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We Are Fragments Of Source Energy

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We Are Fragments Of Source Energy

by Angel V. Ornedo Jr.,
Contributing Writer,

We Are Fragments Of Source Energy

Forgetting separation and duality provided avenues to experience dark and light on earth, literally. It is a terrible setting for any physical being set by a Supreme Creator in any planet in the universe but has a countervailing effect of expanding our consciousness and integrating our experiences fast. Living a life of joy free from human stress is a life worth living pursuing our desires.

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Meditation is a fast way of preparing ourselves to a connection of our hearts and minds with the heart of the Divine opening up our light within. Start with Yoga exercises and graduate to meditation and silence. The monks oath of silence which is running away from experience, a reality eliminating relationship with humans, is too abrupt for the evolution we desire but also a fast key to unlock separation and duality if done on periodic basis of an hour or more each day, never a 24/7 affair. Spend peaceful and quality time with your family, your relations for a healthy living and aspire for a relaxed, peaceful time to receive energies from Source.

Our questions are slowly being unmasked by a combination of being aware and intense energies from the Central Sun. Some resonate with various high frequency beings (HFBs) and ascended masters messages thru human channels and transmitters.

On our individual experiences, ‘Service’ is the exciting skill of humans who lived at the planet Sirius, a repeat on Earth, preparation schemes for love and light, keys and traits to a relationship with the Creator within yourself, Source Energy Being. Some of us unlocked the key that control our minds and our connection with Source Energy Being, ‘soul’ within by living in silence at seas and mountainsides received incoming energies from energy portals when they are fully relaxed and relieved of tensions and stress that served as the key that opens and activates the codes, doors locked up. HFBs sending intense energies provide downloads, activations and trigger for access to Source memories within, our galactic memories previously locked up.

Scientific explanations on our DNA are getting short of detail as we connect our hearts and minds to the heart of the Divine. “DNA is a complex nitrogen molecules that consists of many components, portion of which are passed from parent organisms to their offspring during the process of reproduction”. Scientists cannot connect cells as infinite information of every human released thru intuition and other unknown means. Our cells have all the memories we have from our incarnate lives in various stars, million years accumulation of skills and traits, activated thru incoming energies.

Memories of oppression and victimhood we got at Orion cluster, re-enacted on Earth are in reality experiences that accelerate our expansion of consciousness. SOURCE ways of knowing self through humanity is being de-coded and what we call unfair for a Source to subject physical creations to darkness is understood. Light and darkness are modes of activating and expanding our consciousness. Our knowledge of the dark reptilian-grey, as oppressors out to get Earth’s gold enslaving humans turned out to be the oppression-victimhood experience. Integrated cells of every human are far stronger than the oppressed and victim exposure.

Apparently our knowledge of ourselves is opened with the awareness and awakening tools of energy portals sending us intense energies from All That Is and HFBs from other stars and galaxies. No amount of trials and sufferings can destroy the innate strength of humanity as we always rise from the ashes, our DNA never blowing up. Our tenacity to solve our problems are fully tested as we have solutions to burdens and trials. Integration of skills and abilities we learned in various incarnation in the universe allowed us to surpass the victimhood experience.

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We realized we are fragments of Source Energy, ONE with beings of higher vibrational frequency beings, part of the galactic family. Humanity is now free, aware, we have unlocked the keys of separation, duality and fully realized who we are: Source Energy Beings.

Light and love from ANGEL V. ORNEDO JR.

About the author: Angel teaches love, light and field of unity consciousness; assist with other funds to generate livelihood in Industrial Estates at SEA/ME and corporations creating jobs; share teachings at universities, boards and associations. Link at or connect at Barnes and Noble, Xlibris and ‘Knowing the Infinite Creator or E-books and articles at the net; read/hear messages at universal channeling, and

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