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Homemade Organic Banana Ice Cream

By on April 4, 2019 in Health
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Homemade Organic Banana Ice Cream

On a recent In5D Facebook Live, I was talking about my diet when I noticed a comment from Felicity Butler regarding how she makes organic banana ice cream.  This is her recipe, enjoy!


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Felicity Butler,
Contributing Writer,

You can have your cake and eat it! A healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be boring.

In this present age of enlightenment, a lot of focus is put onto what we eat, as well as our thoughts, emotions and physical body. They are all interlinked, each one affects the other.

My topic today, is even if you are eating a healthy diet, with no processed foods, you can still indulge by having your cake and eat it so as to speak.

That being said, I thought I would share this extremely easy healthy ice cream.  Actually, if you didn’t know it, you would think it was ice cream.

The beauty of this one is that you can create whatever flavors you would like!

Ice Cream

Homemade Organic Banana Ice Cream

Cut up 3 frozen organic bananas and put into a blender, if you have a Vitamix that would be awesome, if not you may have to keep stopping the machine and moving the ingredients around.

Now you can make whichever flavor you like. I like making Black Forest Gateau, so to do this add a couple table spoons of organic cacao and some frozen organic black cherries.

Note: I usually leave the frozen ingredients 10-15 minutes to soften a bit so it is easier to mix

These are the nutrients and benefits of banana ice cream:

  • Cacao: Bio-available source of magnesium, benefits, heart, brain and hormonal health.
  • Magnesium is one of the most important minerals needed for over 700 different functions in the body. 80% of Americans are deficient in Magnesium.
  • Anandamide enhances brain function helping us to feel great.
  • Antioxidant.

Banana is great boost for sustained energy and nutrients. High in potassium helping to lower high blood pressure and tryptophan, the amino acid that stimulates production of serotonin, bring mental upliftment and calm to the body. Excellent source of vitamin B6 which helps to balance sex hormones making it important to relieve PS and menopausal symptoms, balance mood and sleep patterns and improve energy levels.

About the author: Felicity Butler is a multi-talented channel to help humanity expand awareness and consciousness into the higher frequencies of light. | FaceBook: Your light will set you Free & Raw Fan Django Fusion

Image: Pixabay

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