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Growing Apart – It’s Not Your Fault

By on April 3, 2016 in Spiritual Awakening
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Growing Apart - It’s Not Your Fault

by Camille C.,
Contributing Writer,

Have you ever noticed that after a break-up, tendency is always to blame someone? Blaming yourself or blaming your partner. Even more insidious, some people will try to convince you that it takes two to fail and you are both responsible.

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Rest assured, it’s no one’s fault. Astrology teaches us that compatibility can be tricky and the sole sun sign is not enough. If we dive into your own birth chart we will soon recognize that there are many circumstances at play. People’s inner nature is not to be changed, it just has to flow and pursue its course. All we can do is be thankful for the people in our lives that match our energy.

Before entering a relationship (love, business or friend related), it is best to make a promise to yourself and remember that it is neither their fault or yours.

Some people are on our path so we can evolve together, we meet the crossroads of others in order for a lesson to be learned. Teaching can take different styles and we all sure learn in ways that are our own.

As karma is not so a punishment but rather another chance to learn what we have indulged in or overlooked in other lives, a breakup can teach us self love, ego appreciation and even bring some well needed freedom!

Drifting away from friends might just mean that it is time for us to grow apart, only because your life lessons and paths do not coincide. It is not necessarily a bad thing, instead maybe an opportunity to reflect on what we have done so far and where to go next.

You cannot blame an empath for being attracted by a narcissist and the reverse would be equally pointless. The latter is just following his life path too, the same way the Scorpio is going to sting the turtle, nature is inherent. There is no point trying to change our nature, nor others’, it simply will not work. And for a reason; it is there for a purpose, a soul purpose that needs to be fulfilled.

Of course we all have to work on our deepest personality difficulties but trust that blame does not fall on anyone. You are whole and perfect in the way the Creator intended you to be. Rather than trying to correct our nature, we can perfect who we already are.

About the author: Camille C is a lifelong scholar, published author of fiction and Neptune’s native.

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