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Our 6 Basic Types Of Dreams

By on November 26, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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Our 6 Basic Types Of Dreams

by Joy Jackson,
Contributing Writer,

Even if one does not typically recall her/his dreams once after waking, dreaming is something everyone one of us does. There are six basic types of dreams: clearing, teaching, problem solving, precognitive, prophetic/visionary, and outside interference. Most of us will recall glimpses from our dreams after waking, and as we begin to recall and process these subconscious vignettes from across a range of different dream types, the differences between dream types become more clear and distinct, and we become better able to recognize the guidance and insights each recalled dream offers us.

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Clearing dreams assist us in cleaning out the input from our day, helping us to sort through mental and emotional clutter and to review our experiences. Our conscious minds are frequently still very active and overburdened when we first go to sleep, and at the end of our day we are likely to feel fatigued and anxious. Clearing dreams begin the process of releasing useless concerns and integrating helpful ones. They help our minds unwind and our bodies relax. If we meditate just before going to sleep, making our minds more still and focused, clearing dreams become less necessary. If we practice briefly rerunning the day in our minds — blessing, releasing, and forgiving ourselves and others — we prepare our subconscious for a higher level of awareness in the dream state; our energy will be higher and our dreams more clear.


We usually have one important teaching dream per night, that provide us with information about problems we are facing, teachings from our higher consciousness, and prepare us for what is going to happen within the following twenty-four hours. Most teaching dreams are concerned with what we are presently going through, and how best to deal with present situations and relationships. We may find ourselves sitting in a classroom, giving or hearing a lecture, or walking with a teacher in some beautiful surroundings. We may be hearing information we never knew before and have good recall of it upon awakening. Many discoveries and inspirations come from higher consciousness through teaching dreams. Deja vu — a phrase that translates as “already seen” — is the experience of knowing as the instance occurs that we were going to say something in a certain way, or that a particular person was going to do or say something in a certain manner. Often when we are having a deja vu experience, is it our remembrance of a teaching dream from the night before.


Problem solving dreams provide us with solutions and guidance we have requested from our higher consciousness, about a particular problem or situation. We may be seeking inspiration and insight about a difficult job, a health issue, a relationship, or for solution to a scientific mystery. All of our highest wisdom and knowledge are accessible to us once know how to tap into it. Learning how to ask for assistance through our dreams, and to gain understanding from their messages, is one of our most valuable inner resources.


Precognitive dreams provide us with a glimpse of a potential outcome in the future. Precognition means foreknowing. This type of dream differs from a deja vu experience, because precognition is usually concerning someone other than ourselves. There is a special sense or feeling to a precognitive dream, and as we learn to recognize it, we will know which images are symbolic and which may happen to be literal precognitive events. It is a psychic level of consciousness phenomenon. Most precognitive dreams are given to us in order to help awaken us to the expanded dimensions of our mind. For this reason, it is not unusual for non-meditators to experience them. As they are then
forced to question how did they know such specific details about a particular person, place or event. The objective of these dreams is for us to understand that our mind is not bound by linear time, and to direct our attention inward so that we become more interested in expanding our consciousness and our spiritual transformation.


Prophetic or visionary dreams arise from the highest level of our consciousness. They deliver us guidance and messages for our spiritual growth, from a the highest dimensional level of our awareness (or soul, source, creation). This type of dream often contains a personal or collective message, and is experienced on a much larger scale than what we most often commonly experience when dreaming. It has a completely different quality of awareness about it. It is when we are completely lucid, awake and aware within the dream state. Prophesies and spiritual teachings often arise from this level of consciousness and usually contain many qualities within it such as the power of love and Universal consciousness, understanding, expansion, realization of the oneness of all there is.


Outside interference dreams arise in our subconscious when something in our physical environment is causing enough disruption to become incorporated into our dream’s story. For example, we dream we are very hot, and awaken to find too many covers piled on top of us. Ringing phones, barking dogs, bright light, cold feet, electromagnetic technologies — anything of disturbance can become a part of the dream, with no real message from the superconscious or higher self. Also, if we fall asleep while watching television or while listening to the radio, any or all of that information can affect our dreams. This is why it is ideal to sleep in a quiet and peaceful environment. There is enough blaring into the subconscious throughout our day without adding more to it during our sleep time. Indigestion or a full bladder also affects dream images. We just need to be aware when interpreting dreams that you may be picking up such outside interference.

Dreams usually arrive to us in three steps

First, they present us with a timeframe for the problem or situation we are currently facing. Such as a having a dream that we are in our childhood home would represent a current issue that is rooted from our childhood.

Second, the dream will show us where the situation or problem is currently manifesting in our life.

Third, the dream will present a solution to for the situation or problem, or provide some guidance as to how we can best learn from the experience.

Even if one does not usually consciously use dreams for problem solving, or recall their dreams, dreams assist all of us in resolving many issues and problems at hand. However, by deliberately programming our dreams by asking our higher consciousness for answers prior to slumber, we take more control over our dream state, and allow them to work for us.

Joy Jackson is a professional psychic and medium in the Pacific Northwest.

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