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Full Moon in Aquarius, Venus Opposition, Crystal Synergy

By on August 14, 2019 in Astrology with 0 Comments

Full Moon in Aquarius, Venus Opposition, Crystal Synergy

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by Jennifer Marie, 
Contributing Writer,

Full Moon in Aquarius, Venus Opposition, Crystal Synergy

The Full Moon on August 15, 2019 will be in the Constellation of Aquarius, and opposite, (or squared) Venus by 22, which is a very close alignment, that will significantly influence this Full Moon with complicated and paradoxical energies.


Aquarius is a masculine, fixed, Air sign with an altruist, intellectual, loyal nature. Aquarius energy brings out innovative, independent, logical thinking, typically detached from emotion, instead based off factual rationality, or truth seeking. Some negative traits this alignment can bring out from within are tenacious, close minded arrogance, and emotional detachment. Aquarius energy can often come off seemingly unsympathetic and or insensitive, as this sign is rather uncomfortable expressing or understanding displays of emotion.

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Venus, associated with the element of Water, emits feminine, emotional, romantic, loving energies. When the Full Moon opposes Venus, the hearts yearning for love and adoration is intensified to the maximum. The burning desire for romance, appreciation and affection can become so heightened, that what the heart wants, can greatly overpower what the logical mind says, leading to impulsive behaviors and problematic consequences. The hearts ultimate fear of emotional desolation can also lead to people pleasing and or possessive tendencies as a defense mechanism.

The contradictory energies of the Aquarius Full Moon with the opposition of Venus, will be ambiguous to say the least. With the severe polarity of energies this alignment brings, awareness, mindfulness and meditation become crucial in staying emotional balanced. The frequencies of Crystals and Gemstones can be an extremely useful module in both harnessing the positive energy traits Astrological Alignments emanate, while simultaneously deflecting the negative attributes associated.

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Pink Tourmaline is an emotionally nurturing Crystal associated with the element of Water, that connects to the frequencies of the Heart, Higher Heart (Thymus) and Crown Chakras. Pink Tourmaline balances emotional states and is widely used to holistically treat mood disorders, because this crystal naturally contains a high level of Lithium. This revitalizing Crystal balances extreme emotional highs and lows, while transmuting anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, fear, anger, and resentment into self-love, joy, happiness and inner peace. Pink Tourmaline stimulates the Heart Chakras’, clearing blockages of emotional detachment and opens the heart to resonate in the healing frequency of love. This fortifying energy also simultaneously activates the Crown Chakra, promoting adaptability to the mind’s way of thinking, stimulating emotional wisdom, compassion and empathy. Wearing a Pink Tourmaline bracelet is an excellent way to harmonize emotional imbalances and rejuvenate the minds power of cogitation. 


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Peridot is an uplifting protective Crystal associated with the elements of Earth/Fire, connects with Solar Plexus/Heart Chakra Frequencies and is ruled by both the Sun/Venus. Peridots’ intricate and unique energies have a plethora of healing/metaphysical properties. It’s said to be highly protective of the Mind/Body/Soul Trilogy, and wearing Peridot shields one from any physical/emotional harm negative spiritual energies (including psychic attacks/Evil Eye), dissipates states of emotional darkness, balances emotions, offers clarity to struggles between the heart vs brain, and is said to bring abundance, prosperity and good fortune when worn as an amulet (especially when set in gold). Some historians now even debate that Cleopatra’s famed Emeralds were actually Peridot. Peridot calms the mind, inhibits emotions of anger, rage, fear, depression, and resentment, while promoting self-worth, happiness, inner peace, compassion and the transparency of ones’ own emotional needs. Peridot enhances mental focus/receptiveness to new ways of thinking and also enhances personal will power.

Meditating with or carrying Pink Tourmaline and Peridot during this intense polarity of emotionally charged Aquarius Moon/Venus Opposition energy, can be extremely beneficial in balancing the heart and mind, avoiding emotional extremes, enhancing empathy, and resonating in the high vibrational healing frequency of love. Happy Full Moon everyone! Manifest love and peace!

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Love and light,

Jennifer Marie

About the author: Jennifer Marie is the Founder of Jennifer Marie Wellness, an Intuitive 2nd Degree Usui Reiki & Crystal Energy Healer, Meditation Coach, and Spiritual/Metaphysical Enthusiast. Find out more about Jennifer

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