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Infinite Learning

By on April 25, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening
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Infinite Learning

by CJ,,
Contributing Writer,

Infinite Learning

I know we say it all the time, but I really think it’s time to start our work. Even if it’s only baby steps. We have the ability to be the change, to heal and all these lessons we’ve been put threw were basic training for the next chapter, just like the article I wrote last year, basic training is over, it’s time to go to war. War sounds negative because that’s how we’ve been taught to perceive it, but this war is nothing but positivity. We’re the ones who will be on the front line, the ones who aren’t on our level yet are going to need us, as we are the ones who’ve been threw the beginning of awakening. They’re going to need us to be there even if it means just being there to pick them up when they fall. It will be a process, our job now is to plant the seeds, the rest is up to the individual.

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We are all both teachers and students, while we’re planting the seeds and sharing knowledge, we are perceived to be the teachers, but just as the students are learning from us, we are learning from them. It’s threw them that we are perfecting our gifts. We were once in their shoes, that alone is giving us a greater appreciation for the ones who were our “teachers” at the beginning of our awakening. I myself personally feel that because I was blessed to have amazing people to awaken me, validate everything I’ve felt since I was a child, and guide me on this journey, it’s only right that I continue the cycle of karma and be there for others, just as others were there for me. It teaches us patience and understanding and is a mirror of ourselves. It’s our time to give back and pay forward the blessings we were lucky to receive.

It’s all about perception, this new chapter is fueled by love and light. Not all the seeds we plant will blossom, if the intentions aren’t right, or the timing isn’t right, there will be no light. In the past, many like myself have turned the light on for people, I personally was in such awe by the world I saw when I awakened that I wanted to share it with everyone, learning the ability to create my own reality and having full control of everything around me was life changing for me and I wanted to share the gift with everyone I cared about . I wanted to show them the way, without letting them learn the lessons. That is what caused me my downfall, not everyone is meant to see the light, we are all at different levels, levels cannot be skipped and by turning on the light for everyone, I created chaos. My intentions were good, but by doing the homework and even taking the test in some cases, they didn’t learn anything, the ones who were meant to see the light I felt betrayed by, but they always came back and showed gratitude for the help I tried to give them, but the ones who weren’t meant to get to this level in this life used what I showed them in the wrong ways.

Just as computers get viruses and are hacked, the universe is targeted by hackers. Perception is key right now, although a setback, we benefit from these “hackers” or people here with a purpose to distract and we cannot grow without them. Apple and Microsoft hire people to hack into their system every year, they do this so they can see where their coding is weak and areas they need to strengthen. That same concept applies in our case. Earth is a school, a place we come to learn and when you look at the big picture, the corruption in society, I think it’s all gotten this way over years and years of people like ourselves who were so eager to share the light with everyone . It didn’t happen overnight; it took years for it to get to the level it’s on now.

We’ve been turning the light on for everyone for decades, we’ve turned the light on for those who weren’t meant to see it, those who weren’t ready to use these gifts in the right ways, it’s equivalent to taking an 18 year old and giving them tons of money and watching them crash and burn, but we learn from experience, when we are handed something without having to work for it; we don’t value it, we take it for granted and in a way we are to blame for what society has become, but the fixing and healing that will soon occur we are learning, it is not to be looked at as negative, but instead taken as an opportunity to grown and learn from where we went wrong.

Knowledge and power got into the wrong hands and was abused simply because the lesson wasn’t taught. That right there is our test, our key to ascend to the next level. Our teaching skills grow tremendously when stop being upset or angry and deeming the ones responsible for the broken state this earth is in as evil and corrupt. We were doing too much teaching and not enough testing. We were giving our knowledge but skipping the part in which one learns how to use it. It’s like trying to put a table together without reading the directions, you might get it together, but one screw in the wrong place and it will eventually fall apart.

Maybe it’s because we know how hard the journey can be and how dark times can get when going threw the lessons of awakening and we know that feeling of longing for someone to help us, that we want to save others from the not so fun parts of this process. We had good intentions, we were only trying to make things easier for others, but that is exactly what’s keeping us stuck and what is slowly destroying society. Lessons cannot be skipped, and this too is a lesson for us, it’s time to admit where we made mistakes, time to review the test, mastering this part is the key to the next level. Lessons never end and almost always catch us off guard.

The teacher and student need each other to exist, one cannot exist without the other. We’ve been taught to believe that it’s the student who needs the teacher, that the teacher is above the student, however that’s far from the truth. If there are no students, there is no need for the teacher.

Same goes for the empath and the narcissist, one simply can’t exist without the other. They may be polar opposites, but they balance each other out. The unfavorable behaviors of the narcissists, teach the empaths patience and keep them on their toes due to their deceitful nature.

Although we can not undo what’s been done, we can’t go back and turn the lights that weren’t meant to be lit off, we can only look at it from a positive perspective and learn from our mistakes. Even though we can control our reality, we can not change destiny, we can only prolong it, but no matter how many detours are taken, the ending will remain the same, Destiny can not be changed. The lights that weren’t meant to be turned on can not remain lit without us giving them energy. And for the lights that were turned on too early, they will flourish on their own as the detour we sent them on serves as their lesson.

Look at it like this, you have two people on a swing set, instead of teaching them to pump their legs and keep the swing going on their own, you push them and give them the energy they need to get started. The one that wasn’t meant to see the light will eventually fall off and will not be able to get back on and start on their own because they weren’t listening when you were explaining how to pump your legs on your own, but the one who was meant to see it will be able to reflect back on your words and get the swing going again. Both didn’t apply your advice, but the key difference is one was at a level where although they heard you, they had were blocked by stubbornness and had to fail to learn the importance of following direction.

So, it’s time we step back, no more recruiting, we are all where we are meant to be. Things will be chaotic, just as we can see in the corruption going on in society, things have to get bad to get worse. When our bodies get a virus, it is cured by the viruses attacking each other, this is what gets rid of it all together. Humanity is recovering from this virus we allowed to spread so big, all because we weren’t able to see the root of it, what caused it and what was keeping it alive.

It’s almost over, we’re almost there, what’s not meant to be is losing energy and fighting to stay alive, when we stop giving it energy, by paying it no attention, they will begin to target each other, this will be the long awaited end of the abuse of the light . The ones who were meant to see the light are nearing the end of the detour, their lessons are complete, their tests have begun. And as for us, we’ve passed our test, and this is the time to review and be proud of ourselves for making it threw the training for the next level. Appreciate this time in between, the next level is soon beginning.

Earth is the place of infinite learning and that is how it thrives, Earth is a universe that thrives of itself, a few years ago I crossed paths with a college student who was a computer software major. He explained to me vaguely how computers and the internet is all written codes, how apple and Microsoft created the codes that have become technology as we know it, he’s the one who told me they hire these computer students to hack their systems in order to strengthen them. He said “my goal is to create a universe that thrives off itself” he meant that in terms of creating a code/software. That always stuck with me and now I see it, the seed he planted has blossomed. The universe is exactly that, earth is exactly that.

Earth thrives off itself, it is a school that has no final level. Society has created a school system that goes from kindergarten to 12th grade then ends and if you wish to continue you must go to college and to attend college you must pay for it. Society has made it so that continuing to learn is unattainable to some, not impossible but not easily accessible either. This is a prime example of the power of the light being abused because it’s in the wrong hands. Knowledge is key and should be available to everyone with no restrictions.

School should never end, the idea of graduating at 18 and no longer feeding ourselves with knowledge is what holds most back and allows some to succeed. Intelligence is infinite and we all need to open our eyes to that and never stop educating ourselves. We’ve been programmed to live in a society where we are slaves, we’ve been led to believe school ends at 18 and work begins from then on.

Earth is a school and it has no graduation date, for there is never a limit to intelligence, there is always more to learn. That is the matrix, that is the way out of the maze , the end of the detour, the key to the next lesson, stop looking for your “purpose”, the purpose of coming to earth is to learn and feed our souls with knowledge , because of infinite intelligence earth will continue to thrive off itself, as the lesson is never complete. Earth is a school, a place we come to learn and grow, but due to abuse of power, it has become a place where some live lavishly at the expense of others. Let’s get this place back to what it is meant to be, a place of infinite learning.


In5D Addendum

Gregg Prescott, M.S.
Founder, Webmaster, & Editor,

While I agree that we can learn infinitesimally while we’re here in this 3rd dimensional incarnation, I feel many of us believe that there is a graduation date and it’s quickly approaching!

That being said, while we’re here, we have the opportunity to learn and grow at rates never experienced before in human history, so soak it all in while you can!


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