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How Twin Souls HEAL Each Other

By on May 2, 2015 in Spiritual Awakening, Twin Flames
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How Twin Souls HEAL Each Other in5d in 5d //

by Leda De Zwaan– Twinsoul expert, 
Contributing Writer,

When you think you’re twin soul is dramatic, irritating, annoying, addicted, too sensitive, or fearful and you see this. Take it back as a mirror, and find out if  he/she is reflecting an UNSEEN part of YOU.

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Twin souls love each other so much, that their energies reflect and mirror everything within. She/he is showing you something that you are, already have been, or forgotten about yourself that needs to be seen.  Just look at her wants, beliefs, and what she has to say. These are your own needs and beliefs being reflected back at you.

Twin soul love is a partnership and a spiritual trip that no one else can do for you. She/he is showing you things from within the deepest love possible and leading you back to your own source, by mirroring everything about you. The energies between twin souls are taking over (even in words, actions) to show you who you are or what might be in need of transformation. Some things are deeply hidden or forgotten. Just listen to her words, fears,  and behavior and see yourself. If you are honest to yourself, then this is the highest love between souls that anyone can experience. She will reflect the good and the not-so-good within you. This is a commitment you already made with her before you were born.  You agreed to meet each other and to heal each other by reflection of the soul And ego.

Heal yourself and each other instantly

If a twin soul cannot get away, because of her fears, then it is 100% possible that the male twin soul cannot leave either.  If a twin soul is obsessed by a addiction, or a theme in her life, it is very much possible the male twin soul has the same exact patterns. If he sees this and is aware and willing to change the addiction or the fear to leave a place, or an obsession, then she automatically will heal as well. So, if two twin souls are aware of their twin soul partnership, they heal each other first by reflecting the addiction, drama, fear, or pattern. When one of the two lets go of any of these patterns, then other one can automatically heal that very same day. This will generally not happen in any normal relationship or any partnership. If you see your partner struggling with anything (depression, drama, addiction, illnesses, etc…) then see the reflection of that within you and simply say “I want to release this pattern to heal myself and us”. It will heal you both, instantly. It takes self-love to see the patterns, and love for both of you to heal.  The transformation works within seconds. The reflection and knowing is all you need! This is why twin soulmate relationships are the highest form of transformation that can happen in all relationships. Committing to the relationship (and to stop running away from your issues), is finally committing to yourself as well.  It works both ways.  How can you turn your back on your your twin soul?  It’s the same as not loving yourself. By loving yourself, you will love her and she will love you more, by loving herself as well.

Running or avoidance is the same as running away from who you are. If she gets upset at you for not noticing her, then see how your behavior is to not notice yourself.  You may be angry at yourself for some reason or may be pretending to be someone you’re not. Is she  sensitive or hiding her weaknesses? See how you do the same until you stop ‘hiding who you are.

Twin souls project love and light to one another. In the end, she will get you to accept and meet your true self, not your ego. The more you run away from any perceived issues you have with one another, the more you run away from yourself.

There is no deeper love than the love between yourself and a twin soul that is committed to fully reflect YOU!

About the author:
Leda is writer, speaker, journalist and Coach of the New Energy. She specializes in Add/HSP, twinsoul- and soulmate relationships, Karma cleansing, Regression-therapy, how to live in a healthy home, heart-activations and healing with new energetic tools. Her website  can be found at:

Image: Pixabay

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