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Full Moon In Sagittarius: Let Yourself Be Free!

By on June 16, 2019 in Astrology with 0 Comments

Full Moon In Sagittarius: Let Yourself Be Free!

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by Matthew John,
Contributing writer,

Full Moon In Sagittarius: Let Yourself Be Free!

Happy Full Moon in Sagittarius! This Full Moon becomes exact on Monday, June 17 at 4:31 AM EDT (08:31 GMT).


The overarching theme of this Full Moon can be distilled into one powerful word: freedom. In whatever ways you don’t feel totally free in your life right now, you will likely feel trapped during the days around and the weeks in following this Full Moon. Frustration may set in, and there will be a strong pull to break on through to the other side, in the words of Jim Morrison (yes, I realize he was working with the CIA, it’s still a good song).

If you’ve read my articles before, you know that I like to use these lunar events as opportunities to examine your life and become conscious of where you need to make shifts and changes. I would like to invite you to ask yourself this simple question on this Full Moon: where do I feel stifled, stagnant, or trapped?

Once you have become conscious of the ways in which you are feeling stifled, naturally the next question is what to do about it. Sometimes the answer lies in making a big change–perhaps in taking an exceptional Leap of Faith–while other times the solution is to change the way you have been looking at something.

The Universe will often keep us in a situation where we feel stuck and stifled so that the frustration builds up so much that we finally take a Leap of Faith and make a big change in our lives. It could mean changing careers, ending a relationship, or relocating. Undoubtedly, there will be choice points in your Life Plan where your Higher Self will nudge you to take a Leap of Faith. Courage generally pays off.

Here’s an example: let’s say you’ve been working in the same field for a number of years, and although your business was once thriving or doing well enough, you’re no longer getting enough clients. You can’t pay all your bills, you’re in debt, you’re frustrated and confused. I’ve seen this happen so many times with people, and often it’s because their Higher Self is asking for them to grow and expand. There is something bigger that needs to unfold in their career. Perhaps they take a Leap of Faith and go back to school for something bigger, or perhaps they change their target market or change the type of services they provide to something that feels more Aligned with who they truly feel they are, and BOOM! their income doubles or triples in a short period of time and they feel more satisfied than ever with their work (and with their life).

The Universe will always reward Alignment. Wherever things feel frustrating or it feels like you are stuck, there is inevitably something out of Alignment. It may be the thing itself, or the way you have been looking at it. For example, let’s say you’ve been battling for years with chronic illness. The chronic illness itself doesn’t mean you’ve been doing anything wrong (this is a HUGE misconception in the spiritual community that has caused a lot of people unnecessary suffering). But, one person could scratch and claw and spend all of their mental energy lamenting the illness and how much of their livelihood it has cost them. Another person could ask what the illness has to teach them and to take a look at what opportunities the illness is providing them. They could ask themselves what changes might need to be made in their life in order to put them into greater ALIGNMENT with who they truly feel they are?


The one thing that truly frees you from the shackles of your mind is a teaching I have downloaded that I call Relinquishing Your Grievances. We all hold grievances against ourselves, our past, other people, and life itself. These grievances keep you stuck, tied to old energies you have outgrown yet are unwilling to let go of. To use the example once again of chronic illness—I can tell you from my own experience with chronic illness, having cycled through every emotion and every possible way of looking at the illness, from wanting to die to being extremely grateful for the illness, that in the moments I’ve felt gratitude for illness’s role in my life, I’ve felt truly free, regardless of how my body felt physically. In those moments of bliss, I had relinquished all of my grievances against, the illness, my past choices, myself, and God itself. This type of freedom is possible no matter your circumstances. The choice is truly yours.


When we feel gratitude for that which formerly felt like our prison, then we become free, regardless of if our circumstances change or not. This is very much applicable to what is going on in the collective right now. There is no doubt that we live on a prison planet. There are all sorts of mechanisms, energetic and structural, that have kept humanity enslaved for millennia. It can get frustrating to look at what’s going on in the news. It just seems like we are losing and there is no way out. They are tightening everything, clamping down. Censorship is increasing, more and more money is being funneled to the top of the pyramid, pollution is increasing, and the agendas of destroying health are going full-steam ahead. It seems hopeless sometimes.

But we have to have the FAITH in our freedom as one collective race. When we feel like there is no way out, like humanity is doomed, then there’s nothing we can do to improve our situation. But when we shift the way we look at things and remember that this is a spiritual game that we have all consented AND chosen on some level to participate in, then we can’t possibly be victims. We realize that we came here to play this game and that the game would not be easy. This Ascension game is like a boss fight (you gamers will understand).

We have to acknowledge that although it seems like things are tightening up even more and the game is getting even more difficult, it just means that we are ready for it to get more difficult. It means that we are succeeding! (Just like you don’t get to the boss fight in the video game until you have conquered the preceding progressively more difficult levels.) We need to have the Faith that this game is meant to be won (spoiler alert: it is!) The truth is is that the Ascension of this planet must happen, because if it didn’t, it would cause an imbalance in the galaxy, and the galactic consciousness would not allow this to happen. We have entered into the Photon Belt—the are of increased light emanating from Alcyone at the center of the galaxy—and the Golden Age must occur because of this.

We can see the influences of the social media channels that discuss spirituality and spread this type of info increasing. We see spirituality seeping into the mainstream media. People are becoming more and more conscious of what they are eating and they are desiring to be healthy, whether the cards are stacked against them or not. We see protests occurring around the world every once in awhile, where the people are demanding freedom.

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This Sagittarius Full Moon is really inviting the collective to demand freedom. Remember that energetically speaking, we must ask for help if we want those in the spiritual hierarchy and the benevolent ETs to intervene more directly and help this process along. The more people that wake up, demand freedom, and ask for assistance from those beings ‘up there’, the more that they will intervene!

As Lightworkers, we are the conscious ones and the energetic leaders of this planet. So not only is it up to us to continually ask for help from ‘up there’, but it is up to us to feel the freedom consciousness that the collective doesn’t know how to feel. To be aware of the nature of our prison planet and yet still feel free is an art that energetically contributes to the continuing manifestation of the freedom we desire.


The Full Moon in Sagittarius can be a deeply intuitive time. Our psychic and intuitive faculties are likely to be on point during this time. If there’s a quandary that’s been troubling you, you may receive the answer you’ve been looking for. Be open to signs and subtleties from your angels and Guides.

One of the most common questions that people ask me is “Why can’t I hear my Spirit Guides?” The truth is, your Spirit Guides are always communicating with you, but it might not be in the most obvious way. The truth is, if your Guides talked to you in your head, most people would just brush it off. Plus, direct communication could constitute intervening in a way that isn’t allowed in your Life Plan. So, the Guides know they need to get to you in more subtle ways. They will leave little tokens or feathers for you. They will talk to you through other people. They will lead you to certain articles, websites, and YouTube videos. They will lead you to the right healers. They will give you signs through songs, numbers, signs, and license plates.

If you feel like you are not getting enough from your Spirit Guides, then ask them to communicate with you more directly. This request will direct your subconscious mind to look for signs and subtle communications rather than looking for reasons to believe that your Guides have abandoned you.

Faith has a big role in the energy of Sagittarius, as you have discovered. It takes Faith to have the courage to make that tough decision and take a big leap forward in your life. And it takes Faith to believe that your Spirit Guides are with you and communicating with you–that you haven’t been left behind. It takes Faith for us to believe as a human collective that the Ascension will be completed successfully.


With Mercury and Mars both transiting Cancer, we are likely to be feeling emotions very deeply. It is a great time to reconnect with old friends and family whom you trust and to have deep, emotional conversations. With Jupiter and the Moon in Sagittarius, and the Sun and Venus in Gemini, it really is a PERFECT time to make a new romantic connection. It’s also a time when relationships are likely to break apart.


Ascension symptoms have been particularly pronounced in the days leading up to this Full Moon. The type of symptoms that I have been feeling in my body and the information I have received from my Guides leads me to believe that the work for me has been relating to my Heart Chakra and the restructuring of my nervous system. It doesn’t mean it is like that for everyone, but you could be experiencing something similar.

It is of course crucial to practice grounding, relaxing, sleeping extra, and connecting with nature when you feel like the physical symptoms are ramping up. It isn’t always fun, but when we have the Faith that everything we are going through is benefiting us in the long run, it makes it easier to support yourself and your body through the discomfort and frustrations.

I recommend reviewing my article on 28 Ways to Get Grounded for tips on grounding.

Wishing you Love, Fun, Adventure and Freedom on this Full Moon!

With Love,

Matthew John

About the author: Matthew John is an internationally-known Spiritual Teacher, Spiritual Mentor, Speaker, Intuitive Healer, and Quantum Energy Healing working directly with the Ascended Masters. He offers inspirational and educational articles and videos on his website and Facebook page. He also offers powerful private sessions worldwide via phone and Skype, including Intuitive Healing & Coaching Sessions, Soul Plan Readings, Spiritual Mentoring (Awakening Coaching) Sessions, Starseed Coaching Sessions, Intuitive Nutrition Readings, Chakra Scans. Past Life Regressions and Future Life Progressions. You can check out his work and book readings and sessions at

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