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How To Interpret Archetypes In Dreams

By on November 26, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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How To Interpret Archetypes In Dreams

by Ariana Sugay,
Guest writer,

As an evolutionary process, dreams are and always will be a contribution to aid human beings in fulfilling his or her whole potential. Dreams focus on the areas that a person neglects and threaten full growth potential. When interpreting dreams, it is extremely important to pay attention to the context that the symbols are in, because a symbol in different contexts can have different meanings. It is important to note any association with the incident that comes to mind, such as people, background, etc. Dreams mostly use vivid pictorial language, something that is universally developed where an image does not just signify itself, but a multiplicity of associations in the human mind.

A subset of important symbols in a dream is archetypes. Three sects of an individual’s personality appear in figures as follows:

The Anima, Animus, and the Shadow.

These figures can take form in people the dreamer knows or made up characters and personifications. The Anima or Animus is the human embodiment of the opposite sex of the dreamer. They usually appear when the individual is neglecting his or her feminine/masculine side and the dream is trying to warn them before consequences arise.

A male’s Anima is his emotional, intuitive nature and feminine forces. All the feminine figures in his live will have helped shape this side of the individual. If a male’s Anima is projected onto a person he cannot have, he may completely avoid contact with the opposite sex completely as a result of this.

The Anima can either be his guide, wisdom, or unobtainable fantasy. A female’s Animas is her discernment, judgement, and convictions. If the Animus is a negative force in her life and has dominated her in some way, she may become opinionated and rigid. It would aid her to develop this masculine and intellectual side without losing touch with her true feminine nature.

The dreamer also can experience The Self, which are same sex manifestations of the individual. These are archetypes of the future and the individual’s potential to manifest into his or her true nature. Every woman is the realm of feminine energy incarnate. The female archetypes embody the earthly and the erotic, nature and life. The figure in the dream can be spiritually loving and gentle, spontaneous, full of eternal youth and wisdom all at once. On the contrary, she can be possessive, a hounder of men, and trapped in a world of subjective visions.

The male’s self embodies the conscious intellect of the spirit, and therefore he is inclined to be overly-critical and discriminatory. In order to counter this, his goal is to realign his spirit with the unconscious realm. The male can either be a source of enlightenment, understanding, authoritative, willful and driven, or he can be an oppressive wanderer, impatient, and egotistic.

The idea of identifying with something other than what we know ourselves to be is the reason archetypes are so important in our dreams. Once we are able to do this, we can transcend our limited nature of reality, enlarge our full sphere of existence, and be able to grapple with our perception of being.

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