awareness and release. You are now all you were ever meant to be.

Accept and let yourself transform and take shape. By doing this you willingly create what you are.

With Love,


About the author: I am an experienced and passionate spiritual guide, writer, entrepreneur, channeler, past-lifetime regression therapist and healer. I strive for continual evolution of the spirit, embracing my right-brain, love, and working to peel the 3D layers off and reveal my 5D self. As I find myself a decade later, I am thankful, blessed, and reciprocating, happily helping people who come my way, in the same state I was in so many years ago. I love nature and our precious mother Gaia, travelling, and new experiences. I speak 5 languages, have lived in 7 countries so far, and I am thankful for progressive, liberal, and loving mindsets and ideals. Visit Indigo Light’s new website at Contact me via email at

Image: Pixabay

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