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Invaders Of The Dream Realm

By on September 12, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening
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by Odette Loney,
Contributing Writer,

I woke up with a start at three in the morning, paralyzed on my right side, partly because the mattress did not support my body, which naturally became slightly immobile if I did not move around during sleep. However as light pierced the darkness of my room I saw a reddish hue in the atmosphere– and realized for the first time that the dark had deft fingers, phalanges which quickly and simultaneously removed two unseen circular probes which rested on the skin of the left side of my neck and right foot.

I thought it was a dream but it was not. Some spiritual something, or someone, took something off of me! I FELT the sensation where they laid, the size of a tiny coins on my neck AND foot. Rewind ten minutes before I awoke and I was not on the earth, actually I was the unwilling visitor on some type of ship! I was on the craft when a tall being in a tight fitting dark blue space suit came towards me. The suit sheath went straight over his head but I saw human eyes in the dry brown skin of his face. He – I assumed it was a male – had a long bright metallic tube which contained another ‘entity’ and without asking he told me, “We’re going to the sun.”

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He presses the tube onto my inner foot near the ankle and I fall limp onto a slight depression in the ship. Instantaneously I am alone at a window clad with dark blue tint which prevented the impact of the sun’s light and heat rays from entering to destroy me. Lo and behold, I am staring at the sun and the fractals of its light come towards the window slowly, bright and square in shape, some the size of a thumb print. I hardly could contain my disbelief when a deep male voice pierced my reverie, “we’re going to the moon!” It was an announcement, no by your leave, no request for my permission!

What! I thought I was alone at the window. Now I feel myself floating free in an expanse of dark crisp sky. The air was still midnight and highly ozonic, chilly against my skin. Clearly, I was ‘up there’ with whatever the heck it was that interrupted my dream scape. My befuddlement now becomes rising panic. “No, no! This dream is too real,” I manage to utter. Then bam, I am awake.

That was when I felt night’s fingers taking off the two things I thought were skin probes.


I am asleep, or so I thought. Intense pain is vibrating in my body and I do not know why until my ‘mind’s eye’ makes me aware of everything, of the summer blue color of my walls, my dark wardrobe and mirror about three paces away AND the two entities bathed in purple white cosmos standing at the lower part of my bed. One was taller than the other and I saw no human features. They both just appeared to be wavy doorways through which I saw into another part of some limitless galaxy. They were rocking something out of me. The awful pain was buffered somewhat because I was between sleep and wake.

At that time I still believed ‘Jesus’ would keep me safe, no matter what. However, as the entities pulled and pushed to separate part of my spirit from my body the ache continued unabated. Finally there was a thud as if something was dislodged and I heard a human whooping sound, such as the echo of my jammed voice removed from the source of my body. Then I heard and felt the vast, deep gushing as if my spirit body was sucking in unlimited space into a cavernous place, attempting to replace what was gone. I was fully awake by then but who am I kidding, the pain woke me up before the ordeal ended anyway!


Scientists and religious practitioners aver that sleep is one of the most vulnerable times for human beings. We not fully aware of what is going on around us during needful rest for the most part. Also, for those of us who astral travel whether we know it or not, falling asleep presents added issues since literally, we are not in bodies but have become a cosmic traveler moving in and out of visible and invisible space time continuums. Therefore, during nighttime our psyches still react to stimuli, so many of the experiences we have during ‘waking dreams’ bypass physical reality into the spiritual and astral planes. Whether we like it or not, our energy bodies and spiritual selves can be accessed by other beings, whether they be of the known or unknown kind, malevolent or benign in nature.

I KNOW some of what I felt in these two, of many scenarios I cannot write of here, were extended reality. I am no scientist or practitioner of spiritualism. I just realize that we are moving ‘spirits’ attached to these fragile bodies that allow us to physically interact with this world. However, there are entities that are aware of us and our capabilities.  They can access these codes as humanities fractured DNA is restored during Ascension. Others sense our lack of knowledge about Prime Source Creator and the spirit realm and attempt to exploit it for their own benefit. Nevertheless, persons continue to experience abductions by entities since they were children, it does occur in a dream state for some which gives the impression of an event that was not REAL, until they awaken to the fact that they have etheric implants in their bodies which serve as transmitters to other worlds, so that entities can access energy supply as a conduit for their purposes. Our bodies are not just physical mass, it is intricately interconnected to the material and spiritual multiverse, accessing other realities as we rest.


Now I say several affirmations before I rest. That I am safe and that “God Source” is sending angels to protect me during the night. Out loud I say that my family is safe and that no disturbance will affect me or those I love. I speak positive words into: that is I ‘charge,’ a bottle of extra virgin olive oil and every night I anoint my head by putting a few drops of this essential oil into my scalp or anywhere that I feel tension on my body as I prepare for rest. It is a source of comfort to me for healing and to condition my hair as well. I picture bright blue white shields of protection and love around my little nieces and nephew, as well as parents and friends I love. Knowing that the concepts of this 3D matrix are limiting and false and that another person is just a thought away, I send feelings of good will to any person that comes to mind before I sleep. I do not read horror stories or any material that may fill my mind with sadness, heaviness or condemnation before bed. Practicing these things allow me to feel safer at night.

Each person can make personal mantras to aid with rest. Of course some of us may require the assistance of an energy healer, or someone who has the knowledge of past life regression to pinpoint if abductions have been taking place since childhood at night or if past life situations are affecting our moods, how we relax and our general sleep patterns. Indeed, if there are hormonal issues or chronic sleep deprivation one can consult a quantum healer or doctor’s advice. Ideally, your Higher Self knows what you need and it is necessary, once awakened, to ensure that as you skip about in the astral realms at night that you feel safe, only to be restored rested and content to your light body.

Stay in the truth fellow light workers!

About Odette Loney

Biography: Odette S.P. Loney is a citizen from Trinidad and Tobago, she holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree (Hons) in English. She is a teacher, poet, light worker and adventurer. Although she does not consider herself to know much about being Indigo or the Ascension Process, waking up one day and feeling herself entirely out of her body lead her to realize that the metaphysical world was more important that the religious system that sought to suppress the knowledge of it. For several years she has experienced much phenomenon which lead her to note she is a Type I Indigo and the unexplainable body discomfort she felt was part of the Ascension process. She is a small but vital part of the Universe of Love’s Double Diamond Crystal Sun Matrix and would love to learn more about energy work to heal and inform others. She enjoys sharing her experiences and learning from  In5D readers!

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