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Healers: Watching Out For Negative 5th Dimensional Energy In Others

By on April 8, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening
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Healers: Watching Out For Negative 5th Dimensional Energy In Others

by Dawn Bailey,
Contributing Writer,

As many people are teetering on the edge of the 4th dimension and about to enter the 5th dimension, there are energies we need to become aware of. These 5th dimensional negative energies are different from 4th dimensional because they feed off our light energy.  4th dimensional negative energy feeds off negative energy. Both 5th dimensional and 4th dimensional negative energy has the same agenda to keep you from ascending and to keep you from helping others ascend. This also applies to people, especially healers, that are in the 5th dimension and above. This energy is meant to hold you down and distract you. Once you have so much light, you become a threat to their agenda. This is higher dimensional energy I check for when I do healings or come across a person I feel is affected.

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I have recently been able to see these energies on others. I may be watching TV or see a picture of someone and can see they are affected. I then check and remove the energies. I came across an article of someone who is quite popular with some spiritual people. This person said they were part alien. This article did not paint this person in a positive light. It claimed this person was causing harm to others that followed them. I could see by looking at them that they had some serious negative ET energy attached to them. I checked and they had more negative ET energy on them than I have ever found on any person. This person probably began as a good person with the intention of helping others, but sadly they were hijacked and used to further a negative agenda and to harm others.

This is why I am writing this article so other healers can look for this energy on themselves and others.

There are 3 types of ET energy I have found so far. Low frequency entities, parasites, and etheric devices.

Low frequency entities are harder to detect than 4th dimension entities as these emit a very low frequency that may be hard to feel. These entities can operate on their own and do not need another person’s energy to do so.

Parasites need a host. They need another person’s energy to survive.

Etheric devices are used by low frequency entities to control another persons energy.

I will now get into the different types of energy to look for.

Low frequency entities are harder to feel than the 4th dimensional ones because they emit a low frequency. I feel a burning sensation where they attach. Usually, most energy goes for the upper left side of my back. I don’t know why they like this area on me.

Shackles, chains, and anchoring devices weigh you down and try to hold you down in order to keep you from progressing on your journey while growing spiritually. You feel like you have a heavy burden and the weight of the world is on your shoulders. This takes away your ambition to do things that can improve your life.

Tags and Implants – These are how they keep track of you. They monitor your frequency.

Constrictors and modulators – These keep you from speaking your truth. They do this by interfering with your communication from spoken words to your brain. This can make you suddenly become shy and withdrawn.

Solar plexus implants are felt in the solar plexus. I feel a tightening sensation. These feed off your personal power and light. Our solar plexus is called that because we receive solar energy there. This is why we feel solar flares and geomagnetic storms in our solar plexus. I go to the tanning bed (please don’t judge), and when I’m there, I feel lots of energy in my solar plexus. If you live in a sunny place, you can go out in the sun for this energy.

Spinal column control rods – This is located in your spinal area and is used to control etheric implants and devices. I feel a heavy energy in my spine or next to my spine when I have had one. This can cause back pain if left on too long.

Parasites, worms, and eggs left behind – From these, I usually feel as a pain in my ear or side of head. It literally feels like something too big is trying to get in my ear. I usually feel this while I sleep. It hurts enough to wake me up. These are parasites, so they need a host to survive. This can cause scattered or racing thoughts interfering with your thought processes.

Octopus parasites attach to the top of your head on your crown chakra. I feel this as heavy energy melting down my head. They have tentacles that work their way down your body. It feels like heavy energy just melting down your head and body. This interferes with your connection to Source, your third eye, and receiving energy from the Source.

Reptilians – Most of us have heard of these by now. I have never encountered a full reptilian, just the energy attached to someone. They attach to people in positions of power and control them. One famous politician who is in the news everyday had 4 of them attached to him. I removed them and he seems to be making better decisions now and acting a little bit less like a jerk. You will find these on leaders: religious, political, and celebrities that influence a large group of people.

Archons feed off your positive energy and light usually solar plexus, but I have had them on my back, too.  I had a friend contact me recently because she wasn’t acting like herself and said some negative things to her partner. She told me she couldn’t stop herself from saying these things even though she knew it wasn’t right. Archons drain your positive energy until you start acting and feeling negative.

These are brief explanations to the different ET energies I find and remove. This link to an article I found will tell you more in depth information and how to remove them.

I have never left them on too long to have any physical effects. My gift is feeling energy, not seeing, so as soon as I feel negative energy, I remove it. I always have wanted to see and I am beginning to be able to. It was probably a good thing I couldn’t see what was attacking me. I would have had even more fear if I could see. I no longer have fear, it’s just normal to me. This may be why I am beginning to see. Feeling energy is very helpful because I know right away it is there and can deal with it. As we ascend and gain more personal power, we become a threat. I wanted to give a head’s up about what to look for, so that other healers can help people as we are ascending.

I will soon write about 4th dimensional energies. I don’t think this will be a problem much longer. They seem to be aborting their mission and leaving it to the higher energies since people are obtaining more l light.

Another article I will be writing is about your lightbody and how it alerts you to what you put in it and on it.  The food you eat, products you use, and medicine you take that may not be good for you and how your lightbody lets you know.

Love and Light Soul Sisters and Brothers,

Dawn Bailey

About the author: I am a magnetic energy worker, lightworker. My journey has taught me that there are many different energies available for lightworkers to work with on the Tree of Life. My mission is to help all life on beautiful Gaia. You can find me on Facebook or my blog or email

Image: Pixabay

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