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How To Manifest Anything And Stop Conflicts In Two Minutes Flat

By on April 8, 2015 in Meditation
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How To Manifest Anything And Stop Conflicts In Two Minutes Flat in5d

by Peter Nebres
Contributing Writer,

I call it the “Aloha Breath Technique” but I do not know what the ancient Kahuna of Hawaii used to call it. Aloha normally is a greeting used by Hawaiians like “hello” or “goodbye”. It can also mean love, compassion, caring, goodwill etc. At a deeper level it is a reminder to share life energy through the breath. At a much deeper level it is actually an invocation, or call to manifest something. Broken down into its root parts it means: “A” meaning to ignite, or light a fire, “Lo or Lo’o” meaning to gather, and “Ha” meaning wind, life force, energy. So with your words, visual imagination and most importantly your breath you are igniting/invoking, gathering, and sending out conscious energy to manifest something.

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Here is how to do it:

  1. Breathe in deeply thru your nose.
  2. At the same time visualize the swirling whirlpool of golden energy of the conscious universe flowing into your heart coming in counter clockwise.
  3. At the same time say in your mind “ahhh”.
  4. Hold the breath for a second or two while you say “lohhhh” in your mind and imagine the whirlpool of energy gathering and spinning faster in your heart.
  5. Exhale explosively thru your mouth. (But not so much to attract attention in public.)
  6. At the same time yell “HA!!!” in your mind AND send the energy outward from your heart to your target. If it is two people arguing send it to both of them. If it is to manifest something, send the energy in concentric spheres outward from your heart to the conscious universe.
  7. While your lungs are empty and your stomach tight send a silent, quick, emphatic, POSITIVE command like “Relax, Calm down NOW!” (not “stop fighting now!” as negative commands are weak and might not work). Or to manifest something, like finding lost keys for example, say “Make my keys reappear NOW!”. Always end with a commanding “NOW!” to tell the universe you need it done NOW! otherwise it might manifest later or never. Your keys might show up 5 months later when you’ve already changed the locks! Make the command quick or you’ll be gasping for air and weaken the command if you are rushing. Also you don’t want to confuse the universal consciousness with too much words and more than one command. Always plan your words first before breathing it to life.
  8. Repeat it a few times. Minimum of at least 3 times. I do it a minimum of 4 times as Hawaiians believe the number 4 has power. Do whatever number your tribe or tradition believes is magical.
  9. After the commands are breathed to life, do the breathing technique again but this time your inbreath word is “Mahalo!”. It means “Thank You” literally but the word has a deeper, energetic imprinting function like “amen”. It makes the command more likely to work.
  10. At the silence between breaths say “It is done NOW!”. Doing this, you are creating a powerful energy of APPRECIATION and ASSUREDNESS that your will be done.

If your tribe or spiritual tradition has a power word that is: 3 syllables long, ends in an open HA, and has a meaning like Air, Wind, Life, Energy, Force, God, or Love then you can try it. Like my people use the greeting, toast or cheer MABUHAY! and it works just as well. (The word is literally a command to live! As in breathing back the wind of life to a sick or even dead person. Unfortunately most of my people have forgotten its real meaning and power, just like the Hawaiians who were conquered by outsiders.)

This 10 steps sound complicated but once you get the hang of it it’s actually simple, easy, quick and effective. I’ve actually stopped two aggro surfers from coming to blows out in the Mala Wharf lineup in less than a minute. One of them actually paddled past me and commented to an old surfer “what a nice day!” a couple minutes after the blowup. (My words actually was “Relax, enjoy the surf Now!)

Ever since discovering this technique my wife and I have immediately diffused arguments and manifested things and situations that I am sure people won’t believe. Until they try it and see how scary powerful it is. Scary because it makes you feel all powerful and humbled at the same time by the sudden responsibility you have to watch your thoughts, your words and your breath especially around people. There will be those of you so powerful in manifesting healing with this technique. You will be faced with the dilemma that you might be altering the intended life path of the person you are healing. Just use your best intuition or ask help from your all knowing higher self. If two or more of you do it at the same it’s even MORE POWERFUL.

Give it a try and see what happens. No one will ever know you are doing anything different in public. I would appreciate some feedback for those that try this technique. Please comment below or email me at


About the author: Peter Nebres grew up and lived in Oahu and Maui for 33 years. Living there, he saw and experienced things considered “supernatural” by Westerners but which native peoples around the world know as just part of nature and how the world actually works. He has recently returned to his war torn native homeland of Mindanao to create a demonstration organic permaculture farm and hopefully teach and remind the people of their magical past before the conquering Spanish and Americans came. He and his wife live in a simple earthbag house out in the boonies. Their website is

Image: Pixabay

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