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Why ME?

By on April 4, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening
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Why ME?

Did you ever wonder why, after a long journey and many lessons learned, you finally decided to wake up?

by Rozlan Austin,
Contributing Writer,

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“Why me?,” you might ask. I certainly have. I am sure that many of us at have these amazing, wonderful stories about our transformational experiences. Also, many of us a almost feeling compelled to share this with others. It is as close to a religious experience as I have ever had. The only time I can remember anything as close was when I was 5 and accept Christ into my life.

I think the one thing that those of us who have “awakened” earlier are going to find in common is that at some point in our lives we were in the very darkest of places, and that we made a CONSCIOUS choice to work for the LIGHT. My sister and I grew up with a mentally ill divorced mother who actively hated us on a daily basis and was a practicing satanic witch. As I put those words on paper, I still feel the reverberations of the fear that has been instilled in us .I feel the sorrow and tears of that unloved child.

But no longer can I hide my truth. My life was a duality of church by day and Satan by night. So was my personalities. We left that lifestyle when I was 14. I stuffed everything.

I started fresh, coping as best I could using food sex and drugs to fill the void that was there from the love that I had never really experienced. I kept trying to make better choices. I went back to school at 35 to become a Massage Therapist. I quit drinking alcohol. After a year the nightmares, flashbacks and body memories began, I got THERAPY.  A lot of it. I studied different religions. I made a conscious choice to work for the LIGHT.

28 years later, I suddenly feel enlightened. I no longer fear being “found” and punished. I truly believe that we are beings of light. We have chose solid form for various lessons.

Learn YOUR own truth. The truth truly WILL set your spirit free !! Live in Love and Light !! CHOOSE !!

I chose to open Healing Hands Massage and Light Therapy in 1991. I have been working with deep tissue memory release techniques, past life regressions, gem light therapy and crystals for over 25 years. My crystals have started to reveal themselves to me.

I am being called to help.

Yours in Light and Love.

Rozlan Austin LMT and so much more

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