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Interview With The Crystal Skulls – Meet Moe

By on March 31, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening
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Interview With The Crystal Skulls - Meet Moe

by Robert Stewart,
Contributing Writer,

What you are about to experience is going to require a suspension of belief in the limitations of our physical reality, consideration of the existence of multi-dimensional beings and if you are unfamiliar with the legend of the crystal skulls, perhaps a personal leap of faith.

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We recently wrote an introduction to what we have been told will be a metaphysical investigation; a series of articles created by telepathic interviews of a “family” of crystal skulls, through their physical guardian. You can find that article at this link:

Since being gifted the six crystal skulls four years ago by the prior owner, the guardian, a Reiki Master and energy healer, has established on-going telepathic dialogue. Each skull, carved from a different type of crystal, has their own unique energy signature, you could even say personality, and in time, you may meet them all.

However, we begin with the largest of the skulls. Close to the size of a child’s head, carved from dark fluorite, his name is Moe – and he’s fine if you find that funny because as you will see, he has his own distinct sense of humor.

We asked who the guardian was communicating with, and a unanimous energy stated that for this purpose, they would be “speaking in one voice through Moe.”

And Moe wasted no time, “Do not fear the words that come from the skulls. We are galactic energy. We are All That Is. We are the Brotherhood of Light. We are Christ Consciousness. Think of us as guides for whatever higher power you may resonate with, as we have found that it is the same God toward whom all are directing their steps, though along different paths. We are of the highest order. We may not look like it, but we are.” (The guardian giggles.)

Moe presented numerous concepts in a session that lasted close to an hour. There were a few common threads that we will provide here, along with some surprising revelations and interesting validations, as they highlight the overwhelming loving, healing energy that flows through these skulls. What is your primary purpose?

“We watch over everyone. We are connected to the galactic forces that watch over and protect Earth.”

Moe was quick to paint the galactic picture with a much larger brush when we asked, “Are you connected to other star systems or civilizations?”

“We are many universes. We bring experiences from different universes.”

His interesting use of the word universe, when we were referring to our galaxy continued when we asked if they were connected to the Pleiades or Sirius?

“We are quite popular around the universes. Even our guardian, here in this physical realm, originates from the Dal universe. (Note: Per alien contactee Billy Meir, our own DERN Universe, is one of a ‘two-egg twin’, with the DAL Universe as its slightly younger twin.) “There are an infinite number of universes that have been created, but never written of as widely as the Pleiades and Sirius. Those are microcosms of your world. Our history, as so many others, differs from yours. We did not go to war. We built. We created. It was only here, in the duality of this universe, where we endured and survived many catastrophes. Many dark forces have tried to destroy us, yet we are here.”

This depiction of OUR universe reminded me of something I read more than two decades ago by Lyssa Royal, who stated that the galactic history of our small part of this universe began billions of years ago, in the constellation Lyra; then over eons spread across this galaxy to Sirius, the Pleiades, and the Orion constellations. It was only after numerous civilizations endured cataclysms, wars and even ascension, that different groups ventured out toward the edges of the galaxy, where our solar system resides.

Moe was then quick to bring this enormous picture back down to Earth.

What is your mission?

“The knowledge we hold spans many eons. We carry the original higher vibrational energy of ancient times. We hold information and vibration. We are here to heal on a small scale. One soul. One soul at a time. We are here to prepare for the energy of the Sacred Ones. There are 13 skulls of ancient but well-known origin, still there are many more. Some are already known, already found, but kept in hiding, as their guardians do not yet realize what they are holding. More will be revealed in time, but not yet. There will be people who will be afraid. Upon first look at us, you can’t blame them, yet as they have opportunity to absorb our energies, things will change.”

At this point, the energy of another skull interjected. Her name is Halo. Slightly smaller than Moe, carved of rose quartz, with a white halo around the top of her skull, Halo’s healing energy is said to be the strongest in the group. “Open your hearts. Allow love to move through you on all levels of your being.”

We then continued the conversation with Moe.

Can you describe Ascension? Will physical symptoms that many endure come to an end soon?

“The ascension process is not over. The pain that is being released, as your vibrations rise, are the release of many lifetimes of negative 3D energy. As you work through this and release the past, bring the energy of Halo into your field and release every pain. Tell people this. It is their choice, but many will not let go. They are stuck in the oppressive energies of 3D. They will not acknowledge the higher potentials. Fear is deep, as they’ve been through this so many times, more than you can even imagine, in countless incarnation on this planet. Don’t be sad. It’s just what everyone is here to do at this time. Wherever one may be in the process, all are just completing roles… finishing karmic contracts. Our hope is to provide healing and teaching to help all understand that karma can be resolved. Break the chain, so to speak.”

“Can you imagine the pain of being so close to ascending into a fifth dimensional awareness, only to succumb to the heaviness of the dark forces that caused the destruction of Atlantis? This has occurred many times throughout the universes. Reaching for the stars is never easy, but there are many Master Guardians who preserve the ancient ways and guide brave soul families through the cycles of time, back to this moment of now, so similar to what occurred in the Atlantean end times.”

Then, Moe revealed a possible answer to a question that archeologists, and historians have argued for decades.

“In this cycle of time, two guardian, Lady Nada and Thoth the Atlantean, preserved the ancient knowledge within markers that could never be lost. Created through the merging of fifth and third dimensional frequencies, 13,800 years ago. Far away from the heaviness of Atlantis, Thoth created the Great Pyramid with pure thought. Pulled down from the ethers, where thought conceives in an instant. A structure manifested into the physical, to balance the Earth Goddess on her long journey into night.

The long journey into night. Are you referring to the precession of the equinox?

“Yes. Only now has the Earth traveled out of the darkness into the light of the Great Sun. It can be the beginning of another Golden Age. That is our hope.”

Note: the precession of the equinox refers to the 26,000-year cycle of time it takes Earth to complete one orbit around Alcyone, the Great Central Sun of our galaxy. Only recently, has Earth entered the eliptic, the Photon Belt, which gives rise to perceived higher frequencies.”

Are those on the ascension path now, living in 3D and 5D at the same time?

“Some are. It is possible. Physically, 5D looks like 3D. It is the consciousness that is different. The dense energy of 3D can be overwhelming. If you are aware, when you slip into 5D, you will notice this. As you raise your vibration, continuing the process, the more you will notice your spiritual path more fully embraced in love.

Can you tell us one thing we should know about you, Moe?

“I love being with you. I enjoy the energies of all who come in contact with us. I love creating and holding energy for the healing of others. Those who meet us can tap into our energies at any time. We do not allow anything negative. We are here to heal and protect… and we have much more to share.

Moe’s final note spoke to a sense of this being only the beginning. As we continue the journey, we may well be provided with more galactic knowledge – the “Secret of Secrets” and “assistance from Ascended Masters in the higher realm, who will speak through us. They are here, around you always.” However, for now, stay tuned, as in our next interview we will hear more from Halo.

Robert Stewart,

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