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How TV Manipulates You

By on October 31, 2020 in Awareness with 0 Comments

How TV Manipulates You

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by Juan Manuel Sosa Porras,
Guest Contributor,

How TV Manipulates You

The media networks (television, radio and their websites) lie. They don’t just lie, they hypnotize over time. They have done it since they exist, but right now (2020) they are being used once again against the public, in the most extravagant and absurd way. In several countries skepticism about traditional media is growing. Here you will find how MSM Main Stream Media , that is, TV networks, Radio stations and their Internet sites (yes, those you are thinking about) are a weapon of mass indoctrination and what objectives they have today . You will also see a simple suggestion of how you can avoid being manipulated.


To people who represent the traditional media (Radio, TV and press)

The process that humanity is advancing is irreversible. The private media are no longer the fourth estate, and will cease to be so completely in a few years. To date, the traditional media are going through an agonizing and pathetic struggle to maintain their power. They are on their knees before the public, begging for credibility. But they no longer have it, and they won’t get it back. What’s more, of that part of the public that still has faith in you, they will also lose it. Whoever opens his eyes no longer closes them. The obedience gene is slowly but unstoppably failing to activate in the world’s population.

Every time I see a propaganda that demonizes any information that does not come from you, I only feel more sorry for you .

There will be many people who die still believing your lies, but their children will open their eyes.

Even if those who know and profess the truth are publicly slandered and condemned, the truth will remain the truth, and it will be before everyone’s eyes at some point.

You can fool everyone one time, or some all the time, but not everyone all the time. The first hurdle to overcome is cognitive dissonance. This article will appeal to a huge portion of the public, such as an article titled “Why you must to eat meat” if you are a vegan and are at a vegan conference, or one that talks about the benefits of a vegan diet distributed in a to barbecue where you are. The first reaction of the public that is tried to be addressed will be the defense of what they believe, with behaviors that range from resistance to violence . You may be feeling the anxiety right now that you are reading an article that says “Television lies” and you are already preparing arguments to defend what you already take for granted as sacred and irrefutable: Television tells the truth . My invitation is to keep reading and analyze, to look for other sources of information and verify and contrast, leaving aside the sacredness of the beginning. Television tells the truth, so that you give yourself a chance to stop being manipulated. Do not settle for what this article says and then think that it was just another madness of someone unemployed or who wants to attract attention, then run to see the news on TV and continue with your usual life. If you have come across this, it is because you have the opportunity to open your eyes, do not despise it, at least not so easy. If you are willing to use your personal power and take away the sacredness that you gave to that false principle: Television tells the truth , read on, it may be equivalent for you to choose over the tasty green pill, the bitter red pill . How they cultivate us


Generations of those born since the 1960s have been manipulated with tendencies that, as I have already introduced, may well be considered sacred by the public, which guarantees that he himself seeks to remain in them without need of police. That is why the term “self-herding sheeps” is used, they do not need a shepherd but rather remain united to the flock by themselves and each one is shepherd —and police— of others. Think about whether any of these trends are not sacred to fractions of the public: Being from the right or left (or all its variants), being Catholic or evangelical, a fan of green or blue, being a feminist or not, tolerant or not, being a follower or persecutor of certain public figure… to be or not to be. Now think about whether one of those fractions does not have the same characteristics of any religious fundamentalism, with which a supporter defends his identity furiously. Just in case it is necessary, I add a simple definition of sacred and, as in everything in this article, I invite you not to believe me, but to verify for yourself:


Sacred: Something you can’t doubt about nor mock.

The principles of each of the trends that I put as an example and of any that you add, are made sacred by their followers and defended no matter what. Their differences and the effects of these, for example protests and outrageous events, are used by the MSM to preserve the division and consequently, the dominance.


Entertaining means distracting attention. And that is exactly what the educational system does, since for decades it has been disrupted to make it what it is today. Due to policies, that if you investigate a little you will realize that they are copied from a world trend, the schools diverted their objective from educating to entertaining. While education, by philosophical principle seeks to raise free and non-enslavable citizens, entertainment seeks that they are not educated. Thus, the educational system passed in a matter of one or two generations, from reading and culture to a tireless progressive struggle for sexuality and individualization. Sounds very cruel, perhaps offensive? If so, ask yourself what you hold sacred and who or what has made you regard such a thing as sacred. Make a mind travel back in time to immediately before the ‘pandemic’ and see if the headlines weren’t plagued with stories about people who felt themselves as object of intolerance according to the principles of some so-called sacred trend. Institutions, by will or under pressure, ended up being temples of progressive worship, where it is possible to entertain citizens in formation of the true concept of freedom, instituting a frivolous one: Individual personality development. Sexual orientation, empowerment, goal achievement, gender or race relativity, etc. All of them, trends that work like chains.

Elements of hypnosis used by TV

The average citizen lives permanently exposed to television, by will or imposition. There are probably as many televisions as there are inhabitants. Television is omnipresent. In this way, an average person, with the intuition castrated by his education and by living in social circles with previously indoctrinated individuals, will also be under its effects.

Before listing the indoctrination principles that TV uses, it will be noted that TV is something sacred to the vast majority of the population, sadly. This has been made possible by a mediocre education that disregarded the reading of books years ago and enshrined a lifestyle marked by trends, which keep people busy and / or entertained. Stating that television is lying is like saying that God does not exist. They will all come with clubs and stones, but that is because TV itself was able to position as sacred, without public knowing it and ironically, because the public allowed it. In 2020, the media networks are launching the fiercest attack imaginable on humanity. If humanity is to wake up, this episode will be remembered as one worse than the holocaust.


Professional communicators call it “continuity,” which is a euphemism for indoctrination by repetition . When you want to sell ‘something’ as good or bad, this ‘something’ must flood every aspect of the buyer’s life. The buyer should see this ‘something’ at the bottom of the plate when the soup is gone. And most successfully, floating in the soup, while eating it. They have done it with feminism, with inclusion, tolerance, plastic pollution, the war on smokers, climate change … all of those are sacred trends. Now with the coronavirus. How many of you know something about the coronavirus that has not been seen on TV? How many of you had heard something of the coronavirus on TV before it was trend ? If it were not a media trend, you would have heard something before in the media and this would be because TV tries to educate people. But instead, TV has been inundated with advertisements for banks, reality TV , cell phone and soccer.

Repetition causes a concept to be etched into memory. You don’t learn to do something if you do it once or twice. But if you do it every day, you learn more. And if you do it all day, you quickly become an expert. What if a machine repeats in your ear all day and shows you the same thing, every day? That is a principle of indoctrination. Now what guarantees that the TV wants to inform or protect you? The fact itself says so? What author who is not linked to the same TV can affirm that TV tells the truth? They have mounted a charade on your head and you have allowed it. TV does not want to protect you, or inform you, it wants you to be under control. Have you heard the phrase “The truth will set you free”? That’s why the TV doesn’t say it. If I said it, it would lose the power it has over you


Using numbers in news has immense power to sell ideas. From now on, when you watch TV, evaluate, not the numbers, but the use of numbers. You will see that it is excessive. The objective is psychological, since for the emotional part of human beings, which does not use figures, their use and repetition have a dramatic effect, key in the media and advertising. For this reason, journalists place so much emphasis on figures even if they are not relevant to the news. Review any news you remember to see for yourself. For example, if a misfortune occurs and a construction machine overturns on a school bus, the delight of the press will be and always will be, the number of deaths, the weight of the machine… if it sounds very little to say thirty tons, they say : thirty thousand kilograms. If the news does not provide for figures of physical magnitudes, they use statistics. It is the fifth (5th) accident in a (1) month where it get involved, such as a single mother, an underage, a person with a disability, vulnerability or member of X minority.

The figures do not speak for themselves, but for those who compiled them.

In the current trend, the number of deaths ‘with’ (be careful, because they do not say ‘by’) coronavirus rises like a rocket. But, having removed the sacred quality of what the TV says, don’t you think that with those figures, we would see people dead in the streets? If the virus is so lethal as they sell it, Why a test is needed to prove its existence?


The previous point connects directly with this. Although the figures (well repeated and increased every day) are not the only way to cause fear. The fear is the best catalyst to produce changes in the behavior of a community or a population. Shepherds do it using a dog to lead the sheep, or you do it using a whistle with your dog. The animal learns to obey for fear that the annoying sound of the whistle will continue. Farmers do it using scarecrows. And they do it with the public, through TV. With the fear of climate change, they force you to buy “safe for the environment” products and follow political agendas. With the fear of plastic they make you buy products that do not have plastic, that say they have less plastic or that promise to contribute resources to the fight against it. But any fifty-year-old remembers the plastic boom and that it was much more hygienic and cheap. They move us from one normal to a new one without our noticing, in that case for us to consume. With the fear of terrorism, the right to privacy disappeared and, not having it, is the most normal thing today, because they sold us a spurious concept of security. That started and took shape shortly since World Trade Center attacks.

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Now, with the fear of the coronavirus and other viruses that are going to sell us, they want to disappear the cash to impose a new system and thus, whoever does not obey can’t survive. Sounds that too fantastic? Listen to the commercials of banks, all of them are little by little mentalizing people to the use of virtual transactions and incidentally using other sales strategies to normalize a world without cash. They are kicking civil liberty and we are leaving us like dogs. If you still believe the changes are for our safety, please reassess what is sacred to you. Watch any commercial cut on any channel (all the media have the same owner and the same intentions) taking off your blindfold of the sacred and you will see how much fear they are trying to inject you. “Do not talk to other people on the street to reduce the risk of contagion”, “This lady took off her mask because it bothered her and everyone got sick in the factory where she worked”, “Do not risk your health by touching bills or cards.” Anyway, don’t believe me, do the exercise yourself. They are softening you with fear. Think, there have been long-lasting and bloody civil wars throughout the decades, but now you have to be afraid of slime and touch.


Like religions, all of them, even those that refuse to call themselves ‘religions’, the MSM uses guilt as a means of indoctrination. If the numbers have a dramatic effect and fear is a catalyst for social engineering on its own, guilt is a fine sculpting tool. Check out the emotional reaction of a viewer to slogans like Do you know how many women are being beaten while reading this? They are intentionally linking two subjects in the viewer’s mind: the woman being beaten and you, who are not doing anything about it.

The following slogans do the same:

“Do you know how many liters of water were used so that you can eat that hamburger?

Situation – your fault.

Do you know how many acres of jungle are lost as we speak?

Situation-Your Fault.

Do you know how many trees are on that sheet of paper?

Situation – your fault.

Do you know thanks to the struggle of who, you, woman, can go to vote?

Situation-your fault.

Do you know where your children are right now?

Situation-your fault.

If it is an effect that is induced from outside, takes place in people’s heads and affects their behavior, guess what it is: Indoctrination.

Wearing a face mask or mask is for the good of all. If you don’t use it, what happens is your fault. If you don’t apply it, what happens is your fault.


A science could not exist without the mathematics that sustains it and after that, without a set of specialized words that make up its field of knowledge and serve for the science in question to be communicated, applied and learned. It is the raison d’être of books. And it applies not only to a science, but to an art, to culture and to all fields of knowledge. But to sustain an invented story, you have to create a whole universe. There are several geniuses of literature who create fantastic worlds so complete and complex that they seem real, we are passionate about them and we would like to live in them. And there are other types of made-up stories, those with which the MSM seeks to mold the public. These stories also require a whole underlying value system and supporting science, even if they are also made up. The objective is for the public to assimilate concepts and use and apply them, as if they had studied a science. Thus, it exploits the need for people to belong to a group: The group is that of people who are ‘updated’ and use the terms promoted by TV. Thus, from the trend of climate change, they come out of nowhere and without that such a thing really means something, the green parties (or candidates), and green products. From feminism, it comes out of nowhere and without such a thing meaning something: empowerment. Of individualization: The reinventing. From the pandemic: Social distancing, preventive isolation, essential jobs… Before you to get angry, ask yourself if these are not slogans that people hear a hundred times a day and end up repeating them also a hundred times a day. It is training: I take care of you, you take care of me or it is for the good of all. add the ones you know.

6. THE EXTENSION (the idea that you want to sell must have to do with EVERYTHING)

Look at the headlines and see how many, regardless of whether they are entertainment, pets, sports, other pre-existing trends or even an act of violence, are related without mentioning the coronavirus, quarantine or any dictionary term created specifically for it. Probably none. The objective is to make the object for sale, omnipresent . This is because, if there is a space or topic which the object for sale is not related to, people could see a light there and take refuge. Suppose that in no kitchen section of a TV show they name the coronavirus or some slang word. That space would become an anti-MSM space and the public could find there a space and time to rest, think for themselves and come to doubt. Anyone who works in sales knows that, you have to prevent the customer from thinking . For this reason, there are movie stars, influencers , TV stars, music stars and etc…, who claim to be infected and promote everything from the official narrative .


The term fake news has become so commercial that it became an MSM label to get hold of the alleged truth. That is, the meaningless statement or
logical bias: I say what is false, so I tell the truth.

It is understood? That is why I urge you not to believe me but to look for your own sources of information and verify for yourselves, or to watch the news with the eyes of the not indoctrinated, to seek what you discover. Not to BELIEVE. That is what TV and radio do. For a few years now, there have been many advertisements that shows off using the term “fake news” and urging the public to beware of them and, assuming that they are the holders of the truth . But that is a rhetorical fallacy. Imagine two men, side by side, one who says “you must believe me” and the other who says “you have the freedom to decide”. The first one does not give you freedom, he wants to have you in his hands. What’s more, TV does not simply say —or, today, does supplicate— “you must believe me”, but rather “Believe me or suffer the consequences”. For something, it advocates with such emphasis that the threat must be taken seriously and ridicules or even criminalizes those who do not. The objective is for the public to internalize the supposed cases in which someone disobedient suffers the consequences. This news becomes viral and constitutes a training focus, since the viewer begins to avoid, for fear of being ridiculed or in any way tagged with a black label invented by the media, to obey the sold behavior model. Social behaviorism has worked for the past decades to drive the trends “tolerance”, which replaced the value of respect, “inclusion”, which made discrimination legal and legitimate, made correct the hatred to the male sex or white people, and so on.

As for the pandemic, that behaviorism is very clear, otherwise go out without a mask to see if anyone, especially the police, hears your arguments why you do not use it.

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The MSM not only lies but hides the truth, by using the above mechanisms on a certain story with the sole purpose of making you believe that such story is important and transcendental. Those stories could be real and then exaggerated, or in worst cases, intentionally carried out by specific people. Generally, when such a story is over the top, it’s time to ask yourself what TV wants that you don’t know, or what it wants you to stop paying attention to. Just consult sources outside of MSM and you will find out. There are global and local smoke curtains. The best recent example is the making of the Black Lives Matter to anger the public, urge it to take a stand and divide it, while the pandemic agenda progressed smoothly.


What should we do

I wish I could tell you to stop watching TV, like I did about 25 years ago. My brain began to reject hypnosis with an almost painful response. I am offended by just two minutes of TV by how stupid it believes I am. But that’s a reaction I cannot demand from others. What I can recommend is that at least, to continue watching TV and have the opportunity to be free, think for yourself and not be deceived, is that you lower it from that pedestal of sacredness. TV lies, TV is not God to be praised and glorified. Before you read this, I bet you weren’t aware of the sacredness filter that you used to watch TV and listen to radio. I hope that the programming of the MSM in you is not so strong that you at least question such sacramental state. See with your own eyes and hear with your own ears, not those on TV. Ask yourself why those of us who say things like this are ridiculed or criminalized. What is MSM afraid of? Well, to lose the control it has over you.

About the author: I used to be science teacher until my awakening in 2016, time from which I have been trying to broadcast messages of truth “the true empathy and the myth of the self-esteem” is mine.

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