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Huge Increase In Incoming Energies

By on March 24, 2019 in Energy Updates
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Huge Increase In Incoming Energies

by Amanda Lorence,

There is today a HUGE increase in incoming ENERGIES that is effecting the brain, it’s nerves, relays, connection points via synapses. Daily, I am able to see incoming COLOR RAYS of energy to Gaia. Today, an energetic intensity to the point of saturation of the blue and red ray, followed afterwards by the golden ray. There are always different intensities to rays penetrating Gaia, and therefore penetrating each human.

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The incoming rays vary from gentle flow to intense activity. Each incoming ray is influenced also by the current energetic movement of electrons and degree of plasma. I can not emphasize enough, the strength and intensity of today’s blue and red ray, where electrons are moving within each Ray with a HUGE intensity. The incoming gold ray, after the red and blue ray is equally affected and POWERFUL. These rays equate in linear terminology (purely for the sake of human explanations) to:

  • RED = Magnetic = Feminine energy = right hemisphere of brain
  • BLUE = Electric = Masculine energy = left hemisphere of brain

Part of each’s ascension process, balances in equalness, the masculine and feminine energies within each human’s brain. This balance allows for clearer, purer navigation in the physical, emotional and mental states of being. And thus a balance…alignment to Higher Self.

Every single human being is a different frequency, on a unique path, at their unique stage of their ascending path that occurs from WITHIN. Therefore, each will receive today’s red, blue and gold rays and associated brain activity, based on where they are on their path. It’s a process. The brain begins a process of upgrade as soon as a human being ‘awakens’, where dormant nerves fire up and synapses begin to join up, to bring online, the once dormant neural pathways within the brain that were not considered ‘being utilized’, thus creating a step at a time, the transformation of consciousness. Where we begin to use more percentage of the brain’s capacity.

It feels very strongly that this incoming today is targeting the human brain in PREPARATION for APRIL energies.

APRIL 2019


I am certain that widespread, the spiritual community will speak in April, more and more about experiencing a RE-BIRTH. For a large group of awakened ascending humans will experience RE-BIRTH in April. I have spoken of re-birth and what it entails in past videos (available in photos section on this wall dated December 2018 and January 2019).

Those that go through the ‘RE-BIRTH’ in April, a three day event, will then exit 4D, into the next stage, the ‘Passageway’ between 4D and 5D, so between worlds. Again, there are videos explaining this Passageway on this wall. It will be a very personal passageway for you. It can feel isolating, yet it is a process you will flow through and there’s no rush. The mind’s idea to rush this ascension and indeed the Passageway, negates the experiences necessary, to observe and rise from.

Others shall continue to clear inner patterns of distortions this year, to then go through RE-BIRTH at their right time, later this year. Just know, there is no rush. Rush is self defeating. There is no competition, for to compete is to literally compete with yourself (all others are you). Love, A return to innocence and Human Will is all that is ever needed. Your Higher Self has perfectly master-minded your path, it is already perfect. The whole MASS Ascension ‘plan’ has a dominoes effect. Everyone one and every thing IS equal. There is no trying, there is just BEing present, to show up and do the inner work as it is gifted by each Higher Self…to rise.


Some human beings on the planet have already experienced the ‘re-birth’ on or after Solstice, 21 December 2018 when the ENERGETIC GATEWAY OPENED the potential for Re-Birth. Some may now be IN the proceeding ‘Passageway’ that follows Re-Birth. After the ‘Passageway Phase’ there is a waiting period before a JUMP in to 5D state of being and living. Some have jumped. Again, to emphasize every single human being is experiencing their own ascension, so each are at unique stages before and after RE-BIRTH.

For these humans in 5D now, April is a month of MERGING. Arriving in 5D can be a-likened to a computer game, where in a computer game, we become adept at a certain level (4D) to then suddenly jump up to a brand new level. Where nothing is the same. Where we have to learn HOW this level works. It’s all new, so we have to find our bearings. In truth, behind that human, and physical experience in 5D, there is a FURTHER MERGE occurring. In our previous 4D ascending experience, we had already merged our Higher Self into our physical body, and allowed that step by step integration process and changes within to occur to our humanness.

At 5D, we allow further integration, for the HIGHER SELF to BECOME US even more. We start to understand and take on, practice, HOW the Higher Self actually works (previously behind the scenes of our 3D and 4D human experience). We start to learn to NAVIGATE this physical world, and CO-CREATE in this physical world, based not on previous ways, but by the ENERGETIC WAYS our Higher Self has always used. We learn to be the AWARENESS, that creates by LIGHT and DIVINE WILL. So April, will be a month of ENERGETIC MERGE upon MERGE for those at this stage. Of learning HOW your Higher Self has always created, master-minded your holographic experience…so that you, the human, can BE THAT, here, on this beautiful physical world.

This is not about the mind understanding ‘Law of Attraction’ or ‘Magnetics’. It’s about working with LIGHT, as the Higher Self does, to navigate and create from. Where the mind still works, yet ENERGY is US and how we create, consciously giving out LIGHT. CONSCIOUSLY from the human vehicle, yet with HIGHER SELF AWARENESS we learn to create LIGHT FIELDS as our Higher Self, for the highest good of the WHOLE. Simultaneously magnetizing like beings of like frequency (soul family), to CREATE with, laying the LIGHT foundations, in co-creation and full alignment to the fifth dimensional blueprint of 5D Gaia.

Keep going, for where we now are collectively, is truly staggering, and what we create, is truly way beyond what we once ever dared to dream. Yet somehow, through this lifetime, we KNEW there was another way…a way that honoured all sentient life.

One Love Amanda Lorence

One Love, Amanda Lorence

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