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It’s All About Perspective

By on July 29, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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It’s All About Perspective

by Dennis Klinger,
Contributing Writer,

I’m sitting here thinking and considering what it is I can truly know about this existence or the awareness I sense inside this body I can feel. There is this ‘me’ that is distinctly different and separate from what, and who, is around me. This self awareness does not inherently understand the physical world, it must discover it instead. This self awareness sees that my creation is being hidden from me.  It is hidden because it must be.  I explore it because discovery is not an option; it is the product of my existence, however little or much I learn.


This point of perspective that is me, that is the collection of these memories and the reactions to my immediate surroundings, exists in another world just as a house exists in this one.  Each plane of time here is collected and added to what can be viewed as a solid outside of the dimension containing time. The moments we are using to carve and create our lives are added by time ripping through this physical world.  The ripping through is the discovery process that sublimates the universe and experiences it by changing its physical form.

As time rips through our physical world it leaves a record by adding space between matter.  Like an archaeological dig site, it can never be restored perfectly to its prior condition before discovery, and so a record of the event is made by its alteration.

What we are, and what we have been, should exist in the same place.  Time has containment just as it contains our physical world.  There is a dimension outside of time which has a perspective of time such that it is seen as a solid from there, just as we see our 3D material as a solid in this dimension. From the outside, time can be seen as a solid while it is being experienced in planar progression as our physical world inside of it does.  Time does not have physical properties that we can sense, but it has a physical presence as the resistance/reaction to perspective.

Sometimes, I wonder if it is of any value to contemplate an understanding of our world which renders our physical realm trivial or irrelevant. If we are to survive and continue this experience, one thing is known; the physical needs and indifference of this body trumps all imagination of another force governing it.  Physical survival will be just as paramount after any self discovery, as it was before it. When I am finished with this thought, I will need to feed the body, but indeed the thought should continue.

But why contemplate such things?  For what does it gain me? In no way can it change the world or my surroundings.  The only thing it can do is change the way I think of them.  And indeed, I do think of them.  This is what sets us apart from what is around us. To ponder, to self discover and contemplate a purpose for our existence can only be interpreted as a higher level of awareness seeking a higher level of understanding. This is what separates us from the animals we share this planet with.  This is what it means to be human sharing this planet with plants and animals. Clearly, our survival needs are the same as all other life here, but why are we so different, why do we analyze the past, present and future so much?

In order to gain perspective, the objective is to see my surroundings in its most basic and fundamental form.  To find the root of all this, to target the first separation of the singularity is to find a beginning.  The first separation would be self awareness because I can gather all that is around me and classify it as one ‘something’ that is the world I exist it.  When I reach the very root of what I can confirm, I can only conclude there are just me and this something. If the first division results in one becoming two, then the first division must have created awareness and the something we can see.

We can divide and classify the properties of this something, measure how it reacts when it changes states and evaluate its interaction with time, but in the end; it is all just something to me.  This is all I know.  There is me, and there is something here with me, or more accurately; I am inside this something.  It is just me inside of this something; this something is the physical world that contains me. It gives my thoughts a place to exist and a body to occupy.

What can this point of perspective know about this something?  It can only know what it is capable of relating, or interpreting as information.  If it cannot relate, it cannot be known. In other words, I cannot explain the difference between red and blue if I am living in a black and white world. I can relate different shades of black and white and show you the vastest array of grey, but I cannot relate to blue and therefore cannot see or contemplate blue’s contrast to red. It is what this perspective can convert to information that controls how well we understand the realm we exist in.  It is our gateway, and our gate.

You can understand this physical world as much as possible and still not understand the universe because the containment of our physical world can only be a metaphysical force to us, one that we cannot directly see or measure. This force dictates our physical world as it turns its desires into laws of nature, and we are part of those desires.  The physical world will be what it will be, so the study of our universe should include the acceptance of forces unknowable through empirical evidence. We can only document the physical realm as evidence of our existence, but it is the metaphysical governing energy of this containment that is really in control.  It cannot be known in full because it is a timeless plan that we could never prove does, or does not exist.

To begin analyzing this something before me, I observe vectors requiring three dimensions that I can relate and measure. The world I live in has three dimensions because my perspective can verify them and indeed needs them to define the matter around me.  There are three dimensions defining my perspective, but where does this third dimension I exist in come from?  In other words; how does a three dimensional world come to be?

The third dimension is defined by adding a vector opposing the plane and creating depth.  So if the third dimension is the result of adding or expanding the second dimension, then the second dimension must have existed before the third at some point.  Even if it is for an instant, the plane must have existed before three dimensional matter. In fact, we should not just assume this has already happened, but should think in terms of our existence being the experience or result of it happening now.  The plane is expanding in an instant to create three dimensions and this instant contains an eternity for us to experience. The instant of creation contains all of the time we can imagine.

And why should it stop there?  Why should the plane create the three dimensional realm and everything be finished there?  If the plane expands to create three dimensions, does the third dimension expand into the fourth?  Where would this all end?  Are they successive events or concurrent?  If the plane is becoming 3D by expansion, then the 3D is expanding into the 4D and the 4D is expanding into the 5D and so on.

Let’s go back to what we know with our perspective inside of this something. Being inside of this something holds a very important clue to understanding the model of our universe.  What’s not intuitive to our self awareness is that we are outside of this something looking in.  We think we are inside of the something, and we are, but it is an outside perspective inside of this something which gives us this awareness of our three dimensional world.

This is because there can be nothing inside of you.  You cannot place an object (something) inside of your awareness.   Even though the physical body contains the awareness inside this physical world, the awareness must come from the containment of the physical world.  It can be confirmed that we have perspective of the entire physical realm as a boundary out from this point of existence. You can only view the entirety of something if you are outside of it and theoretically we are able to view the entirety of this universe because of our perspective.  You may be inside of this realm but your awareness comes from outside.

Your perspective also implies space between our point of awareness and this something around us. There must be, otherwise we would be on the same plane and there would be no depth to see beyond the plane; we wouldn’t be able to see anything.  So if three dimensional matter is contained by space, then this space is actually the fourth dimension; it is time.  This makes sense because we can observe directly that all ‘three dimensional’ matter is contained by time and cannot escape it. Time can be seen as an ever changing border to the physical world.

If we can imagine how our perspective exists in the sea of containment around three dimensional matter, should we assume our perspective is fourth dimension?  Let’s think for a moment how the containment of a dimension is verified by having perspective of it. Does this awareness originate or currently exist in time, or does it come from the dimension that contains time?

Do we have perspective of time?  Do you remember things? Do you anticipate things?  If you can see time as having depth then you gain perspective of its planar construct and imply it’s from a position of outside containment.  Although you cannot physically see time and understand it completely, do you not at the least have perspective of its depth and continuation?  Indeed we do have perspective of time, and the more you understand time, the greater your perspective of the fifth dimension.

Every perspective in this realm is from the fifth dimension.  Every living thing has an awareness or perspective of time at some level. Plants understand time in seasons. Animals also see time in seasons along with its immediate survival of the moment. But humans understand the concept seasons, years, months, moments and lifetimes.  This is what defines us from the rest of the world; it is our perspective of time.

About the author: Dennis Klinger considers himself a Metaphysics Theorist and Philosopher.  He has a Mechanical Engineering and music background along with self taught Electromagnetic study. He likes to share his ideas on his website and has written “Creating Time” (Nothingness Expanding and Worlds Dividing)ir?t=bcp11wh33 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B01JM2UOMK and a fictional book titled “American Brideir?t=bcp11wh33 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B00HMB8GAQ”.  In the book “Creating Time” many unconventional paths are taken to explain the physical world we see and break it down into acceptable axioms that paint an intriguing reality for contemplation.



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