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How To Remove Negative Energies/Entities & Cutting Of Cords On All Timelines

By on January 15, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening

How To Remove Negative Energies/Entities & Cutting Of Cords On Multidimensions/Past/Present/Future On All Timelines

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by Anastacia,
Australian Correspondent,



1. Visualize a giant clock face…with you within the circle, your head at 12 O’Clock and feet at 6 O’Clock…and your solar plexus is where the hands would join in the centre.

2. Pray/ask and then see and bring down Arch Angel Michaels Violet flame sword which changes/transmutes darkness into light.

3. Then ask the Arcturians of Pure Divine White Light to come down.

4. See/Focus and visualise and move the ‘clock hand’ from twelve, proceed to move to the one o’clock position….and as it does see it cut and scrape/push/remove all negative energies as it goes.

As it does this ask that it cuts and removes:

5. All negative cords, ties, energies and entities….past, present and future…and on all timelines and multi-dimensions.


6. Continue to say this as you move the ‘sword energy’ and see the hand slowly go around your right hand side from 1 o’clock then 2 , 3 and as you see this, you will see black gunk and dark wisps of energy like string all being scraped off your energy with the sword. *Please note this does take a little time, so please have patience with this*

7. Then also ask the Arcturians to remove all negative hooks, cords, ties, attachments, energies and entities AND seeds and implants by their ROOTS.

8. And to remove all reptilian and demonic energies/entities by their roots.

9. Also ask that they remove all this from the home or any vehicles.

10. Repeat those words (or similar) again as you keep going 4, 5, and at 6 the sword is at your feet, then up the other side of your body 7, 8, 9, 10 , 11 than back to 12.


Then you may see a ball of dark negative energy above your head where all this energy has collected, with a string still attached to you.

Then say, ‘Cut and Release’ – see the sword slice the top of your crown chakra cutting the connection.

Put it all in a white bubble and then take a breath and blow the mass up and ask the Arcturians this energy be turned into pure divine golden white light…and then Thank them.

You may also see the Arcturians take away other energies/entities away…as there may be other energies you have seen doing this, around your energy/aura.


Call in the Christ Golden energy and see yourself being flooded and filled with this…like sprinkles of Golden water flowing into you…and then see it extend through your home/property…and to your car.

Then call in the Arcturians Pure Divine White light to fill you…and see white light coming down to fill you and your energy field….and then see it flow out – extending to home and vehicle.

Anastacia-Blue Beyond – GOD DOME OF PROTECTION

Straight after the removal of negative energies/entities/cutting of cords method, one can use what I call the ‘God Dome of Protection’.

You can use what ever Angels/energy you feel is right for you at the time, as it can change….allow yourself to accept and receive what comes for you to use at this time:

I ask for AA Raphael to stand in front of me, and see a figure in front.

Then AA Gabriel to the rear and see a figure there.

Then visualise from their crown chakras, their energy come out as they link their protective energies like an arc of light above your head.

Then ask AA Uriel to your left.

AA Michael to your right

Then see a beam of energy from their crown chakras link over your head like another arc. So that if you looked down from above, you would see a cross of protection over you.

I then see the arcs of energy below me as well, completing a sphere of protective energy.

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This is the most powerful protection that I have used and it works fabulously. You will feel what I mean when you do it.

This is very beneficial to do this morning and night. As protection is needed for the start of the day… and again then at night to cleanse the days attachments and protect for the night time ‘adventures’.

This can also be done during the day as required when dealing with other energies.

Also, when you do this a few times, the Angels may change, it will come who to use. As you can also use Mother Mary, Jesus or Mary Magdalene in any position, again, feel and it will just come.

*if you would like this done for you (or to help you help yourself in learning how to do so) and removing all I see and feel on the Astrals and Multi-dimensions/past, present and future – please email : for further details*

Anastacia-Blue Beyond
Ascension Guide/Teacher
Multi-Dimensional Ancient Earth Master

About the author: Anastacia is a Rainbow Bridge in linking our Soul to our Spirit of 6D and 8D -through our Emotions of the Divine – sharing from experiencing energies herself and feeling the energies through her two souls (human 6Dand spirit 8D) as they come to our planet. From 20years of personal experience in linking her soul to her spirit, through her emotions this lifetime and past lives – back to Source through the ‘abyss’ – in service to Humanity and Gaia Guiding/Teaching Humanity. Shaman, Blue Ray Elder, Pleiadian. *Divine 1:1 healings are available, please email: for further information or read pinned post* Please feel free to share this post and others in their entirety. Divine 1:1 healings are available, please email: for further information. All Rights Reserved – 2016 Anastacia

Image: Pixabay

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